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Sports in Kansas: 2020 Boys Basketball Stat Leaders

Dawson Zenger of Rock Creek is one of top scorers in Kansas. (photo: Kelly Whaley)
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
Mar 20, 2020

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ATTENTION ATHLETES/PARENTS: If you're on this leaderboard you're eligible to recieve a statewide Sports in Kansas leaders patch, we are the only place with our logo or these patches. To order please send an email to sportsinkansas@gmail.com so we can send you an order form back ASAP. If you should be on this list please contact Chet Kuplen at sportsinkansas@gmail.com to submit official stats. This is a very large project so be patient on updates. Also be on the look out for all-state teams this weekend. If you have immediate questions you can text Chet Kuplen at 620-719-0283.


Order Scoring Leaders patch sportsinkansas@gmail.com 

Name School Class PPG
Jackie Johnson Wichita Southeast 6A 28.4
Brayden Sadler Udall 1A 27.5
Koby Campbell Rose Hill 4A 26.8
Dawson Zenger Rock Creek 3A 26
Xavier Bell Andover Central 5A 24.6
Gavyn Elkamil Pittsburg 5A 24.6
Jordan Vincent Eisenhower 5A 24.3
Trey Reid Maize South 5A 23.8
Kaden Bradstreet Dighton 1A 23.3
Jayden Garrison Little River 1A 23.2
Kenyon Myers Leavenworth 6A 23.2
Ethan Hildebrand Stafford 1A 23.1
Trey Abasolo Mulvane 4A 22.9
Tuck Lang Minneola 1A 21.9
Patrick Cassidy Columbus 3A 21.7
Mark Mitchell Bishop Miege 4A 21.6
Charles Snyder Emporia 5A 21.6
Tamar Bates Piper  4A 21.3
Cooper Wolf South Haven 1A 21.2
Jaxson Brandl Greeley Co. 1A 21.2
Easton Hunter Andale 4A 21.2
Jared Casey Plainville 2A 21
Harlan Obioha Hoxie 2A 21
Jack Chapman BV Northwest 6A  21
Lucas Hammeke Trinity Catholic 2A 20.3
Gradey Dick Collegiate 3A 20.3
Conor Haviland Humboldt 2A 20
Hunter Davis Lakin 3A 19.9
Jordan Brown Basehor Linwood 5A 19.8
Devan McEwen Lebo 1A 19.8
Cougar Downing Olathe West 6A 19.6
Steele Wolters Osborne 1A 19.5
Austin Hilton Belle Plaine 2A 19.4
Noah Williams Rock Hills 1A 19.3
Theron Wedel Medicine Lodge 2A 19.2
Jack Johnson Andover 5A 19.1
Jack Sheplak BV North 6A 19.1
Eli Wiseman Belle Plaine 2A 19
Andrew Hills Oxford 1A 18.9
Brance Ware Jahyawk Linn 2A 18.8
Jackson Stoppel Holcomb 3A 18.7
Alex Schremmer Great Bend 5A 18.5
Cooper Zenger Kiowa Co.  1A 18.4
Vane Shewey Meade 2A 18.2
Connor Younger  Basehor Linwood 5A 18.2
Tyus Wilson Sterling  2A 18.2
Sterling Chapman Campus 6A 18.2
Tate Herrenbuck Sacred Heart 2A 18.1
Gabe Garber Sabetha 3A 18.1
Mile Kitselman Lyndon 2A 18.1
Alston Mason BV Northwest 6A 18
Brit Dutton Ellinwood 2A 17.9
Aidan Shaw Blue Valley 6A 17.8
Cason Richardson Hesston 3A 17.8
Zach Bloch Seabury 2A 17.7
Taylor Cable Ness City 1A 17.5
Jake Harvey Uniontown 2A 17.5
Drew Nicholson Hoisington 3A 17.4
Brant Morris Baxter Springs 3A 17.4
Dameion Hatten Sedan 2A 17.2
Brady Frickey Ellis 2A 17.2
Elijah Brooks Topeka West 5A 17.2
Maddox Decker Santa Fe Trail 3A 17.2
Tanner Halling St. John  1A 17.1
Devin Catlin Cedar Vale/Dexter 2A 17.1
Nic Laidler Bluestem 2A 17.1
Fontaine Williams Wichita East 6A 17
Zeke Lyons Parsons 4A 17
Lance Walker Ulysses 4A 17
Keeshawn Mason Aquinas 5A 16.8
Zeke Mayo Lawrence 6A 16.8
Jason Friesen Maranatha  2A 16.7
Nachs Wahwassuck Royal Valley 3A 16.6
Lonnell Lane Harmon 6A 16.5
Andrew Shields Cheylin 1A 16.5
Lance Toon Central-Burden 1A 16.5
Scott Price Bucklin 1A 16.4
Brett Sarwinski Galena 3A 16.3
Max Alexander Buhler 4A 16.2
Stavian Jones Seabury 2A 16.2
Isaac Elliott Oswego 2A 16.1
Mason Miller Attica 1A 16.1
Devin Loudermilk West Elk 1A 16
Jace Mackley Weskan 1A 16


