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Girls Running Event Leaders for 2017
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
May 15, 2017

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Running event leaders submit to chetkuplen@kansas-sports.com or tweet @trackinkansas. Updated 5/15

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Name FAT    
Name School Time Class-Regional
Bolden Andover Central 14.59 4A Winfield
Miller Lakeside 14.62 1A FHSU
Muff Pittsburg 14.83 5A DeSoto
Eilert St. Johns Beloit 14.84 1A Frankfort
Schultz Wabaunsee 14.88 2A Jeff North
Conway Osborne 14.9 1A FHSU
Remsberg Newton 14.9 5A Emporia
Ruddle McPherson 14.94 4A Buhler
Newman Junction City 15.01 6A Free State
Howard McPherson 15.08 4A Buhler
Wren Hutchinson 15.13 5A Dodge City
Smarsh Andale 15.18 4A Winfield
Hokanson Bucklin 15.24 1A South Gray
Hatsohl Randolph BV 15.27 1A Frankfort
Hanna Maize 15.28 5A Goddard
McGinnis Circle 15.48 4A Winfield
Murdie Jeff West 15.5 4A Baldwin
Wilson Sterling 15.56 3A Russell
Nordhus Bishop Carroll 15.57 5A Goddard
Engelbrecht Bishop Carroll 15.58 5A Goddard
Hart Rolla 15.62 1A South Gray
Schenk Blue Valley 15.62 6A Olathe North
Okere Manhattan 15.63 6A Free State
Ortiz Cheney 15.67 3A Cheney
Nelson Hill City 15.78 2A Plainville
McIntyre Herington 15.79 2A Herington
Wilson Dodge City 15.84 6A Dodge City
Turner Olathe North 15.88 6A Olathe North
Stapleton Meade 15.89 2A Stanton Co.
Melton Kiowa Co. 15.93 2A Stanton Co.
Werth TMP 15.93 3A Russell
Baird Northern Valley 15.96 1A FHSU
300 Hurdles      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Newman Junction City 45.42 6A Free State
Baird Northern Valley 45.56 1A FHSU
Smarsh Andale 45.66 4A Winfield
Muff Pittsburg 45.74 5A DeSoto
Schaeffer St. James  45.78 5A DeSoto
Nordus Bishop Carroll 45.86 5A Goddard
Remsberg Newton 45.92 5A Emporia
Allen Heritage Christian 46.39 2A Jeff North
Ortiz Cheney 46.5 3A Cheney
Ogle Baldwin 46.53 4A Buhler 
Wren Hutchinson 46.53 6A Dodge City
Savolt Garden City 46.59 6A Dodge City
Winslow Olathe South 46.74 6A Olathe North
Schenk BV North 46.78 6A Olathe North
Kramer Junction City 46.95 6A Free State
Armburst Hutchinson 46.96 6A Dodge City
Wilson Sterling 46.99 3A Russell
Bergman Chaparral 47.04 4A  Cheney
Holmes Abilene 47.1 4A Buhler
Conway Osborne 47.18 1A FHSU
Buchannan St. James  47.28 5A DeSoto
Ruddle McPherson 47.33 4A Buhler
Carter Sumner  47.35 5A Shawnee Hts
Schultz Wabaunsee 47.51 2A Jeff North
Hatesohl Randolph BV 47.51 1A Frankfort
Sponsel Bishop Carroll 47.54 5A Goddard
Okere Manhattan 47.62 6A Free State
Gleason Kinsley 47.65 2A Stanton Co.
Needham CHeney 47.65 3A Cheney
Galloway Smoky Valley 47.66 4A Buhler
Nelson Hill City 47.67 1A FHSU
Cox Andale 47.72 4A Winfield
Hanna Maize 47.73 5A Goddard
Stapleton Meade 47.8 2A Stanton Co.
