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2017 Track in Kansas Leaderboard - Running Events
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
May 10, 2017

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Only FAT times listed in 110s, 100, 200. To submit DM @trackinkansas or chetkuplen@kansas-sports.com. Last updated on 5/15/17



110 Hurdles FAT    
Name School Time Class-Regional
Green Aquinas 13.71 5A DeSoto
Johnson Hutchinson 14.11 6A Dodge City
Mullins Liberal 14.32 5A Goddard
Watts Caney 14.53 3A Fredonia
Blackburn Holcomb 14.58 4A Buhler
McCann Seaman 14.61 5A Shawnee Hts
Holthusen Bishop Carroll 14.63 5A Goddard
Jacobsen Blue Valley 14.73 6A Olathe North
Gaskill Sacred Heart 14.75 2A Plainville
Saito Manhattan 14.79 6A Free State
Wilson Coffeyville 14.8 4A Winfield
Ast Cimmaron 14.91 3A Cheney
Unruh Dodge City 14.92 6A Dodge City
Ochoa Newton 14.99 5A Emporia
Brown Derby 15 6A Free State
Bell Wichita South 15.01 6A Dodge City
Hoover Wash. Co. 15.1 2A Jeff North
Becker Garden Plain 15.12 3A Cheney
Jensen Independent 15.12 3A Cheney
Stegman Pratt 15.13 4A Buhler
Mills Clearwater 15.15 4A Winfield
Roberts Wichita Heights 15.22 5A Emporia
300 Hurdles FAT    
Name  School Time Class-Regional
Green Aquinas 37.4 5A DeSoto
Mullins Liberal 38.53 5A Goddard
McCann Seaman 39.16 5A Shawnee Hts
Brown Derby 39.44 6A Free State
Saito Manhattan 39.53 6A Free State
Okwuone Olathe South 39.64 6A Olathe North
Stegman Pratt 39.7 4A Buhler 
Carter Topeka 39.9 6A Free State
Johnson Hutchinson 39.96 6A Dodge City
Ruder Norton 40.01 3A Russell
Holthusen Bishop Carroll 40.07 5A Goddard
Blackburn Holcomb 40.15 4A Buhler
Unruh Dodge City 40.17 6A Dodge City
Lange Valley Center 40.18 5A Goddard
Adger Olathe SOuth 40.19 6A Olathe North
Scott Turner 40.24 5A DeSoto
Becker Garden Plain 40.28 3A Cheney
Mills Clearwater 40.45 4A Winfield
J. Ball Hoisington 40.65 3A Cheney
Richardson Derby 40.65 6A Free State
Medrano Washburn Rural 40.7 6A Free State
Ventre Blue Valley 40.75 6A Olathe North
Reeder Lawrence 40.8 6A SMNW
Raubenstine Salina South 40.81 5A Emporia
Lambert Smoky Valley 40.87 4A Buhler
Waters Meade 40.9 2A Stanton Co.
Simon Andale 40.94 4A Winfield
Buessing Nemaha Central 40.98 3A Silver Lake
Waters Meade 40.99 2A Stanton Co.
Boeckman Centralia 41.04 1A Frankfort
Dorsey SM West 41.07 6A SMNW
Givens Andover Central 41.12 4A Winfield
Eilts Paola 41.12 4A Paola
Howell Campus 41.15 6A Dodge City
Penner Berean Acad. 41.19 2A Herington
Rooney Spring Hill 41.19 4A Baldwin
Koenig Riley Co. 41.2 3A Silver Lake
East Emporia 41.21 5A Emporia
Perez Lakin 41.23 3A Cheney
Crough Hutchinson 41.26 6A Dodge City
Jueneman Hanover 41.3 1A Frankfort
McDaniel Coffeyville 41.33 4A Winfield
Ast Cimarron 41.34 3A Cheney
Fay Frontenac 41.37 4A Paola
100 Meters FAT    
Name School Time Class-Regional
Landrum Wichita South 10.55 6A Dodge City
Remsberg Newton 10.64 5A Emporia
Newman Topeka 10.64 6A Free State
Shaffer Independence 10.65 4A Winfield
Robinson Leavenworth 10.67 5A Shawnee Hts
Summerlin Gardner Edg. 10.71 6A Olathe North
McPherson Fredonia 10.72 3A Fredonia
McGee Wichita SE 10.75 6A Free State
Dudley Wichita South 10.76 6A Dodge City
Holloway Osborne 10.78 1A FHSU
Koelzer Nemaha Central 10.78 3A Silver Lake
Kisner Victoria 10.79 1A FHSU
Berry Topeka 10.81 6A Free State
Calloway BV North 10.81 6A SMNW
Torres Liberal 10.82 5A Goddard
Stokes SM Northwest 10.82 6A SMNW
Saunders Valley Center 10.82 5A Goddard
Vigil Hutchinson 10.83 6A Dodge City
Davis  Ellsworth 10.84 3A Russell
Gould Leavenworth 10.85 5A Shawnee Hts
Fisher Spearville 10.9 2A Stanton Co.
