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2017 Track in Kansas Leaderboard - Field Events
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
May 15, 2017

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Shot Put      
Name School Distance  Class-Regional
Swenson Maize 58-04.50 5A Goddard
Noel Piper 56-09.00 4A Baldwin
Armon Ness City 56-01.00 2A Stanton Co.
Forest Newton 56-00.50 5A Emporia
Peters South Gray 55-10.00 1A South Gray
Shaw Hillsboro 55-01.50 2A Herington
Berens Hays 54-08.75 4A Buhler
Webb Buhler 54-08.25 4A Buhler
Eaton Washington Co. 54-02.50 2A Jeff North
Cason Junction City 53-11.50 6A Free State
Johnson Remington 53-09.75 3A Cheney
Titus DeSoto 53-07.00 5A DeSoto
Reed Ottawa 53-06.50 4A Paola
Johnson Tonganoxie 53-05.50 4A Baldwin
Holmes Shawnee Hts. 53-03.50 5A Shawnee Hts
Pierson Plainville 53-00.00 2A Plainville
Fairchild Andale 52-09.75 4A Winfield
Green Norton 52-09.75 3A Russell
Carter Wichita NW 52-08.00 6A Dodge City
Sterba Eudora 52-07.50 4A Baldwin
Nyp Plainville 52-05.25 2A Plainville
Morrison SMNW 52-01.50 6A SMNW
Renyer Sabetha 52-01.00 3A Silver Lake
Rose Buhler 52-00.50 4A Buhler
Elliott Garden City 51-11.50 6A Dodge City
Thompson Washburn Rural 51-10.00 6A Free State
Parker Leavenworth 51-08.25 5A Shawnee Hts
Kop Wellington 51-07.75 4A Winfield
Clark Larned 51-03.75 4A Buhler
Beebe Piper 51-02.50 4A Baldwin
Miller Seaman 51-02.25 5A Shawnee Hts
Thimmesch Garden Plain 51-01.50 3A Cheney
Arnold Spring Hill 50-11.00 4A Baldwin
Clark Derby 50-09.50 6A Free State
Hicks Wichita NW 50-06.25 6A Dodge City
Lee Burlingame 50-04.00 1A Frankfort
Seck Paola 50-04.00 4A Paola
Richey Topeka 50-02.25 6A Free State
Degarmo Hutchinson 50-01.25 6A Dodge City
Name School Distance  Class-Regional
Swenson Maize 198-10.00 5A Goddard
Johnson Tonganoxie 191-04.00 4A Baldwin
Peters South Gray 179-11.75 1A South Gray
Palic Marion 171-04.75 3A Russell
Degarmo Hutchinson 165-11.75 6A Dodge City
Ruder Norton 165-02.00 3A Russell
Everett Winfield 163-00.00 4A Winfield
Holmes Shawnee Hts. 162-07.00 5A Shawnee Hts
Parker Leavenworth 161-07.00 5A Shawnee Hts
Berens Hays 160-10.00 4A Buhler
Kier Washington Co. 160-07.00 2A Jeff North
Fairchild Andale 160-01.75 4A Winfield
Pierson Plainville 160-01.00 2A Plainville
Armon Ness City 159-10.00 2A Stanton Co.
Nyp Plainville 159-03.75 2A Plainville
Orr BV North 158-04.00 6A SMNW
Villa Dodge City 157-09.75 6A Dodge City
Hicks Wichita NW 157-06.00 6A Dodge City
Kop Wellington 157-05.00 4A Winfield
Reed Ottawa 157-04.00 4A Paola
Shaw Hillsboro 157-03.00 2A Herington
Livingston Emporia 155-08.00 5A Emporia
Wilkerson Plainville 155-03.00 2A Plainville
Boxberger Russell 154-09.75 3A Russell
Hartung Haven 154-05.25 4A Winfield
Allen  Augusta 154-03.00 4A Winfield
Haus Manhattan 154-02.50 6A Free State
Cook Manhattan 153-03.00 6A Free State
Fischer SM South 153-01.00 6A SMNW
Rose Buhler 152-08.75 4A Buhler
Molina Stanton Co. 152-03.00 2A Stanton Co.
