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2019 Track in Kansas Leaderboard: Boys Running Events

Boys Running Event Leaders for 2019. (photo: Chet Kuplen)
By: Carol Swenson for Sports in Kansas
Jun 4, 2019

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2019 Kansas Prep

Track & Field

(UP-DATED 6/4/19)

Coaches, please send your complete meet results, noting whether the meet was hand-timed or FAT.

Times listed to hundredths have been verified as FAT.   Hand-timed preliminary marks are not considered for listing, only hand-timed finals.

( h: Times are listed using the +0.24 difference between hand and fully automatic times (i.e., 10.5 hand = 10.74 FAT) for races of less than one lap and +0.14 for races of one lap or longer.)

Marks with classifications preceding are Class Leaders when not among top 10-15 yearly performances.

*       Junior

**     Sophomore

***    Freshman

****  8th Grade

(x)    KSHSAA Approved School

+      Known legal wind

&      Summer meet.  Did not compete for KSHSAA approved school during spring season

This 2019  Top 10 List is available and up-dated periodically on Sports in Kansas/Track in Kansas at along with the Kansas All-Time Prep List. 

Up-Date as of 6/4/19

Carol R. Swenson

Phone: (620) 241-5452

Email:   swensonc@mcpherson.edu




Deron Dudley, Wichita South (6A)      10.38

   (=#6 A-T KS HS)

Xavier Sellers, Wichita West (6A)              10.50

   (PR 10.48, #23 A-T KS HS, 2018)

Timmy Lambert, Smoky Valley (3A)            10.53

*Davian Gardenhire, Shawnee Heights (5A)  10.56

**Malik Benson, Lansing (5A)                    10.62

Nevan Tebb-Lolar, BV West (6A)              10.63+

Jordan Hawkins, Buhler (4A)                     10.65+

Jon-Michael Herman, BV Northwest (6A)    10.74

Davian Vigil, Hutchinson (6A)                   10.76

*DaQuan Johnson, Parsons (4A)                10.78p

*Eric Patterson, Seaman (5A)                    10.79

Nahson Houston, KC Sumner (5A)            10.79

Jason Hubener, Cheney (3A)                    10.79w

Larry Wilson, Valley Center (5A)               10.80

Dylan White, Pittsburg (5A)                     10.82w

**Ezekiel Seamster, Hutchinson (6A)          10.83p

**Graham Hough, Lawrence (6A)              10.83p

Devon Marshall, KC Piper (4A)                 10.83

Trevor Johnson, Rossville (2A)                  10.84

Migc Aiyanyor, Derby (6A)                       10.85

*Donyel Evans, Topeka (6A)                     10.85p

**Ryan Dreiling, Eisenhower (5A)              10.85

**Darell Jones, Coffeyville (4A)                 10.85

*Jaleel Montgomery, Wichita West (6A)      10.86

**Kaleb Coleman, Wichita NW (5A)          10.86

*Jakob Renaud, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)       10.87p

