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Craw-Kan Team of the Week: Colgan Softball

Colgan girls were the 2019 2-1A Softball State Champion.
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
Apr 6, 2020

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This week as part of our Craw-Kan Team of the Week in the Southeast Kansas Area we take a look at the St. Mary's Colgan Softball Team who had high expectations before the season being cancelled to the Cornavirus. Week by week we will highlight one team from the Southeast Kansas Area this spring at SIK. 

Coach Name & School: Annie Dellasega / St. Mary’s Colgan High School

Years at School: 3 years

Records Last Year: 24-2 - Class 2-1A State Champions 

Returning Starters: Kaitlin Crossland, Allie Marietta, Ashley Marietta, Taylor Wixson

What has this entire cancellation of season been like for you?

The cancellation of this season is something that I think I am still processing honestly. We would have had our first game on March 31st and seeing that reminder pop up on my calendar was just another reminder that this is going to be hard for a while. The girls had been working so hard for the first two weeks of practice and were so excited to show the work they had put in. We had some great seniors stepping up into the leadership position and it is just devastating for those girls and their families to not get to play that senior season and be the leaders that they’ve been working to be.  I miss being out on the field with my players and watching them work together, learn, and strive to better themselves every day. I think the toughest thing is it was just all the sudden over and we didn’t really get a chance to huddle up and process it together.

What were some key things you were really looking forward to in the 2020 season?

Last season we lost almost our entire infield of seniors. They were great leaders and I was looking forward to seeing how the underclassman would step up and fill those leadership roles. In our first few weeks of practice, my coaching staff and I were seeing that we had some girls really fighting hard for a position on the field. We weren’t sure how the season was going to play out because we just had so many great options of players to put out there! So, I think I was the most excited to see who filled those roles and how our team came together as a unit.

Who are some of those key players we should have looked out for this year?

I think Kaitlin Crossland, Allison Marietta, Ashley Marietta, Taylor Wixson all would have been players to watch on our team. We also have a great group of Juniors this season whose roles would have changed a lot this year. Last year these juniors were a key part of our team as baserunners, and support  on and off the field. This year they would have had their chance to shine on the field!

What now ?

Now we keep working on our own. Everyone has plenty of time on their hands! I as a coach would like to learn more about the game and take this time to listen to coaches of all different levels and learn how I can better lead my team. As for the girls, hopefully they have taken a little bit of time to low down and be with their families. Although this is such a tough time for everyone, it is also time that we have been given to reevaluate what is most important. Hopefully the girls pick up a glove and play catch with their family and maybe even get some hitting in. And hopefully we can do some work together this summer!

As a teacher what has this been like with school?

I would have never in my life thought that something like this would happen. As a teacher, the fourth quarter of a school year is where you see the most growth. It is where things start to click for most kids and they are able to see the whole picture of what you’ve been teaching all year and put some things together. So it is so sad to not be able to see that with my kiddos. I miss seeing them every day and getting to be at school with them! We are blessed to have so much access to websites and platforms to stay connected though. I hope, like my athletes, that my students can spend a little bit of extra time with their families and live into this slow pace of life while we have it!

Anything else to add?

Thank you for working so hard to spotlight our athletes and schools – it means so much to all of us!

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