Braun Olathe South 47.89 6A Olathe North
Eilert St. Johns Beloit 48 1A Frankfort
Sroor BVNW 48.12 6A Olathe North
Thiel Remington 48.2 3A Cheney
Reichart SM South 48.29 6A SMNW
Backes Salina Central 48.38 5A Emporia
Hilliard Sedgwick 48.39 3A Cheney
Holmes Abilene 48.41 4A Buhler
Buchannan BV North 48.48 6A Olathe North
Mcintire Gardner Edg. 48.48 6A Olathe North
Franklin Atchison 48.56 4A Baldwin
Jacobson Marion 48.62 3A Russell
Highfill Gardner Edg. 48.7 6A Olathe North
100 Meters FAT    
Name  School Time Class-Regional
Anderson Newton 11.76 5A Emporia
Simmons Newton 11.92 5A Emporia
F. Turner Pittsburg 11.96 5A DeSoto
Bryant Great Bend 12.1 5A Goddard
Little Chapman 12.18 4A Buhler
Booker Junction City 12.19 6A Free State
Lister Leavenworth 12.25 5A Shawnee Hts
Andres Newton 12.26 5A Emporia
Ware Sedgwick 12.32 3A Cheney
Ray SM East 12.33 6A SMNW
Davis  BV West 12.34 6A Olathe North
Williams Olathe South 12.34 6A Olathe North
Heidl Belle Plaine 12.37 3A Cheney
Miller Lakeside 12.38 1A FHSU
Herzberg Wichita East 12.4 6A Free State
Shaffer Olathe NW 12.4 6A Olathe North
Frederick Chanute 12.4 4A Paola
Ibarra Central Christian 12.45 1A Leroy
Carter Sumner 12.46 5A Shawnee Hts
Hopkins Maize 12.48 5A Goddard
Fiedler Canton Galva 12.5 2A Herington
Weber Victoria 12.5 1A FHSU
Brownlee Maranatha 12.51 2A Jeff North
Shaffer Olathe NW 12.51 6A Olathe North
Holman Junction City 12.52 6A Free State
Mpwo Olathe North 12.52 6A Olathe North
Smith  Valley Heights 12.53 2A Jeff North
O'Quinn Moundridge 12.54 2A Herington
D. Turner Pittsburg 12.55 5A DeSoto
Hillebert Topeka Hayden 12.58 4A Baldwin
Vanoecke Paola 12.59 4A Paola
Jackson Hutchinson 12.63 6A Dodge City
Okoro Dodge City 12.64 6A Dodge City
Crosby Wichita SE  12.65 6A Free State
McCullough SM Northwest 12.65 6A SMNW
Asberry Derby 12.66 6A Free State
Johnson Manhattan 12.68 6A Free State
Wesley Decatur Comm. 12.68 2A Plainville
Conway Osborne 12.68 1A FHSU
Lewis SM South 12.68 6A SMNW
Greeson Sublette 12.68 2A Stanton Co.
Hohl Bishop Carroll 12.68 5A Goddard
Jacques Maize South 12.69 4A Winfield
Sebastian Wichita NW 12.69 6A Dodge City
Shupe Minneapolis 12.69 3A Russell
Carr Independence 12.69 4A Winfield
Liscomb Andover 12.69 5A Emporia
Baird Northern Valley 12.72 1A FHSU
Gassmann Garden Plain 12.72 3A Cheney
Nichols Wichita Heights 12.72 5A Emporia
Lewis SM South 12.72 6A SMNW
Hartman Spearville 12.72 2A Stanton Co.