Herman BV North 10.9 6A SMNW
Brinkley BV North 10.9 6A SMNW
Snell Wichita East 10.91 6A Free State
Brown Russell 10.91 3A Russell
Wilkinson Little River 10.92 1A Leroy
Gomez Dodge City 10.92 6A Dodge City
Snell Wichita East 10.92 6A Free State
Taylor Ark City 10.94 5A Goddard
Schoenfeld St. Marys 10.94 3A Silver Lake
Sanchez Olathe North 10.95 6A Olathe North
Johnson Miege 10.96 4A Baldwin
Friend Plainville 10.96 2A Plainville
Carinder Cherryvale 10.96 3A Fredonia
Sanchez Salina South 10.97 5A Emporia
200 Meters FAT    
Name School Time Class-Regional
Landrum Wichita South 21.64 6A Dodge City
Remsberg Newton 21.69 5A Emporia
McGee Wichita SE 21.7 6A Free State
Green Aquinas 21.97 5A DeSoto
Calloway BV North 21.97 6A SMNW
Robinson Leavenworth 22 5A Shawnee Hts
Berry Topeka 22.07 6A Free State
Davis Ellsworth 22.08 3A Russell
Torres Liberal 22.08 5A Goddard
Saunders Valley Center 22.09 5A Goddard
Snell Wichita East 22.1 6A Free State
Gould Leavenworth 22.11 5A Shawnee Hts
Johnson Miege 22.19 4A Buhler
Girk South Central 22.21 1A South Gray
Vigil Hutchinson 22.24 6A Dodge City
Dudley Wichita South 22.3 6A Dodge City
Marshall BV Southwest 22.31 5A DeSoto
Diggs Aquinas 22.39 5A DeSoto
Powell Wichita Heights 22.39 5A Emporia
Rodriguez DeSoto 22.39 5A DeSoto
Shaffer Independence 22.4 4A Winfield
Harvey Campus 22.41 6A Dodge City
Denman SM North 22.41 6A SMNW
Nelson BV West 22.42 6A Olathe North
Kaufman Pratt 22.5 4A Buhler
Strickler Pike Valley 22.51 1A Frankfort
Stokes SM Northwest 22.52 6A SMNW
Summerlin Gardner Edg. 22.53 6A Olathe North
Minks Maize South 22.53 4A Winfield
Moore Junction City 22.55 6A Free State
Waldo Olathe South 22.56 6A Olathe North
Tisinger Gardner Edg. 22.57 6A Olathe North
Goodpaster SMNW 22.57 6A SMNW
Sanchez Olathe North 22.58 6A Olathe North
Morgan Hodgeman Co. 22.59 1A South Gray
Walker Topeka West 22.61 5A Shawnee Hts
Brown Russell 22.61 3A Russell
Adger Olathe South 22.63 6A Olathe North
Kisner Victoria 22.65 1A FHSU
Union SM South 22.65 6A SMNW
Russell Wichita Heights 22.68 5A Emporia
Jenkins Chaparral 22.7 3A Cheney
Kaufman Pratt 22.7 4A Buhler
Phillips Paola 22.7 4A Paola
400 Meters      
Name  School Time Class-Regional
Waldo Olathe South 48.75 6A Olathe North
Torres Liberal 48.83 5A Goddard
Davis Ellsworth 48.98 3A Russell
Mullins Liberal 49.08 5A Goddard
