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Girls Steals & Blocks (cont)

Morgan Meyers and Lauryn Dubbert are two of the top players in the state.
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
Mar 30, 2021

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STEALS PER GAME (Updated 3/30/21) 

Order statewideSteals Leaders patch after season (12 games minimum) at sportsinkansas@gmail.com


Name School Class SPG
Amiah Simmons Osawatomie 3A 6.9
Lauryn Dubbert St. Johns Tipton 1A 6.4
Adell Gore Basehor Linwood 5A 6.2
Taryn Sides Phillipsburg 3A 6.1
Maycee James Goddard 5A 5.9
Danielle Howard Uniontown 2A 5.5
Traci Cramer Dighton 1A 5.3
Brooklyn Jones Lebo 1A 5.2
Rayna Jasper Anderson Co. 3A 5
Harper Schreiner Eudora 4A 4.8
Mayce Russell Macksville 1A 4.8
Harper Schreiner Eudora 4A 4.6
Tamara Lozoya Attica 1A 4.4
Jessie Carman Wallace Co. 1A 4.4
Kassie Miller Golden Plains 1A 4.4
Madelyn Davis Thunder Ridge 1A 4.3
Kylee Scheer Cheney 3A 4.3
Macey Pond South Haven 1A 4.3
Kori Babcock Chanute 4A 4.2
Emily Green Stafford 1A 4.2
Megan Deters Mission Valley 2A 4.2
Brooklyn Wewe Cheney 3A 4.1
Jaycie Calvaruzo Mission Valley 2A 4.1
Melany Huser Victoria 1A 4.1
Joss Benisch Wallace Co. 1A 4
Melany Huser Victoria 1A 3.9
Ashley Stoll Golden Plains 1A 3.9
Wakiya Irving Royal Valley 3A 3.9
Mellany Roenne Jefferson West 3A 3.9
Kimalee Cook Circle 4A 3.8
Mahpiya Irving Royal Valley 3A 3.8
Daelyn Winters Burlingame 1A 3.8
Payton Verhulst Bishop Miege 4A 3.8
Leah Brummer St. Johns Tipton 1A 3.7
Landrea Sears  Sedan 2A 3.7
Cassidy Corby Nemaha Central 3A 3.7
Tallon Rensthchler Smith Center 2A 3.6
Kristin Biltoft Jefferson West 3A 3.6
Cassiday Corby Nemaha Central 3A 3.6
Regan Ast Ingalls 1A 3.6
Chloe Clevenger Doniphan West 2A 3.6
Tiana Simmons Osawatomie 3A 3.6
Austin Broadie Trinity Acad. 3A 3.6
Gracie Riner Osborne 1A 3.5
Kyle Arnold Salina South 5A 3.5
Saniya Simmons Olathe North 6A 3.5
Cadence Nondorf Sylvan Lucas 1A 3.5
Tatiana Halupa Mission Valley 2A 3.4
Taegan Pedigo Spearville 2A 3.4
Jaden Newfarmer Andover Central 5A 3.4
Mackenzie Walker Ashland 1A 3.4
Brooke Walker Andover 5A 3.3
Anna Godek W. Grinnell 1A 3.3
McKayla Miller Cimarron 3A 3.3
Rebecca Hajdukovich Douglass 3A 3.2
Mallorie Church Tescott 1A 3.2
Meghan Brockmeier Rural Vista 1A 3.2
Maycee Eagan  Elkhart 2A 3.1
Alaina Eck Little River 1A 3.1
DeKaeira Clay Maize South 5A 3.1
Halle Schmitz Axtell 1A 3.1
Alyssa Bloom Wetmore 1A 3.1
Jaci VonLitel TMP 3A 3.1
Mykayla Cunningham Salina Central 5A 3
Braegan Buessing  Santa Fe Trail 3A 3
Maddi Amekporfor Andover Central 5A 3
Megan Foote Louisburg 4A 3
Morgan Meyers Cunningham 1A 3
Trinity Lutters Osborne 1A 3
Chevelle Ralstin Elkhart 1A 3
Ava Gillespie Quinter 1A 3
Kaylee James  Hodgeman Co. 1A 3
Kylie Arnold Salina South 5A 3
Madi Michaels Circle 4A 2.9
Kierstyn Domsch Rawlins Co. 1A 2.9
Jessi Whipple DIghton 1A 2.9
Gabrielle Vontz  Decatur Co.  2A 2.9
Parker Schroeder Halstead 3A 2.9
Kinzie Strathman Wetmore 1A 2.9
Sophie Francis Chaparral 3A 2.9
Taylor Elson Osborne 1A 2.8
Maddie Kramer Erie 2A 2.8
Breanna Rath Golden Plains 1A 2.8
Khloee Braun Logan/Palco 1A 2.8
Kiki Smith Topeka 6A 2.8
Paige Martin Mission Valley 2A 2.8
Cali Foltz Anderson Co. 3A 2.8
Natalie Ortiz Trinity Catholic 2A 2.8
Zoe Seib Ness City 1A 2.8
Cami Jacobson Rural Vista 1A 2.8
Ashley Carrillo Liberal 6A 2.8
Emily Punches Burlingame 1A 2.8
Brittany Harshaw Andover Central 5A 2.7
Halie Feikert Bucklin 1A 2.7
Lanna Chase  Circle 4A 2.7
Brooke Hammond Garden Plain 2A 2.7
Sydnie Jones Bucklin 1A 2.7
Brookley Dinkel Wallace Co. 1A 2.7
Shea Wurtz Clifton Clyde 1A 2.7
Lili Shubert Trego 2A 2.7
Summya Adigun Hugoton 3A 2.7
Mallory Woolston Andover 5A 2.7
Malynn Bell Hogeman Co. 1A 2.7
Riley Bruggeman St. James 5A 2.7
Hayley Hughes Trinity Catholic 2A 2.7
Tessa Hauser Norton 3A 2.6
Jordyn Tucker  Stanton Co. 2A 2.6
Acacia Weis Salina South 5A 2.6
Ashlyn Long Smith Center 2A 2.6
Calie Wolters Osborne 1A 2.6
Soledad Bermudez Cheylin 1A 2.6
Mekenzie Renken Little River 1A 2.6
Sydnee Whitaker Santa Fe Trail 3A 2.6
Clara Edwards Clay Center 4A 2.6
Natalie Ortiz Trinity Catholic 2A 2.6
Jorah Harbaugh Pretty Prairie 1A 2.5
Abi Ibarra Macksville 1A 2.5
Lily Boughfman Little River 1A 2.5
Sadie Sramek Rawlins Co. 1A 2.5
Yaya Moreno Syracuse 2A 2.5
Caitlin Williams Sedan 2A 2.5
Nijaree Canady Topeka 2A 2.5