200 Meters FAT    
Name School  Time Class-Regional
Mosley Wichita SE  24.34 6A Free State
Simmons Newton 24.52 5A Emporia
Anderson Newton 24.82 5A Emporia
Ray SM East 25.36 6A SMNW
Booker Junction City 25.47 6A Free State
Andres Newton 25.5 5A Emporia
Davis BV West 25.59 6A Olathe North
Bryant Great Bend 25.69 5A Goddard
Brownlee Maranatha 25.69 2A Jeff North
Lister Leavenworth 25.74 5A Shawnee Hts
Birney Hutchinson 25.86 6A Dodge City
Holman Junction City 25.86 6A Free State
Clarke SM Northwest 25.92 6A SMNW
Ware Sedgwick 25.93 3A Cheney
Williams Olathe South 25.95 6A Olathe North
Little Chapman 25.97 4A Buhler
Reed Olathe South 25.98 6A Olathe North
Turner Pittsburg 26.05 5A DeSoto
Hillebret Hayden 26.05 4A Baldwin
Herzberg Wichita East 26.09 6A Free State
McDaniel Wellsville 26.1 3A Fredonia
Salmans South Gray 26.11 1A South Gray
Frederick Chanute 26.17 4A Paola
Weber Victoria 26.21 1A FHSU
Andrews Wichita West 26.24 6A Dodge City
Hohl Carroll 26.25 5A Goddard
Vincze Collegiate 26.27 4A Winfield
Newman Junction City 26.27 6A Free State
Hartman Spearville 26.27 2A Stanton Co.
Carter Wichita SE  26.3 6A Free State
Shaffer Olathe NW 26.33 6A Olathe North
Fiedler Canton Galva 26.37 2A Herington
Heidel Belle Plaine 26.4 3A Cheney
O'Quinn Moundridge 26.4 2A Herington
Sauter Baldwin 26.4 4A Baldwin
Hawman Jeff West 26.41 4A Baldwin
Jacques Maize South 26.42 4A Winfield
Vandenhoek Kiowa Co. 26.42 2A Stanton Co.
Ibarra Central Christian 26.46 1A Leroy
Daniels Gardner Edg. 26.46 6A Olathe North
Thomas Free State 26.5 6A Free State
Braun Norton 26.53 3A Russell
Okoro Dodge City 26.57 6A Dodge City
Jones Paola 26.6 4A Paola
McAdams SM East 26.61 6A SMNW
Graham BV North 26.62 6A SMNW
Smith  Valley Heights 26.65 2A Jeff North
Miller Lakeside 26.67 1A FHSU
Howland El Dorado 26.68 4A Winfield
Gossman St. James  26.7 5A DeSoto
Mahaffey Baldwin 26.7 4A Baldwin
400 Meters      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Mosley Wichita SE  56.18 6A Free State
Wright Hutchinson 56.87 6A Dodge City
Seratte Lawrence 58.21 6A SMNW
McDaniel Wellsville 58.63 3A Fredonia
Howland El Dorado 58.77 4A Winfield
Johnson Maize South 58.86 4A Winfield
Logue Girard 58.98 4A Paola
Gossman St. James  59.15 5A DeSoto
Antonowich Newton 59.28 5A Emporia
Rhodes Kiowa Co. 59.35 2A Stanton Co.
Robinson Lansing 59.36 5A Shawnee Hts
Carter Sumner  59.63 5A Shawnee Hts
Holman Junction City 59.64 6A Free State
Taylor Derby 59.71 6A Free State
Ferguson Silver Lake 59.76 3A Silver Lake
Okoro Dodge City 59.79 6A Dodge City
Ware Sedgwick 59.94 3A Cheney
Gurrola Garden City 60.1 6A Dodge City
Harris Lawrence 60.16 6A SMNW
Graham BV North 60.18 6A Olathe North
Vermetten Valley Heights 60.31 2A Jeff North
Smith  Junction City 60.32 6A Free State
Wahlmeier Concordia 60.33 4A Buhler
Jones Paola 60.48 4A Paola
Staatz Tonganoxie 60.48 4A Baldwin
Burton Abilene 60.49 4A Buhler
Beiter Baldwin 60.5 4A Baldwin
Birney Hutchinson 60.65 6A Dodge City
Black SMNW 60.68 6A SMNW