*Jaylen Carter, Washburn Rural (6A)          10.88

Zu’mere Beard, Topeka West (5A)            10.88

*Wyatt Rupp, Ness City (2A)                   10.88p

Jaiel Johnson, Dodge City (6A)                  10.89

Wyatt Heiman, Silver Lake (3A)                10.89

1A: Carter Cox, Olpe (1A)                      10.94



Daquan Johnson, Parsons (4A)                  10.5h

Wyatt Heiman, Silver Lake (3A)                10.6h

Trevor Johnson, Rossville (2A)                  10.7h

*Javon Allen, Bennington (2A)                   10.7h

Gage Lamb, Fort Scott (4A)                      10.8h

Jason Hubener, Cheney (3A)                    10.8h




Deron Dudley, Wichita South (6A)             21.51p

*Jaleel Montgomery, Wichita West (6A)      21.66p

**Ryan Dreiling, Eisenhower (5A)              21.81

*Davion Gardenhire, Shawnee Heights (5A)  21.91+

Sae-Vheon Alcorn, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)   21.99

Nevan Tebb-Lolar, BV West (6A)              22.01p

Jon-Michael Herman, BV Northwest (6A)    22.05p

*Ellis Carolina, Olathe East (6A)                22.08p

Timmy Lambert, Smoky Valley (3A)            21.97+

Matt Jackson, Baldwin (4A)                       22.15

Jacob Wheelen, Galena (3A)                     22.18

*Luke Larkin, Bishop Carroll (5A)              22.21p

*Isaiah Armstrong, Holcomb (3A)              22.22

Giovanni Reinerio, Olathe West (6A)         22.23

*Ryan Wokutch, Paola (4A)                      22.23

Jacob Wheelen, Galena (3A)                     22.24

*David Brown, BV West (6A)                   22.25

Shane Quinlan, Perry-Lecompton (3A)        22.27

**Tyler Bowden, Free State (6A)               22.28

Brendon Hudson, Ulysses (4A)                  22.28

Jason Hubener, Cheney (3A)                    22.30

Guy Ramos, Leavenworth (6A)                 22.34

Larry Wilson, Valley Center (5A)               22.34

Jordan Schippers, Colby (3A)                    22.34

Ezekiel Seamster, Hutchinson (6A)             22.38p

Xavier Sellers, Wichita West (6A)              22.38p

Jordan Hawkins, Buhler (4A)                     22.38

Graham Hough, Lawrence (6A)                 22.39p

Jaden Reed, SM North (6A)                      22.39

Corey Minks, Maize South (5A)                 22.39p

2A: Jax Holland, Maranatha Academy (2A)    22.50

1A: Thomas Atkins, Hanover (1A)              22.87



Timmy Lambert, Smoky Valley (3A)            21.6h

Marquise Cade, Wamego (4A)                  22.4h

Jack Watson, Wamego (4A)                     22.4h

Shane Quinlan, Perry-Lecompton (3A)        22.4h

Ryan Wokutch, Paola (4A)                       22.6h

Ian Watkins, Holton (3A)                         22.6h

Trevor Johnson, Rossville (2A)                  22.6h




**Elijah Mosely, Wichita Heights (5A)         48.29

*Isaiah Armstrong, Holcomb (4A)              48.40

Guy Ramos, Leavenworth (6A)                 48.79

*David Brown, BV West (6A)                   48.86

Jax Holland, Maranatha Academy (2A)         49.46

Shane Quinlan, Perry-Lecompton (3A)        49.52

*Kaden Wren, Scott Community (3A)         49.59

Joshua Fielder, Udall (1A)                         49.83

Malachi Starr, Free State (6A)                   49.79p

Andrew (A.J.) Wilson, Arkansas City (5A)    49.85

**Kameron Byers, Olathe East (6A)            50.05

Kane Taddese, Olathe West (6A)              50.20

Graham Hudelson, DeSoto (5A)                50.31

Cole Morris, Olathe NW (6A)                  50.37

*James Eshleman, BV North (6A)               50.41

Eli Blaufuss, Newton (5A)                        50.43

*Ivan Varela, Northern Valley (1A)             50.44

*Nicholas Gatapia, Mill Valley (6A)             50.45

Trevin Lewis, Burlingame (1A)                  50.45

Ethan Lang, TMP-Marian (3A)                    50.48

*David Holmes, KC Piper (4A)                  50.50