REBOUNDS PER GAME  (15 games minimum) -

 Order statewide Rebound Leaders patch sportsinkansas@gmail.com

Name School Class RPG
Tyus Wilson Sterling 2A 13.6
Ethan Hildebrand Stafford 1A 12.9
Brance Ware Jayhawk Linn 2A 12.2
Andrew Hills Oxford 1A 12.1
Gavyn Elkamil Pittsburg 5A 12
Cameron Campuzano Rural Vista 1A 11.7
Blake Aurand Republic County 2A 11.2
Cayde Welsh Triplains/Brewster 1A 11
Harlan Obioha Hoxie 2A 11
Jason Friesen Maranatha 2A 10.7
Alex Littlejohn Carroll 5A 10.7
Tyler Little  Galena 3A 10.3
Harley Weese Golden Plains 1A 10.2
Ryan Kuckelman Macksville 1A 10.1
Miles Kitselman Lyndon 2A 10.1
Connor Goheen Osborne 1A 9.9
Jaxson Brandl Greeley County 1A 9.8
Jaden Boone Quinter 1A 9.8
Taylor Cable Ness City 2A 9.8
Jerrit Norris Troy 1A 9.7
Kenyon Myers Leavenworth 6A 9.7
Austin Coffman Central Heights 2A 9.6
Colton McCarty Cheylin 1A 9.4
Koen Hula Council Grove 3A 9.4
Juju Ramirez Bishop Seabury 2A 9.3
Tanner Halling St. John 1A 9.2
Vance Shewey Meade 2A 9.1
Dylan Van Laeys Logan 1A 9
Jolon Lacey Waverly 1A 9
Jared Casey Plainville 2A 9
Jensen Riffel Centre 1A 9
Daquan Johnson Parsons 4A 9
Lane Toon Central Burden 1A 9
Trevor Quaney Burlingame 1A 9
Bryce Mason Beloit 3A 8.9
Mac Purvis Weskan 1A 8.9
Kaden Bradstreet Dighton 1A 8.9
Myles Thompson Buhler 4A 8.8
Colby Jones Osawatomie 3A 8.7
Cason Liebst Medicine Lodge 2A 8.7
Mark Mitchell Bishop Miege 4A 8.7
Haden Daharsh Hugoton 3A 8.5
Mike Carson Harmon 6A 8.5
Hudson Gray Beloit 3A 8.5
Aidan Shaw Blue Valley  6A 8.5
Isaac Elliott  Oswego 2A 8.4
Peyton Price Kingman 3A 8.4
Charles Snyder Emporia 5A 8.4
Wyatt Eblerle Lakeside 1A 8.3
Collin Berger Minneola 1A 8.2
Tyson Hermreck Crest 1A 8.2
David Hammeke Ellinwood 1A 8.2
Taylor McClain South Haven 1A 8.2
Koby Campbell Rose Hill 4A 8.1
Dylan Lindeman Goessel 1A 8
Harrison VanMeter Pawnee Heights 1A 8
Andrew Schields Cheylin 1A 7.9
Ethan Benne Pike Valey 1A 7.9
Desmond Harrison Wichita Heights 6A 7.8
Brady Palen SJ/Tipton 1A 7.7
Tuck Lang Minneola 1A 7.7
Keither Florence Campus 6A 7.7
Brady Burson Central Heights 2A 7.6
Fabian Loya Northern Valley 1A 7.6
Charlie Russell Trego 2A 7.6
Brandon Chvtal Rawlins Co. 1A 7.5
Owen Mills Newton 5A 7.5
Weston Kraus  Hutchinson 6A 7.5
Drew Nicholson Hoisington 3A 7.5
Wade Rush Golden Plains 1A 7.5
Kade Melvin Norton 3A 7.5
Tyler Brockhoff Hiawatha 3A 7.5
Pierce Thomas Parsons 4A 7.5

ASSISTS PER GAME (15 Games Minimum) 

