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Faces in KS: Trey White

Trey White i has went 6-foot-6 in the high jump this year for Baxter.
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
Apr 24, 2018

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Growing up as a son of a coach in an athletic family it was only natural that Trey White was going to be involved with sports. That he is, as there is no off-season for the Baxter Springs junior who is having a breakout sports year in 2017-2018 as one of the top 4A-II multiple sport athletes.

In the fall comes football, White is the starting quarterback for the Lions and was one of the better Southeast Kansas area quarterbacks in 2017 and has started since his sophomore year.

Then comes the winter where it’s basketball and it just may be his best sport. White, a 6-foot-1, junior, guard, was one of the top junior basketball players in 4A-II this season averaging 22.9 points per game for the Lions. He also averaged 3.5 rebounds, 3.3 assists per game and shot 77.8 percent from the foul line. White was a second team all-state selection in 4A-II this year from Sports in Kansas. He also earned first team all-league and all-area.

Finally in the spring, White is on the track where he is one of the top high jumpers in the entire state of Kansas. Many could also argue this is his best sport as he is among the elite in Kansas. He went 6-foot-6 at the Riverton meet earlier this season. That mark currently ranks fifth in all classifications of Kansas and second in 4A.

“My goals and expectations are the exact same no matter what the sport is and that is to get better. Every year I want to win an extra game, jump a few inches higher and go further than we went last year.” White said.

White will try to do just that at this year’s state high jump which is a little over a month away. Last season as a sophomore he took ninth place at a height of 6-foot-2. State title went to Tristen Dagenails of Andale at 6-foot-8 who has since graduated. With a mark of White’s best this year he should have a for sure shot to compete for a 4A state title. He will have challengers as Qualin Powell of Chanute has went 6-foot-6 this year in 4A to tie White’s best and Caleb Hentzen of Labette County has went 6-foot-8 to have the top mark. It’s only fitting that all three in 4A are all from the Southeast Kansas area from the CNC and SEK Leagues.

White is not just a very good multiple sport athlete either at Baxter Springs High School. There’s much more to him. He knows how important academics are. That he should, being the son of BHS principal Cory White, who is also the head girls’ basketball coach for the school. White boasts a perfect 4.0 GPA and is a member of the schools National Honors Society, Science Club and Spanish Club.

For now, White’s focus is on the rest of the season and improving until he can get to regionals to qualify for the 2018 State Meet in Wichita. We caught up with the outstanding junior multiple sport star below in the latest Q&A edition of Faces in Kansas.


How did you get involved with sports?

Sports are something that I happened to grow up around. When I was little my dad was a high school coach so I was at his practices most days after school. Not to mention, my mom played college volleyball and basketball, my dad played college basketball, and my older sister is currently playing college volleyball at Southwestern. I guess athletics are just a family tradition.

What are the goals and expectations this season in track and field?

My goals and expectations are the exact same in every sport, to get better. Every year I want to win an extra game, jump a few inches higher, or hopefully make it to State. All in all, my main goal is to not only make myself better but to also positively impact my team.

What is it like to go to Baxter?

I enjoy the small setting because there are many positives coming from it. Everyone knows one another and we rally around each other in support. This past basketball season we lost not only one of our teammates but one of our best friends. Tyler was a very outgoing and social person that everyone in our community knew and he will forever be missed. I am beyond thankful to be able to call him one of my best friends for as long as I did and will never forget the memories we made together. Even after everything we’ve been through this year, it has only brought us closer together. The teachers, students, and community all joined together to strengthen one another throughout this difficult time. Having a community so active in supporting our students is something not everyone is able to experience, but here in Baxter Springs there is a great sense of pride!

What are some of the things you do to practice high jump besides the event itself?

Other than working on my form, the main thing I do to help benefit my high jump is to try to increase my vertical. Time spent in the weight room and lifts directed towards increasing my vertical help me improve upon what I do.

What is it like being a multi-sport athlete and depended upon heavily in every sport, do you play any other sports than football, basketball and track or do you have time?

Being depended upon isn’t something I really tend to think about. My main focus is being able to better my teammates and myself. A team can’t be successful depending on only one person. I really hope to bring confidence to my teammates and hope to see them succeed. Playing basketball almost year round takes a lot of my time but I set aside focused energy for football and track seasons.

How awesome is state track?

State track is amazing. The number of athletes competing at the same place is unbelievable. As a little kid I would always go and be amazed at the number of athletes and now being able to compete in it is a dream come true.

What are your strengths and weaknesses in each sport?

My strengths are that I am always eager to learn and ready to get better. Being coachable is something my dad has always stressed for me and I try my best to be so.   

Take us through what kind of training you go through year-round?

There’s nothing special about it, it’s just about the amount of time I’ve spent in the gym; I’m in there as much as I can be.

How’s the recruiting process going and who’s talking to you, what sport do you think you’ll look at playing?

Basketball has always been my true love but who knows. All my options are open and I’d never straight up tell a coach no for taking the time to show interest in me. I have received some contact in the recruitment process but am still hoping to hear from more.

Other key athletes on your team this year and what type of team should you have?

Everyone has a role on the team. Whether it’s locking down the opposing team’s best player, getting maximum rebounds, or keeping people from getting to their quarterback, everyone plays a key part on each team.  Our basketball team will have at least seven returning seniors this year and I expect for us to be extremely competitive.

What are the coaches like at Baxter and what’s it like growing up with a coach in your dad?

I wouldn’t be anywhere without my coaches and especially my dad. They’ve pushed me and expected my best each and every day. My father has influenced my goals for as long as I can remember and taught me what it takes to be where I am today. As a result of playing in a smaller setting the coaches know each and every athlete very well and can specialize their training and coaching to match the individual more easily.

Best athlete you’ve ever faced in any sport and who are some key ones this year?

Best athlete? How about best athletes? Those boys in Parsons are freak athletes and are going to be a problem next basketball season just like they were this year. Big things coming from there!

What’s it like to grow up in your town?

Because of how small it is, I have played with or against my current teammates since the 3rd grade and this cohesiveness helps us function better as a team. It has also allowed for us to build deeper friendships through the years.

Favorite subject in school?

Definitely science

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years hopefully I’m back in high school as a science teacher and coach, then trying to work my way up to becoming a principal.

Best place to eat in your surrounding area?

El Cabritos here in Baxter Springs is one of my favorite places to eat. One of my friend’s family runs it and if you ever get the chance, stop by!

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