Brendon Hudson, Ulysses (4A)                  50.51

Jordan Schippers, Colby (3A)                    50.52

***Justin Roland, KC Washington (5A)        50.53

Ethan Lang, TMP-Marian (3A)                    50.65

*Jack Slaughter, SM East (6A)                    50.66

**Brenden Becoat, Maize South (5A)          50.72

*Davion Gardenhire, Shawnee Heights (5A)  50.77

*Tristan McCann, St Marys (3A)                50.79

Brendan Ishimura, Frontenac (3A)              50.84

*Brandon Winderlin, Scott Community (3A) 50.85




*Terry Robinson, Lansing (5A)                    1:55.99

**Samuel McDavitt, Andover (5A)               1:57.03

Andrew O’Brien, Halstead (3A)                  1:57.18

Hadley Splechter, Yates Center (2A)            1:57.43

*Ryan Derry, Circle (4A)                           1:57.51

Elijah Mosley, Wichita Heights (5A)              1:57.64

Jacob Vermillion, Olathe East (6A)               1:57.68

Hunter Wilcox, Blue Valley-OP (6A)            1:57.72

Trever Medina, Wallace County (1A)           1:57.74

*Christian Buehler, BV Southwest (5A)         1:57.75

***Bret Beard, Olathe NW (6A)                 1:57.88

*Liam Neidig, Lansing (5A)                         1:58.24

Keegan Sturdy, DeSoto (5A)                      1:58.40

Trevor Laube, BV West (6A)                      1:58.54

Ezekiel Kemboi, ElDorado (4A)                   1:58.55

Jacob Eckert, Hugoton (3A)                       1:58.64

*Mitch Lumley, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)         1:58.67

Ryker Kramer, Washburn Rural (6A)           1:58.78

Luis Mendez, Sacred Heart (2A)                  1:58.78

Kael Ecord, Maize (5A)                             1:58.92

*Jack Slaughter, SM East (6A)                      1:59.02

*Darius Hightower, Mill Valley (6A)             1:59.07

*Ryan Kinnane, Andover (5A)                     1:59.16

**Brendon Becoat, Maize South (5A)            1:59.20

Declan Weixelman, Manhattan (6A)             1:59.21

*Bryce Clements, Jefferson West (3A)          1:59.38

Chris White, Ashland (1A)                         1:59.40

Juan Tovar, Junction City (6A)                    1:59.45

Keegan Staats, St Thomas-Aquinas (6A)        1:59.51

Cole Bixler-Large, Clearwater (4A)              1:59.63

Andrew Tracy, Olathe North (6A)               1:59.64

Javyn Contreras, Garden City (6A)              1:59.68

Bryce Kauffman, Olathe East (6A)                1:59.71

Quest Weller, Dodge City (6A)                  1:59.73



(3:39.0)  (* Enroute to 1-Mile)

Joel Gaddie, Maize (5A)                             4:35.49




(y = 1-Mile minus 1.6 sec)   (*  Enroute to 1-Mile)

(+ = 1500 times 1.0737)

Hadley Splechter, Yates Center (2A)            4:18.99

Ethan Marshall, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)        4:20.15

**Tommy Hazen, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)     4:20.53

Jack Moore, St James Academy (5A)             4:20.56

*Ryan Kinnane, Andover (5A)                     4:20.84

*Terry Robinson, Lansing (5A)                    4:21.65

Jack Thomas, Scott Community (3A)            4:21.73

Robert Pearce, Kingman (3A)                     4:21.88

Asher Molina, SM North (6A)                     4:22.44

Kael Ecord, Maize (5A)                             4:22.63

Daniel Bohnemann, Leavenworth (6A)          4:22.77

Cade Heikes, Olathe North (6A)                 4:23.02

*Justyn France, Olathe South (6A)               4:23.58

*Christian Buehler, BV Southwest (5A)         4:24.21

Sam Hubert, DeSoto (5A)                         4:24.34

*Aiden Higgerson, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)    4:24.40

Matt Harding, Bishop Carroll (5A)               4:24.51

Britte Magnuson, Maize South (5A)  (4:24.10i) 4:24.88

John Matulis, St James Academy (5A)            4:25.82

Trent Cochran, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)        4:26.16

