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Sports in Kansas: 2019 3A All-Senior All-State Team

Scotti Easter had a huge senior year for Andale. (photo: Susan Kendall)
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
Dec 9, 2019

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Input from media members and a media panel across the state helped finalize this team finalized by Chet Kuplen of Sports in Kansas.  This is not a recruiting list it's based off the 2019 high school football season in Kansas only. Players on this list are also eligible for the Sports in Kansas Top 100 Seniors that will be released on Monday 12/9. Players have to be a senior to be on the list, our Non-Senior Team will be out on Monday 12/9.


ATTENTION: All Players on list (first team or hon mention) are elgible for all-state patch for letter jacket, we are the only place with our logo on them: email Chet Kuplen at sportsinkansas@gmail.com to order. 

2019 Sports in Kansas 3A All-Senior Team All-State


QB- Gabe Garber, Sabetha

RB-Atreyau Hornbeak, Marysville

RB- Hunter Boone, Prairie View

RB- Isiah Childs, Wamego

RB- Calvin Stapp, Colby

OL- Creighton Johnson, Beloit

OL- Connor Allen, Collegiate

OL- Carson Ukele, Sabetha

OL- Carson Fair, Andale

OL- Kel Stroud, Chapman

OL- Tegan Abbey, Hayden

WR- Riley Petz, Cheney

WR-Dariq Williams, Parsons

WR-Michael Moreno, Hiawatha

TE/FB- Logan Henderson, Galena

ATH- Nick Sarwinski, Galena

RET-- Taybor Vetter, Wamego

K- Bryant Golden, Rock Creek


DL-Creighton Camp, Andale

DL-Kauli Saili, Jefferson West

DL- Andrew Schmidtlein, Hayden

DL- Aaron Kurth, Colby

LB- Mac Brand, Andale

LB- Hunter Yager, Scott City

LB- Carson Cox, Beloit

LB- Storm Slupianek, Marysville

LB- Drew Bollinger, Frontenac

LB- Grant Roush, Perry Lecompton

DB- Durbie McReynolds, Girard

DB- Dilan Schweer, Prairie View

DB- Ryan Raio, Frontenac

DB- Scotti Easter, Andale 

ATH- Scott Grider, Halstead

P- Patrick Cassidy – Columbus

3A All-Senior All-State Honorable Mention (ORDER SIK SENIOR PATCH HERE)

A.J. Arsendorf – Pratt, Andrew Berckefeldt – Santa Fe Trail, Kaleb Kroenke – Frontenac, Ethan Moreland – Caney Valley, Evan Dean – Santa Fe Trail, Rico Gordon – Galena, , Tegan Abbey – Hayden, Jake Beckmann – Frontenac, Jonny Crome- Marysville, Kaden Crain – Columbus, Clay Saporito – Columbus, Mason Perez – Larned, Quinn Neuenswander – Jefferson West, Garron Champoux – Marysville, Logan Henderson – Galena, Cael Johnson -Burlington, Trey Wright – Holton, Landon Spencer – Hesston, Aidan Walsh – Collegiate, Alex Johnson – Frontenac, Zach Ferris – Chapman, Austin Dale – Hugoton, Ryan Rodriguez – Halstead, Luke Richards – Wellsville, Trey Richey – Caney, Henry Frahm – Jefferson West, Hudson Gray – Beloit, Vincent Palen – Beloit, Micah Milford – Kingman, Brandon Schroedl – Marysville, Nolan Streit – Clearwater, Grayson Walden – Columbus, Austin Dale – Hugoton, Chase Farley – Wellsville, Cale Goodman – Scott City, Caleb Hemby – Frontenac, Joaquim Sucena – Wamego, Draven Schallock – Santa Fe Trail, Ryan Rodriguez – Halstead, Adler Pierson – Wamego, Taygen Fletcher – Holton, Jacob Eilert – Hesston, Cole Chisham – Hayden, Zach Bloch – Cheney, Owen Neitfeld – Marysville, Nate Egan – Collegiate, Coly Jones – Osawatomie, Zane Smith – Cheney, Ivan Valles – Hugoton, Dylan Fields – Galena, Kip Burge – Clearwater, Trevor Bogan – Hugoton, Chase Bloodgood – Prairie View, Brock Skelton – Larned, Michael Moreno – Hiawatha, Tanner Spencer – Anderson County, Drake Beatty – Clearwater, Aric Propst – Halstead, Chanz Gerlman – Prairie View, Joe Anderson – Jefferson West, Cole Chisham – Hayden, Alex Bole – Columbus, Lucas Dankenbring – Marysville, Parker Meats – Burlington, Ethan Moreland – Caney, Cooper Glavan – Clay Center, Ivan Valles – Hugoton, Andrew Peters – Smoky Valley, Zeke Lyons - Parsons, Grant Roush – Perry Lecompton, Brant Chance – Frontenac, Cale Bridwell – Frontenac, Kip Burge – Clearwater, Nate Egan – Collegiate, Easton Hunter – Andale, Ben May – Nadale, Aidan Walsh – Collegiate, Kyle Palmquist – Concordia,  Hayden Albright – Kingman, Zane Smith – Cheney, Mike Milford – Kingman, Seth Teague – Cheney, Koby Schroeder – Marysville, Brock Skelton – Larned, Aric Propst – Halstead, Cameron Weaver – Hesston, Ryan Rodriguez – Halstead, Brian Casey – Halstead, Trey Kennedy – Smoky Valley, Mason Perez – Larned, , Andrew Freeze – Sabetha, Bryce Clements – Jefferson West, Walker Loudermilk – Sabetha, Komesh Spoonhunter – Royal Valley, Colby Tinklin – Sabetha, Grant Roush – Perry Lecompton, Trey Wright – Holton, Taygen Fletcher – Holton, Joe Anderson – Jefferson West, Trace McQueen – Beloit, Grant Arasmith – Beloit,  Lucas Dankenbring – Marysville, Jonny Crome – Marysville, Cole Chisham – Hayden, Cade Pavlik – Hayden, Caleb VanDegrift- Scott City, Brandon Winderlin – Scott City, Trevor Bogan – Hugoton, Ivan Valles – Hugoton, Devon Hill – Holcomb, Austin Dale – Hugoton, Trey Cox – Holcomb, Michael Mendoza - Hugoton

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