Lacey Olathe NW 49.21 6A Olathe North
Brown Russell 49.43 3A Russell
Harvey Campus 49.47 6A Dodge City
Walker Topeka West 49.56 5A Emporia
Marshall BV Southwest 49.57 5A DeSoto
Green  Aquinas 49.6 5A DeSoto
Henson Norton 49.64 3A Russell
Goodpaster SMNW 49.7 6A SMNW
Diggs Aquinas 49.83 5A DeSoto
Dyke Republic Co. 49.94 2A Plainville
McGee Wichita SE 50.27 6A Free State
Ordonez Hugoton 50.28 3A Cheney
Harley Turner 50.29 5A DeSoto
M. Patterson SM West 50.32 6A SMNW
B. Patterson SM West 50.42 6A SMNW
Baker Hutchinson 50.44 6A Dodge City
Faerber Sacred Heart 50.46 3A Russell
Southard Pittsburg 50.49 5A DeSoto
Hamlin Hugoton 50.49 3A Cheney
Hayes Colgan 50.5 2A Jeff North
Morgan Hodgeman Co. 50.62 1A South Gray
Sigwig Halstead 50.66 3A Cheney
Beeson Ark City 50.68 5A Goddard
Carney Rose Hill 50.68 4A Winfield
Secord Emporia 50.7 5A Emporia
Patterson SM West 50.75 6A SMNW
Kisner Victoria 50.75 1A FHSU
Minks Maize South 50.75 4A Winfield
Lauffer Maize South 50.78 4A Winfield
Ramos Leavenworth 50.84 5A Shawnee Hts
Russell Valley Center 50.84 5A Goddard
Lee  Buhler 50.92 4A Buhler
800 Meters      
Name School Time Class-Regional
True Olpe 01:51.3 1A Leroy
Skinner South Gray 01:55.1 1A South Gray
Gardiner Ashland 01:55.4 1A South Gray
Gill Aquinas 01:56.3 5A DeSoto
Jacobson SM North  01:57.0 6A SMNW
Henson Norton 01:57.2 3A Russell
Southard Pittsburg 01:57.5 5A DeSoto
Burkert Olpe 01:57.6 1A Leroy
Irwin Bishop Carroll 01:57.7 5A Goddard
Carrasco Stanton Co. 01:57.8 2A Stanton Co.
Lacey Olathe NW 01:58.0 6A Olathe North
Young SM East 01:58.0 6A SMNW
Doll Garden City 01:58.0 6A Dodge City
Lawrence BV Southwest 01:58.3 5A DeSoto
Luft Dodge City 01:58.3 6A Dodge City
Spigle Ottawa 01:58.4 4A Paola
Wilson Paola 01:58.4 4A Paola
Jensen BV West 01:58.5 6A Olathe North
Breneman Spring Hill 01:58.6 4A Baldwin
Knapp Washburn Rural 01:58.7 6A Free State
Brock SM South 01:58.8 6A SMNW
Henderson Shawnee Hts 01:58.8 5A Shawnee Hts
Esau Hesston 01:58.8 3A Russell
Clark Olathe North 01:59.0 6A Olathe North
Crabtree St. James 01:59.3 5A DeSoto
Magnuson Maize South 01:59.4 4A Winfield
Cuevas Kiowa Co. 01:59.5 2A Stanton Co.
Porch Halstead 01:59.6 3A Cheney
Owens Blue Valley 02:00.2 6A Olathe North
Williams Louisburg 02:00.2 4A Paola
Carson El Dorado 02:00.2 4A Winfield
Snyder SMNW 02:00.2 6A SMNW
Gallegos Wichita Co. 02:00.4 2A Stanton Co.