Wilcox Blue Valley 60.69 6A Olathe North
Baird Northern Valley 60.71 1A FHSU
Kelly Circle 60.75 4A Winfield
McGuire Douglass 60.85 3A Cheney
Buessing Bishop Carroll 60.86 5A Goddard
Koch Centralia 60.88 1A Frankfort
Arcayan Salina Central 60.88 5A Emporia
Turner Bv Southwest 60.94 5A DeSoto
Peterson Frontenac 61.01 4A Paola
Donley Lincoln 61.02 2A Plainville
Davies Emporia 61.11 5A Emporia
Searcy Tonganoxie 61.16 4A Baldwin
Jones Paola 61.24 4A Paola
Kaiser Hesston 61.26 3A Russell
Salmans South Gray 61.27 1A South Gray
Adams Oskaloosa 61.29 3A Silver Lake
Davis Nickerson 61.29 4A Buhler
Humphreys SM West 61.29 6A SMNW
Winderlin Scott City 61.3 4A Buhler
Bellows Garden City 61.35 6A Dodge City
Hawman Jeff West 61.4 4A Baldwin
Tice Garden Plain 61.45 3A Cheney
Gatson Lansing 61.46 5A Shawnee Hts
Wurtenberger St. James  61.46 5A DeSoto
Eck Andale 61.49 4A Winfield
Marlow Parsons 61.55 4A Paola
Little Chapman 61.55 4A Buhler
800 Meters      
Name School Time  Class-Regional
Johnson Maize South 02:13.3 4A Winfield
Logue Girard 02:13.7 4A Paola
Robinson Lansing 02:15.7 5A Shawnee Hts
Scott BV North 02:17.5 6A Olathe North
Born SM Northwest 02:18.0 6A SMNW
Wilks Pittsburg 02:18.2 5A DeSoto
Moore St. James  02:18.4 5A DeSoto
Seratte Lawrence 02:18.6 6A SMNW
Rowatt SM West 02:19.0 6A SMNW
Burton Abilene 02:19.6 4A Buhler
Kinkade Blue Valley 02:20.5 6A Olathe North
Zarybnicky Hanover 02:20.8 1A Frankfort
Stewart Lawrence 02:20.9 6A SMNW
Stewart Lawrence 02:20.9 6A SMNW
Kemp Mill Valley 02:22.1 5A DeSoto
Helfrich Pratt 02:22.2 4A Buhler
Melgares Manhattan 02:22.6 6A Free State
Little Jackson Heights 02:23.0 2A Jeff North
Polus Bv Southwest 02:23.1 5A DeSoto
Schillinger Olathe North 02:23.2 6A Olathe North
Wright Hutchinson 02:23.2 6A Dodge City
Reed SM North 02:23.3 6A SMNW
Venters Free State 02:23.6 6A Free State
Buessing Bishop Carroll 02:23.9 5A Goddard
Sovereign Aquinas 02:24.1 5A DeSoto
Carroll SM South 02:24.1 6A SMNW
Borquin Olathe NW 02:24.1 6A Olathe North
Bresser Lansing 02:24.2 5A Shawnee Hts
Wiebe Andover Central 02:24.4 4A Winfield
Reid Topeka Hayden 02:24.4 4A Baldwin
Schmeeckle Olathe East 02:24.6 6A Olathe North
Underwood SM South 02:24.7 6A SMNW
Beiter Baldwin 02:24.7 4A Baldwin
Johnson Bennington 02:24.9 2A Plainville
Howland El Dorado 02:24.9 4A Winfield
Reidel Trego 02:25.0 1A FHSU
Fulhage Olathe North 02:25.2 6A Olathe North
Fry Great Bend 02:25.2 5A Goddard
Keller Circle 02:25.3 4A Winfield
Weidler Gardner Edg. 02:25.3 6A Olathe North
Williams SM West 02:25.3 6A SMNW
Bond Tonganoxie 02:25.5 4A Baldwin
Bally Maize South 02:25.6 4A Winfield
Worth SM East 02:25.7 6A SMNW
Chestnut Clay Center 02:25.9 4A Buhler
Kasunic SM North 02:25.9 6A SMNW
Cobb Salina Central 02:25.9 5A Emporia
Hertig Free State 02:26.0 6A Free State
Donley Lincoln 02:26.0 2A Plainville
Chambers Tonganoxie 02:26.2 4A Baldwin
Sanchez Manhattan 02:26.4 6A Free State
Gurrola Garden City 02:26.4 6A Dodge City
Collins DeSoto 02:26.5 5A DeSoto