Stanley Washburn Rural 152-01.00 6A Free State
Camp Andale 151-00.00 4A Winfield
Stimach SMNW 150-11.00 6A SMNW
Eaton Wash Co. 149-04.50 2A Jeff North
Venjohn Andale 148-09.75 4A Winfield
Peine Prairie View 148-08.00 4A Paola
Higgs Manhattan 148-07.75 6A Free State
Ahrens Newton 148-02.00 5A Emporia
Renyer Sabetha 148-00.00 3A Silver Lake
Henderson Circle 147-08.75 4A Winfield
Everett Winfield 147-07.75 4A Winfield
Morrow Salina Central 146-02.75 5A Emporia
Allen  Augusta 146-02.75 4A Winfield
Name School Distance  Class-Regional
Hankins Manhattan 205-11.00 6A Free State
Pile Eisenhower 195-08.75 5A Goddard
Miller Washington Co. 194-11.00 2A Jeff North
Galaardo Bishop Carroll 193-06.75 5A Goddard
Ellis Clearwater 190-11.75 4A Winfield
Taylor Ark City 190-00.00 5A Goddard
Swindale Osage City 189-06.00 3A Fredonia
Spexarth Andale 189-05.50 4A Winfield
Krom Lawrence 186-07.00 6A SMNW
Webb Salina South 184-09.00 5A Emporia
Wolford Gardner Edg. 184-06.00 6A Olathe North
Simbeck SM Northwest 184-02.00 6A SMNW
Haus Manhattan 183-02.00 6A Free State
Schrick Jeff North 182-08.00 2A Jeff North
Oswalt Olathe NW 180-10.00 6A Olathe North
Irish Salina South 180-03.00 5A Emporia
Shirling SM East 180-02.00 6A Free State
Petitjohn SE-Saline 178-11.75 3A Russell
Rose Buhler 176-06.75 4A Buhler
Herdman La Crosse 176-06.00 1A FHSU
Smith Wellsville 175-03.50 3A Fredonia
Hutchinson Smith Center 174-11.25 2A Plainville
Winsor Free State 174-08.00 6A Free State
King Free State 174-08.00 6A Free State
Enns South Gray 174-06.00 1A South Gray
Adamson Baldwin 174-05.00 4A Baldwin
King Lawrence 174-00.00 6A SMNW
Cuevas Kiowa Co. 173-11.00 2A Stanton Co.
Archer Goodland 173-10.00 4A Buhler
Nyp Plainville 173-03.25 2A Plainville
Pettijohn SE of Saline 172-03.00 3A Russell
Meinhardt Marysville 171-08.75 3A Silver Lake
Webb Buhler 171-05.00 4A Buhler
Hoover KC Washington 170-06.00 5A Shawnee Hts
Spurling Eudora 169-11.00 4A Baldwin
Greenfield Santa Fe Trail 169-08.00 4A Baldwin
Schartz Paola 169-07.00 4A Paola
Bower SMNW 169-05.00 6A SMNW
Span Free State 169-04.00 6A Free State
Frank Gardner Edg. 168-09.00 6A Olathe North
Harrison Cimarron 168-07.75 3A Cheney
Oshel Shawnee Hts. 168-06.00 5A Shawnee Hts
Ivey Mill Valley 168-03.00 5A DeSoto
Maxwell Smith Center 168-02.00 2A Plainville
Brown Marysville 168-00.50 3A Russell
Mitchell Salina South 167-05.00 5A Emporia
High Jump      
Name  School Distance  Class-Regional
Newman Topeka 6-11.00 6A Free State
Kinser Hugoton 6-10.00 3A Cheney
Hoover Washington Co. 6-09.50 2A Jeff North
Hoffer Shawnee Hts. 6-08.00 5A Shawnee Hts
Haug Manhattan 6-08.00 6A Free State
Norman Hutchinson 6-07.00 6A Dodge City
Durst SM West 6-07.00 6A SMNW
Dreiling Garden Plain 6-06.75 3A Cheney
Madl Frontenac 6-06.00 4A Paola
Faurot Scott City 6-06.00 4A Buhler
Dubbert St. Johns Beloit 6-06.00 1A Frankfort
Meyer Smith Center 6-06.00 2A Plainville
Stiawalt Ness City 6-06.00 2A Stanton Co.