*Nick Schmidt, Mill Valley (6A)                   4:27.49

*Jack Walsh, Wichita East (6A)                   4:27.52

Maliki Pope, Seaman (5A)                          4:27.61

**Daniel Harkin, Manhattan (6A)                 4:27.70

*Liam Neidig, Lansing (5A)                         4:27.82

Matt Turner, Mill Valley (6A)                      4:27.98

Ben Harrell, SM Northwest (6A)                 4:28.01

Joshua Rutledge, Riverton (3A)                   4:28.03

Joey Guzman, Olathe North (6A)                4:28.23

Griffin Keeter, SM East (6A)                       4:28.32

Connor Young, Olathe East (6A)                 4:28.53

1A: **Collin Oswalt, Central Christian-H (1A)  4:29.91

4A: Tanner Newkirk, Hayden (4A)               4:32.44




Britte Magnuson, Maize South (5A)              4:24.81i

Asher Molina, SM North (6A)                     4:30.51i

Aaron Modrow, Chapman (4A)                   4:30.75i

Cade Heikes, Olathe North (6A)                 4:31.56i

Trent Thomas, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)         4:33.36i

*Christian Buehler, Blue Valley SW (5A)        4:33.62i



Brian Beach, Olathe North (6A)                  9:01.55i

Britt Magnuson, Maize South (5A)                9:01.72i

Matthew Turner, Mill Valley (6A)                 9:27.02i

Michael Iyali, Wichita NW (5A)                   9:37.17i

*Jack Terry, Mill Valley (6A)                       9:37.81i

*Nathan Greenfield, Mill Valley (6A)             9:41.08i




(y = 2-miles minus 3.4 sec)

**Tommy Hazen, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)     9:22.60

Asher Molina, SM North (6A)                     9:23.40

Ethan Marshall, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)        9:23.44

Asher Moen, Andover (5A)                        9:24.74

*Aiden Higgerson, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)    9:24.91

Trent Cochran, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)        9:26.25

Joey Guzman, Olathe North (6A)                9:27.24

Jack Moore, St James Academy (5A)             9:27.45

Sam Hubert, DeSoto (5A)                         9:27.70

Cade Heikes, Olathe North (6A)                 9:28.02

Hadley Splechter, Yates Center (2A)            9:29.18

**Daniel Harkin, Manhattan (6A)                 9:29.70

Joshua Rutledge, Riverton (3A)                   9:32.83

Jack Thomas, Scott Community (3A)            9:33.38

Jackson Caldwell, Olathe North (6A)            9:33.98

Griffin Keeter, SM East (6A)                       9:36.80

Britte Magnuson, Maize South (5A)              9:38.94

*Ryan Kinnane, Andover (5A)                     9:40.33

**Collin Oswalt, Central Christian (1A)        9:41.52

Kaden Cooley, Olathe West (6A)                9:44.31

Matthew Tolman, Olathe South (6A)            9:44.84

*Christian Buehler, BV Southwest (5A)         9:45.14

Maliki Pope, Seaman (5A)                          9:45.33

*Charlie Johnson, Free State (6A)                9:45.49

Henry Nelson, Bishop Seabury (2A)             9:45.61

Matt Harding, Bishop Carroll (5A)               9:45.94

John Matulis, St James Academy (5A)            9:46.15

Aaron Modrow, Chapman (4A)                   9:46.15




*Jaleel Montgomery, Wichita West (6A)   14.08

   (#19 A-T KS HS)

*Tayezhan Crough, Hutchinson (6A)           14.26

   (PR 14.12 #24 A-T KS HS, 2018)

