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Sports in Kansas: 2020 5A All-Senior All-State Team

Cooper Marsh (left) and Ethan Kremer (right) led Mill Valley to another title. (credits in article)
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
Dec 11, 2020

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Sports in Kansas has released its 2020 All-State list consisting of the Top Seniors in 5A football. Also be on the lookout for our All-Classes honors (Top 100 Seniors & Honorable Mention lists). Order your patch below for All-Senior Team or honorable mention.

2020 5A Sports in Kansas All-Senior All-State Team


QB- Cooper Marsh, Mill Valley (POY)

QB- Kyler Semrad, Goddard

QB- Collin Shields, Maize South

QB- Aiden Niedens, Bishop Carroll

RB- Julius Bolden, Wichita Northwest

RB- Joshua Sanders, Maize

RB- Alec McCuan, Hutchinson

RB- Hunter Trail, Carroll

RB- Tank Young, Aquinas

WR- Jake Shope, Goddard

WR- Jake Johnson, Maize South

WR- Peyton Maxwell, Newton

TE- Mason Ross, Wichita Northwest

OL- Rhett Brown, Goddard

OL- Danny Carroll, Aquinas

OL- Jake Eisenhauer, Salina Central

OL- Ben Purvis, Carroll

OL-Ewan Mills, Seaman

OL- Nate Harding, Maize

OL- Aiden Kendall, Newton

OL- Sam Hecht, Mill Valley

ATH/QB- Jackson Miller, De Soto

ATH/RB- Quinn Wittenauer, Mill Valley

K- Chris Tennant, Mill Valley


DL- Gaven Haselhorst, Hays

DL- Ethan Kremer, Mill Valley (DPOY)

DL- Caden Reeves, Aquinas

DL- Zac Daher, Wichita NW

DL- Nathan Hale, Wichita NW

DL- Cameron Penny, Aquinas

LB- Kolton Jegen, Mill Valley

LB- Jack Hawver, Hutchinson

LB- Ashton Ngo, Andover

LB- Jacob Younkman, Wichita NW

LB- Brandon Bowles, Maize South

DB- Wetu Kolumu, Wichita NW

DB- Cade Gatschet, Bishop Carrol

DB- Scott Adams, Maize

DB- Todric McGee, Wichita NW

DB- Austin Rosetta, De Soto

DB- L.J. Butcher, Pittsburg

DB- Ethan Stuhlsatz, Kapaun

ATH- A.J. Johnson, Salina South

ATH- Isaiah Malkiori, Andover 

RET- Jacob Hartman, Mill Valley  

P/LB- Nathan Zeferjahn, Seaman  

5A Sports in Kansas All-Senior All-State Honorable Mention (ORDER SIK SENIOR PATCH HERE)

Ben Schmidt – Newton, Peyton Maxwell – Newton, Jon Fan – Hutchinson, Beau Grant – Maize South,, Denver Gardner – Spring Hill, Kendall Norrod – Maize, Cooper Schoonover – Maize South,  Jacob Hanna – Maize, Colin Schreiber – Salina South, Logan Bolinger – Maize South, Owen Bulleigh – Salina South, Myles Thompson – Hutchinson, Max Middleton – Andover, Jacob Rees – Andover Central, Dillon Schobourgh – Andover,, Hunter Sharp – Valley Center, Nic Parker – Andover, Gabe Phillips – Valley Center, Mason Turney – Eisenhower, Rhett Brown – Goddard,  Logan Davidson – Goddard, Davin Simms – Andover Central, Dalton Carraway – Goddard, Kaleb Harden – Valley Center, Nick Hogan – Eisenhower, Tristen Everard – BVSW, Tanner Curry – BVSW, Ian Keylon – BVSW, Nathan Zeferjahn – Seaman, Braden Coley – Seaman, , Isaac Prengel – Seaman, Reid Cowan – Seaman, Hayden Porter – BVSW, Cole Clauder – Mill Valley, Blaine Chuch – De Soto, Easton Dubbert – De Soto, Austin Tabor – De Soto, Hunter Wohler – Shawnee Heights, Keeanan Brown – Leavenworth, Alijandro Griese – Leavenworth, Tyson Priddy – De Soto, Zach Willis – De Soto, Gavin Williams – De Soto, Garrett Kellner – De Soto, Ziwaun Shite – Shawnee Heights, Will Ayers – Leavenworth, Manuel Salamanca – Shawnee Heights, Hayden Henderson – De Soto, Alex Esparza – Liberal, Trey Adams – Hays, Tucker Veach – Hays, Malcon Wiltshire – Liberal, Oscar Gallardo – Bishop Carroll, Caleb Nott – Wichita Nortwhest, Andrew Husband – Bishop Carroll, Kyle Haas – Maize, Nathan Hale – Wichita Northwest, Tiger Jones – Kapaun, Matthew Morrell – Bishop Carroll, Eliah Mosley – Wichita Heights, Andrew Gimino – Kapaun, Kaleb Coleman – Wichita Northwest, Isaac Engel – Wichita Northwest, James Gilbertson – Wichita Northeast, George Traglia – Kapaun, Gabe Havlovic – Bishop Carroll, Mason Ross – Wichita Northwest, David Waymire – Hutchinson, Doug Bates – Kapaun, Aaron Mier – Wichita Heights, Nick Parker – Andover, Hayden Porter – BV SOutwhest, Noah Redcorn _ Kapaun, Gabe Phillips – Valley Center, Jack Ryan – Bishop Carroll, Colin Schreiber-  Salina South, Hunter Sharp – Valley Center, Mason Turney – Eisenhower, Caleb Appel – Shawnee Heights, Elias Carson – Aquinas, Tanner Curry – BV SOuthewst, Denver Gardner – Spring Hill, Cambden Kirmer – Emporia, Hayden Porter – BV Southwest, Manuel Salamanca – Shawnee Heights, Charles Snyder – Emporia, Ziwaun White – Shawnee Heights, Hunter Whohler – Shawnee Heights, Byron Fitchpatrick – Maize South, Joziah Hill – Wichita Northwest, Elias Carson – Aquinas, Jaxson Guilory – Maize, Jack Ryan – Bishop Carroll, Cillon Schobourh – Andover, Cooper Schoonover – Maize South, Peyton Wiechman – Maize South, Amarion Wilkins – Wichita Heights, Blaine Church – De Soto, Easton Dubbert – De Soto, Jon Fan – Hutchinson, Alijandro Griese – Leavenworth, Mason Miranda – Maize, Kaleb Nott – Wichita Northwest

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