Chun Olathe South 02:00.4 6A Olathe North
Derry Circle 02:00.5 4A Winfield
Steuver Circle 02:00.5 4A Winfield
Flanders Washburn Rural 02:00.5 6A Free State
Gartenberg Olathe East 02:00.6 6A Olathe North
Chinya Wichita North 02:01.1 6A Dodge City
1600 Meters      
Name School  Time Class-Regional
True Olpe 04:10.7 1A Leroy
Flanders Washburn Rural 04:19.4 6A Free State
Gill Aquinas 04:19.8 5A DeSoto
Moen Andover 04:22.7 5A Emporia
Kossover Maize South 04:23.7 4A Winfield
Brenneman Spring Hill 04:24.1 4A Baldwin
Owens Blue Valley 04:25.8 6A Olathe North
Depenbusch Great Bend 04:26.5 5A Goddard
Miller BV Southwest 04:26.9 5A DeSoto
Schmidt Hayden 04:27.5 4A Baldwin
Weishaar Olathe East 04:27.5 6A Olathe North
Strader Holton 04:28.0 4A Baldwin
Grasing Aquinas 04:28.3 5A DeSoto
Cuevas Kiowa Co. 04:28.5 2A Stanton Co.
Henderson Shawnee Hts 04:28.5 5A Shawnee Hts
Skinner South Gray 04:28.8 1A South Gray
Cochran Gardner Edg. 04:29.0 6A Olathe North
Griese Leavenworth 04:29.0 5A Shawnee Hts
Luft Dodge City 04:29.0 6A Dodge City
Conrad Collegiate 04:29.4 4A Winfield
Harrell SMNW 04:29.8 6A SMNW
Magnuson Maize South 04:29.9 4A Winfield
Cole Aquinas 04:29.9 5A DeSoto
Schroeder Manhattan 04:30.0 6A Free State
Ecord Maize 04:30.1 5A Goddard
Jones Maize 04:30.1 5A Goddard
Doll Garden City 04:30.3 6A Dodge City
Beach Olathe North 04:30.3 6A Olathe North
Beach Olathe North 04:30.3 6A Olathe North
Jones Maize 04:30.5 5A Goddard
Scott SMNW 04:30.7 6A SMNW
Splechter Yates Center 04:30.7 2A Herington
Burkert Olpe 04:30.8 1A Leroy
Hughes Gardner Edg. 04:30.8 6A Olathe North
Molina SM North 04:31.0 6A SMNW
Cruz Dodge City 04:31.2 6A Dodge City
Pearce Kingman 04:31.2 3A Cheney
Williams BV North 04:31.5 6A SMNW
Cofer Aquinas 04:31.5 5A DeSoto
Vazquez Great Bend 04:31.6 5A Goddard
Carrasco Stanton Co. 04:31.7 2A Stanton Co.
Newport Trinity Academy 04:32.4 4A Winfield
Thomas Scott City 04:32.5 4A Buhler
Carson El Dorado 04:32.5 4A Winfield
Marshall Aquinas 04:33.4 5A DeSoto
Gardiner Ashland 04:33.4 1A South Gray
Jones Derby 04:33.7 6A Free State
3200 Meters      
Name School Time Class-Regional
True Olpe 09:21.6 1A Leroy
M.Moen Andover 09:25.1 5A Emporia
Brenneman Spring Hill 09:30.6 4A Baldwin
Cochran Gardner Edg. 09:34.1 6A Olathe North
Schmidt Hayden 09:35.0 4A Baldwin
Flanders Washburn Rural 09:36.9 6A Free State
Kossover Maize South 09:38.0 4A Winfield
Cole Aquinas 09:38.6 5A DeSoto
Owens Blue Valley 09:40.7 6A Olathe North
Marshall Aquinas 09:41.0 5A DeSoto
Miller BV Southwest 09:41.8 5A DeSoto
Schroeder Manhattan 09:42.2 6A Free State
Bohnemann Leavenworth 09:42.6 5A Shawnee Hts
Molina SM North 09:42.8 6A SMNW
McCanna Aquinas 09:43.1 5A DeSoto
Scott SMNW 09:45.0 6A SMNW
Beach Olathe North 09:45.3 6A Olathe North
Lutjen St. Johns Beloit 09:46.8 1A Frankfort
Coacher Mill Valley 09:47.7 5A DeSoto
Gill Aquinas 09:48.5 5A DeSoto
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