Jack Mull, Winfield (4A)                           14.34

Zach Williams, Valley Center (5A)             14.40

Steven Roudybush, Wamego (4A)              14.46

Jaret Brumback, SE Cherokee (2A)             14.47

Johnathan Layman, Christ Prep (x)             14.47

Marcquiece Cade, Wamego (4A)               14.49

Jerik Ochoa, Newton (5A)                       14.50

Eric Kop, Wellington (4A)                        14.50

Marshall Faurot, Scott Community (3A)       14.58p

Carson Eilts, Paola (4A)                           14.63

Cedric Kelley, Coffeyville (4A)                  14.65

Andrew Kennedy, Derby (6A)                   14.72

Kody Marvin, Bishop Carroll (5A)              14.75

*Jasper Atchison, NE of Arma (2A)            14.79

Kaleb Young, SM North (6A)                    14.83

*Tommy Harter, Bishop Carroll (5A)          14.84

Joseph Porter, Wichita Heights (5A)           14.86

*Darrien Holloway, Osborne (1A)             14.90

**Marquel Russell, Washburn Rural (6A)     14.96

**Leo-Trey Rathke III, Northern Hts (2A)    14.98

Anthongy (A.J.) Shields, Olathe South (6A)   14.99

*David Entz. Berean Academy (1A)            14.99w

Matthew East, Emporia (5A)                     15.02

Hayden Broyles, Jayhawk-Linn (2A)            15.02

*Hezekiah Newman, Olathe East (6A)         15.04

Mason Engelken, Sabetha (3A)                   15.05pw

*Joshua McLaughlin, Maize (5A)                 15.06

Michael Aylward, Chanute (4A)                 15.06

Martin Searcy, DeSoto (5A)                      15.07

Cameron Shelton, SM West (6A)               15.08p

Rafael Vasquez, Emporia (5A)                   15.09



Steven Roudybush, Wamego (4A)              14.5h

Marcquiece Cade, Wamego (4A)               14.6h

*Darrian Holloway, Osborne (1A)             14.8h

Mason Engelken, Sabetha (3A)                   14.9h

Gavin Cumpton, Royal Valley (3A)             15.1h




Timmy Lambert, Smoky Valley (3A)            37.95

   (PR 37.85p, #19 A-T KS HS, 2018)

Eric Kop, Wellington (4A)                        38.82

*Tayezhan Crough, Hutchinson (6A)           38.92

Brett Winsor, Pratt (4A)                         39.07

Kody Marvin, Bishop Carroll (5A)              39.22

Max Lansdowne, Manhattan (6A)               39.32

*Riley Petz, Cheney (3A)                         39.43

Jack Mull, Winfield (4A)                           39.48

Carson Eilts, Paola (4A)                           39.49

Steven Roudybush, Wamego (4A)              39.70

**Sheldon Whalen, Wichita County (2A)     39.80

Dalton White, KC Piper (4A)                   39.83

Hunter Jones, Nickerson (4A)                   39.86

Mason Engelken, Sabetha (3A)                   40.03

Tyler Heyen-Gerhardt, Kinsley (1A)           40.04

*Darrien Holloway, Osborne (1A)             40.08

*Isaiah Anthony, Wichita NW (5A)            40.09

Rafael Vasquez, Emporia (5A)                   40.13

Chase Rooney, Spring Hill (5A)                 40.21

Matthew East, Emporia (5A)                     40.26

Jerik Ochoa, Newton (5A)                       40.29

*Trystin Myers, Atchison Co Comm (2A)    40.30

Cameron Shelton, SM West (6A)               40.37

*Justin Powell, Bishop Carroll (5A)             40.45

**Leif Campbell, Mill Valley (6A)                40.49

Martin Searcy, DeSoto (5A)                      40.50

Jaret Brumback, SE Cherokee (2A)             40.51

Max McElroy, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)        40.52

*Tommy Harter, Bishop Carroll (5A)          40.54

Anthongy (A.J.) Shields, Olathe South (6A)   40.56

Michael Marietta, St Marys-Colgan (2A)       40.59






2,000m Steeplechase


Will Clayton, Wichita East (6A)            6:25.68

   (#8 A-T KS HS)

Kael Ecord, Maize (5A)                         6:27.57

   (#12 A-T KS HS)

Sam Overbey, Leavenworth (6A)                 6:33.47

*Liam Neidig, Lansing (5A)                         6:35.66

Keetan Munsell, Salina South (5A)                6:43.54

Danny Bohnemann, Leavenworth (6A)          6:47.92


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