Order statewide Assist Leaders patch sportsinkansas@gmail.com

Name School Class APG
Dariq Williams Parsons 4A 9
Kaden Bradstreet Dighton 1A 8.3
Jordan Vincent Eisenhower 5A 7.2
Kyler Haffner W. Grinnell 1A 7.1
Lonnell Lane Harmon 6A 5.9
Eli Wiseman Belle Plaine 2A 5.9
Hunter Davis Lakin 3A 5.5
Eli Isaacs Valley Centerl 5A 5.4
Kaleb Gaddis Andover 5A 5.4
Zach Bloch Seabury 2A 5.4
Gabe Garber Sabetha 3A 5.3
Ty Sides Phillipsburg 3A 5.2
Jarod Crawford Central Heights 2A 5.1
Walzel Evans Harmon 6A 5
Kylan Cunningham Lakeside 1A 4.7
Calvin Delich Iola 4A 4.6
Jake Benorthan Mission Valley  2A 4.6
Ethan Means Stockton 1A 4.5
Wyatt Angell Hugoton 3A 4.5
Maddox Decker Santa Fe Trail 3A 4.4
Kayde Rietzke Wichita County 1A 4.3
Kyan Morris Oxford 1A 4.2
Carson Kieffer Hays 5A 4.2
Devon Junghans Salina South 5A 4.1
Tamar Bates Piper 4A 4


Order statewide steals leaders patch sportsinkansas@gmail.com

Name School Class SPG
Jace Mackley Weskan 1A 4.4
Kyler Haffner W. Grinnell 1A 4.3
Weston Schmidt Triplains/Brewster 1A 4.1
Zach Bloch Seabury 1A 3.7
Conor Haviland Humboldt 2A 3.5
Damian Foser Waverly 1A 3.5
Nachs Wahwassuck Royal Valley 3A 3.4
Jacob Miller Greeley Co. 1A 3.2
Ty Sides Phillipsburg 3A 3.1
Lucas Hammeke Trinity Academy 2A 3.1
Eli Isaacs Valley Center 5A 3
Dariq Williams Parsons 4A 3
A. Lierz Hiwatha 3A 3
Kayde Rietzke Wichita Co. 1A 2.9
Jayson Engling Natoma 1A 2.9
Hadyn Bieleng Council Grove 2A 2.9
Tucker Smith ACCHS 2A 2.9
Dylan Lindeman Goessel 1A 2.9
Gabe Garber Sabetha 3A 2.9
Walzel Evans Harmon 6A 2.8
Jake Benortham Mission Valley 2A 2.8
Lonnel Lane Harmon 5A 2.8
Brett Sarwinski Galena 3A 2.8
Gabe Hernandez Wichita Co. 1A 2.7
Brance Ware Jayhawk Linn 2A 2.7
Gio Callegjas Stanton Co. 2A 2.7
Layne Mayeske Fredonia 3A 2.7
Connor O'Neal Fredonia 3A 2.7
Scott Price Bucklin 1A 2.7
Titus Scheer Greeley Co. 1A 2.7
Alex Krogmeier Newton 5A 2.7
Thomas Frank Rawlins Co. 1A 2.6
Dalton Mackley Weskan 1A 2.6
Peyton Price  Kingman 3A 2.6
Caden Carter Altoona Midway 1A 2.6
Tyus Wilson Sterling 2A 2.6
Aiden Rudolph Clifton-Clyde 1A 2.5
Brock West Maranatha 2A 2.5
Colton McCarty Cheylin 1A 2.5
Hever Mercado Southwestern Hts 2A 2.5
Taybor Vetter Wamego 4A 2.5
Dawson Bristor Caldwell 1A 2.5
Brayden Sadler Udall 1A 2.5
Alec Carlson Pawnee Heights 1A  2.5
Cooper Wolf South Haven 1A 2.5
Daquan Johnson Parsons 4A 2.5
Michael Moreno Hiawtha 3A 2.5


Order statewide blocks leaders patch sportsinkansas@gmail.com

Name School Class APG
Cameron Campuzano Rural Vista 1A 6.3
Tanner Halling St. John 1A 5.8
Tyus Wilson Sterling 2A 5.5
Brayden Hast Oskaloosa 2A 3.8
Jolon Lacey Waverly 1A 3.5
Bryce Mason Beloit 3A 3.4
Aidan Shaw Blue Valley 6A 3.4
Blake Aurand Republic Co. 2A 3.2
Jerrit Norris Troy 1A 3.1
Weston Kraus Hutchinson 6A 3
Pierce Thomas Parsons 4A 3
Ethan Jameson Labette Co. 4A 2.6
Kurtis Beck Nemaha Central 3A 2.6
Braydon Gray Valley Center 5A 2.5
Brance Ware Jayhawk Linn 2A 2.3
Desmond Harrison Wichita Heights 5A 2.1
Dylan Ruder Hays 5A 2
Brady Palen SJ/Tipton 1A 2
Jamari Robinson Wichita South 5A 1.9
Vance Shewey Meade 2A 1.9
Tanner Hecht Wamego 4A 1.9
Drew Nicholson Hoisington 3A 1.8
Mark Mitchell Miege 4A 1.8
Lance Walker Ulysses 4A 1.8


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