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BLOCKS PER GAME (Updated 3/30/21) 

Order statewide Block Leaders patch after season (12 games minimum) at sportsinkansas@gmail.com

Name School Class BPG
Anna Briggs Quinter 1A 5
Reagan Osterhaus Wetmore 1A 4.8
Jenna Harvey Baldwin 4A 4.3
Maddie Kramer Erie 2A 4.2
Karenna Gerber Halstead 3A 4
Lily Broughfman Little River 1A 3.8
Myla Reynolds Greeley Co. 1A 3.8
Lauren Maier Otis-Bison 1A 3.7
Lauren Schutter Wabaunsee 2A 3.5
Riley Rottinghaus Nemaha Central 3A 3.5
Payton Verhulst Bishop Miege 4A 3.5
Aleah Wallisch Athison Co. 2A 3.2
Anna Stein Spearville 2A 3
Jordyn Beard Hugoton 3A 2.8
Katy Hurd Perry Lecompton 3A 2.7
Lauren Galiher Trinity Catholic 2A 2.7
Addia Nau Spearville 2A 2.6
Ava Stull Osborne 1A 2.6
Lauren Galliher Trinity Catholic 2A 2.5
McKenna Vogl Pretty Prairie 1A 2.5
Courtney Stone Santa Fe Trail 3A 2.5
Mattie Swartz Chaparral 2A 2.2
Nijaree Canady Topeka 6A 2.2
Clara Edwards Clay Center 4A 2.2
Khloee Braun Logan/Palco 1A 2.1
Taylor Weishaar Riverside 2A 2.1
Hannah Delaney Ness City 1A 2.1
Aniya Stierlen Russell 3A 2
Kaylie Combs Fairfield 1A 2
Tessa Hauser Norton 3A 1.8
Lupita Galan Macksville 1A 1.8
Ella Thalmann Linn 1A 1.8
Madison Walt Trego 2A 1.8
Anna Stierlen Russell 3A 1.8

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