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Faces in KS: Isaac Detweiler

Isaac Detweiler is looking for a huge sophomore season. (photo: Amy Smith)
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
Aug 23, 2020

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Axtell High School, last years 8M-II state runner up was led by one of the better small school stars we’ve seen in recent memory in 2020 graduate Quinn Buessing. Buessing and Axtell both made headlines all-last season for their individual and team success. Buessing, who will be a freshman at Highland this fall, was a four-sport all-state athlete, including the 8M-II Player of the Year at Sports in Kansas in 2019. He was the starter in the Kansas Shrine Bowl among all-classes from a school that had just 43 students in its entire high school in 2019-2020.  Buessing led the team to a state runner-up finish and first state football appearance in 26 years. Additionally he was a 1,000 point scorer, all-state XC and would have been a repeat all-state track athlete. His name will be known to 1A and the 8-man ranks for years for his accomplishments.

When Buessing was injured last year in the first quarter against 8M-II power and rival Hanover, a freshman stepped in at quarterback and led them to victory over Hanover (28-26). That freshman was Isaac Detweiler.

It’s not very often that you get featured on a statewide network as a preseason all-state football player entering your sophomore year. That is until you do what Detweiler did as a freshman last year.

Detweiler did it all in his first year of high school on the football team last fall, led by his father, Eric. He passed for 321 yards on 33 of 49 compeltions, rushed for 511 more (8 TD) and had 61 receptions for 855 yards and 11 touchdowns. Axtell beat Hanover twice last year and would make it all the way to the title game where they lost to Osborne in the championship.

Now a sophomore, who stands 5-foot-11 and weighs 160 pounds, he is looking to take on a bigger role as he moved into the quarterback position full-time. While Q. Buessing may be gone and everyone may think they will be down, not so fast, the team returns five of its eight starters on each side of the ball. Kolby Talbot is looking to be one of the top defensive lineman in 8M-II this season after earning all-state honors in 2019 as a junior. He had over 100 tackles from his nose guard spot. George Volle and Mitchell Buessing will also be big-time offensive weapons this season for Axtell. Each could be 1,000 yard type guys in their positions.

Detweiler is much more than a football player though and has a lot to prove on the field with three seasons left. He is also an oustanding student where his GPA is 4.0. He likes math and physical eductaion as his favorite subjects in school. Detweiler lives on a pig farm and eventually sees himself as a farmer after a college football career. Of course, as we are sure he is to many at the school, his role model is Quinn Buessing and now will get an opportunity to chase some of his records over the next three years.

Axtell finished 11-2 last season as the 8M-II state runner-up and open up the 2020 season with Wheatland-Grinnell. We caught up with the standout student athlete below. Northeast Kansas had quite the run last season with Axtell as 8M-II state runner up, Centralia as the 1A champ, and Nemaha Central as the 3A champion. 


Q&A w/ Detweiler

How did you get involved in football?

I got involved with football as a little kid going to the football games and standing on the sideline as a manager which helped me learn a lot about the game

What are your goals this season?

WIN STATE CHAMPIONSHIP and become an all-state QB

Do you guys have a shot to make a run this year?

 I believe we have a great shot to make a run back to the championship  game and

What makes you such a force as a player?

My IQ of the game and my quickness I feel I can beat anyone in open space

What’s the atmosphere like to play football on Friday night for your school and town?

Its crazy, every person in the town is at the game yelling and cheering it is a blessing to live in a small town where everyone knows everyone

For anyone that hasn’t seen one of your games, why come to one?

It an 8-man game it is so much faster and for the atmosphere is crazy

Who are other key players on your team?

Kolby Talbot-C/NG led the team in tackles last year

Mitchell Buessing- receiver and DB

George Volle- RB/MLB/LS

Favorite thing about football?

Hitting people along with the atmosphere on Friday night

Do you play any other sports, tell us about that, what other positions do you play?

Basketball I play PG and started varsity. Was going to do track but got canceled due to covid and played baseball this summer I play Catcher and Pitcher

What is it like to play for your coach?

It is a little different playing for your dad and one of his good friends but I love it most days and hate it on others its just different playing for your dad

What did you and the team do in the off-season to become better?

We got together 4 days a week and worked out for a hour in the weight room and a hour on the football field to run routes and plays

What interest are you seeing at the next level and what are your plans?

I would love to go play D1 football somewhere in the Big 12

Favorite thing to do when you aren’t playing sports?

Hunting and fishing along with playing other sports and hanging with classmates

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Living back in the Axtell area working on our family farm with a wife

Favorite subject in school, what type of student are you, GPA?

My GPA is 4.0    besides every persons favorite class of PE my second favorite class is Math

Who is your role model?

My role model is Axtell former QB Quinn Buessing he is a four sport all state athlete with multiple offers to play football in college is what I would love to do

Best place to eat in your town or the surrounding area?

The border bar and grill in Summerfield, Ks you get a lot of food for a little money

One thing the average person wouldn’t know about you?

I live on a family owned and run pig farm, and my dad is my head high school football coach.

Aything else to add?

Thanks for doing this story on me! 


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