Broxterman Royal Valley 6-06.00 3A Silver Lake
Morgan Hodgeman Co. 6-05.00 1A South Gray
Broterman Topeka 6-04.00 6A Free State
Degenais Andale 6-04.00 4A Winfield
Ewing Spring Hill 6-04.00 4A Baldwin
Petz Nickerson 6-04.00 4A Buhler
Jameson Labette Co. 6-04.00 4A Paola
Jones Nickerson 6-04.00 4A Baldwin
Seiler Maize South  6-04.00 4A Winfield
Karlin Garden City 6-04.00 6A Dodge City
Rogers KC Piper 6-04.00 4A Baldwin
Grill Maize 6-04.00 5A Goddard
Lewis Wheatland 6-04.00 1A FHSU
Kohman Pratt 6-04.00 4A Buhler
Palen St. Johns Beloit 6-04.00 1A Frankfort
Burdine Solomon 6-04.00 2A Plainville
Hoover KC Washington 6-04.00 5A Shawnee Hts
Oleson SM Northwest 6-04.00 6A SMNW
Powell Chanute 6-04.00 4A Paola
Pickert ST. James  6-04.00 5A DeSoto
Long Jump      
Name School Distance  Class-Regional
Hoffer Shawnee Hts. 23-01.50 5A Shawnee Hts
Newman Topeka 23-01.50 6A Free State
Berry Leavenworth 23-00.75 5A Shawnee Hts
Myers Pratt 23-00.75 4A Buhler
Winter SM West 22-10.50 6A SMNW
Eatmon Liberal 22-09.50 5A Goddard
Carter Topeka 22-06.50 6A Free State
Coffey Stockton 22-05.75 1A FHSU
Houston Sumner 22-05.00 5A Shawnee Hts
Gustafson Derby 22-04.50 6A Free State
Ross Garden City 22-04.00 6A Dodge City
Morstorf Seaman 22-04.00 5A Shawnee Hts
Strickler Pike Valley 22-02.00 1A Frankfort
Jackson Lawrence 22-00.75 6A SMNW
Williams Stockton 21-11.00 1A FHSU
Salas Satanta 21-10.75 1A South Gray
McGill McPherson 21-10.25 4A Buhler
Edwards SM West 21-10.00 6A SMNW
Hudson Ellis 21-09.75 2A Plainville
Koelzer Nemaha Central 21-09.25 3A Silver Lake
Lewis Olathe East 21-08.75 6A Olathe North
Bernhardt Olathe NW 21-08.50 6A Olathe North
Watson SM West 21-08.25 6A SMNW
Vil SM Northwest 21-08.25 6A SMNW
Veach Abilene 21-08.00 4A Buhler
Dyke Republic Co. 21-08.00 2A Plainville
Stiawalt Ness City 21-08.00 2A Stanton Co.
O'Brien BV Northwest 21-07.75 6A Olathe North
Bolton Wichita SE 21-07.75 6A Free State
Williams Valley Center 21-07.50 5A Goddard
Brown Valley Center 21-07.50 5A Goddard
Davis Ellsworth 21-07.50 3A Russell
Budke Beloit 21-07.50 3A Russell
Mullins Liberal 21-06.75 5A Goddard
Ston Jayhawk Linn 21-06.75 3A Fredonia
Porter Bonner Springs 21-06.25 4A Baldwin
Henson Norton 21-06.00 3A Russell
Letcher Piper 21-06.00 4A Baldwin
Johnson Salina South 21-06.00 5A Emporia
Jacob Lawrence 21-06.00 6A SMNW
Sarwinski Galena 21-05.75 3A Fredonia
Marcotte Mission Valley 21-05.25 3A Silver Lake
Bradley SM North 21-05.00 6A SMNW
Skeens SMNW 21-05.00 6A SMNW
Smalwood Wichita Heights 21-04.75 5A Emporia
Main Cherryvale 21-03.75 3A Fredonia
Triple Jump      
Name School Distance  Class-Regional
Smallwood Wichita Heights 46-05.50 5A Emporia
Vil SM Northwest 45-08.75 6A SMNW
Stiawalt Ness City 45-06.75 2A Stanton Co.
Moore Newton 45-05.00 5A Emporia
Edwards SM West 45-04.50 6A SMNW
Brime Junction City 45-02.25 6A Free State
Hernadez SM North 45-00.00 6A SMNW
Johnson Salina South 44-09.00 5A Emporia
McKelvey Gardner Edg. 44-04.00 6A Olathe North
Webb Buhler 44-02.00 4A Buhler
Lockridge Piper 44-01.50 4A Baldwin
Veach Abilene 44-01.50 6A Free State
C. Budke Beloit 44-01.50 3A Russell
McCoy Clearwater 44-00.75 4A Winfield
Harvey Campus 44-00.00 6A Dodge City
Myers Pratt 43-09.50 4A Buhler
Morstorf Seaman 43-09.50 5A Shawnee Hts
Jones Seaman 43-09.00 5A Shawnee Hts
Bolton Wichita SE 43-08.50 6A Free State
Porter Bonner Springs 43-08.00 4A Buhler
Jones Hutchinson 43-07.50 6A Dodge City
Larson Washburn Rural 43-06.50 6A Free State
Swicegood Wabaunsee 43-05.25 2A Jeff North
Ukoefreso Wichita East 43-03.75 6A Free State
Coffey Stockton 43-03.25 1A FHSU
Last Clay Center 43-03.25 4A Buhler
Cape McPherson 43-03.25 4A Buhler
Anderson Olathe North 43-03.00 6A Olathe North
Ebright Bishop Carroll 43-03.00 5A Goddard
Otianokouya Olathe North 43-02.50 6A Olathe North
Berry Leavenworth 43-02.00 5A Shawnee Hts
Key Miege 43-01.75 4A Baldwin
Pole Vault      
Name School Distance  Class-Regional
J. Ball Hoisington 15-03.00 3A Russell
Lane Clay Center 15-02.75 4A Buhler
Huerta Garden City 15-00.00 6A Dodge City
Rodriguez Garden City 15-00.00 6A Dodge City
Wood Derby 14-06.00 6A Free State
Mosburg SM Northwest 14-06.00 6A SMNW
Faurot Scott City 14-05.50 4A Buhler
Manley Eudora 14-02.00 4A Baldwin
Faber Colby 14-02.00 4A Buhler
Horsch Andale 14-01.25 4A Winfield
Boeckman Centralia 14-01.00 1A Frankfort
Huber Emporia 14-00.00 5A Emporia
Meitler Smith Center 14-00.00 2A Plainville
Davis Gardner Edg. 14-00.00 6A Olathe North
Naumann SM Northwest 14-00.00 6A SMNW
Goodman Gardner Edg. 14-00.00 6A Olathe North
Boldt SM North 14-00.00 6A SMNW
Winter Wichita NW 13-11.75 6A Dodge City
Liby Andale 13-11.75 4A Winfield
Brandberry Hill City 13-11.75 2A Plainville
Dooley Garden Plain 13-11.75 3A Cheney
Leblanc Centralia 13-09.00 1A Frankfort
Gauby Washington Co. 13-08.00 2A Jeff North
Mitchell Ottawa 13-08.00 4A Paola
Simon Bishop Carroll 13-07.75 5A Goddard
Schreiner Seaman 13-06.00 5A Shawnee Hts
Poynter Maize South  13-05.75 4A Winfield
Hull Bishop Carroll 13-05.75 5A Goddard
Meyer Andale 13-05.75 4A Winfield
Schultz Marion 13-05.75 3A Russell
C. Ball Hoisington 13-05.75 3A Russell
McCormick Bishop Carroll 13-05.75 5A Goddard
Heid Caney Valley 13-05.75 3A Fredonia
Chandler Washburn Rural 13-03.75 6A Free State
Ziegler Olpe 13-03.00 1A Leroy
Mason  Wellington 13-02.75 4A Winfield
Berg South Gray 13-01.00 1A South Gray
Ricke Attica 13-00.75 1A South Gray
Johnson Holcomb 13-00.00 4A Buhler
Lindhorst Marysville 13-00.00 3A Russell
Stanley Bennington 13-00.00 2A Plainville
Cronister Pratt 13-00.00 4A Buhler
Henry Nemaha Central 13-00.00 3A Silver Lake
Sommerfeld SMNW 13-00.00 6A SMNW
Caster Douglass 13-00.00 3A Cheney
Anderson Seaman 13-00.00 5A Shawnee Hts
Vargas Garden City 13-00.00 6A Dodge City
Turpin Garden City 13-00.00 6A Dodge City
Meyer Sabetha 13-00.00 3A Silver Lake
Branham Salina South 13-00.00 5A Emporia
Dooley Garden Plain 13-00.00 3A Cheney
Matlock Topeka 13-00.00 6A Free State
Jantzi Newton 13-00.00 5A Emporia




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