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2018 Track and Field Leaderboard: Girls Running Events

Girls Running Event Leaders for 2018
By: Carol Swenson
May 31, 2018

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2018 Kansas Prep Track & Field Leaderboard from Carol Swenson for Sports in Kansas/Track In Kansas


(UP-DATED 05/31/18)

Coaches, please send your complete meet results to both swensonc@mcpherson.edu & sportsinkansas@gmail.com, noting whether the meet was hand-timed or FAT.

Times listed to hundredths have been verified as FAT.   Hand-timed preliminary marks are not considered for listing, only hand-timed finals.

( h: Times are listed using the +0.24 difference between hand and fully automatic times (i.e., 10.5 hand = 10.74 FAT) for races of less than one lap and +0.14 for races of one lap or longer.)

Marks with classifications preceding are Class Leaders when not among top 10-15 yearly performances.

*       Junior

**     Sophomore

***    Freshman

****  8th Grade

(x)    KSHSAA Approved School

+      Known legal wind

&      Summer meet.  Did not compete for KSHSAA approved school during spring season





*Kalli Anderson, Newton (5A)             11.58                                                                               

   (=#2 A-T KS HS)

Aarika Lister, Leavenworth (5A)     (12.05+) 11.78                                                                               

   (PR 11.58, =#2 A-T KS HS, 2016)

*Destiny Ray, SM East (6A)                      11.97

Savannah Simmons, Newton (5A)              11.97

   (PR 11.92, #22 A-T KS HS, 2017)

*Isabella Hohl, Bishop Carroll (5A)             12.03

LoCora Bryant, Great Bend (5A)               12.14

Kasidee Eck, Andale (4A)                         12.14

***Kendra Wait, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)     12.15+

***Wynter Ramos, Leavenworth (5A)         12.16

**Faith Turner, Pittsburg (5A)                   12.17

*Jada Davis, BV West (6A)                       12.19

**Eleecya Birney, Hutchinson (6A)             12.20

***Emily Ervin, BV Southwest (5A)             12.21pw

Delaney Shaffer, Olathe NW (6A)              12.21+

**Lajada Owens, Wichita West (6A)           12.24

Lyric Holman, Junction City (6A)               12.25

Addison Herzberg, Wichita East (6A)          12.25

**Andryce Jackson, Hutchinson (6A)           12.25

Mercedes Gassman, Garden Plain (3A)        12.25+

Ellee Eck, Andale (4A)                             12.28

*Jamya O’Quinn, Moundridge (2A)             12.32

***Aneesa Abdul-Hameed, Derby (6A)        12.35

**Emma Ruddle, McPherson (4A)   (12.48+) 12.37w

**Nyla Blagrove, Junction City (6A)            12.38p

Samantha Van Hoecke, Paola (4A)              12.38w

**Clarice Nichols, Wichita Heights (5A)      12.39p

Alli Burke, Valley Center (5A)                   12.39

*Afftin Conway, Osborne (1A)                  12.41w

*Laiten Greeson, Sublette (2A)                  12.42p

**Tori Poe, Norwich (1A)                        12.43

**Kierra Prim, SM West (6A)                    12.44

Macy Omli, Eisenhower (5A)                    12.44

*Lauren Carlson, Council Grove (3A)         12.44+

Haley Jacques, Maize South (5A)                12.45

Lanecia Crosby, Wichita SE (6A)               12.46

***Kendra Wait, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)     12.46

Cydney Bergmann, Concordia (4A)            12.46

**Destyne Frederiksen, Washburn Rural (6A)  12.47

**Blair Sebastian, Wichita NW (6A)           12.53

*Megan Skoch, Seaman (5A)                     12.53

***Evelyn Vazquez, KC Piper (4A)              12.53

**Alleigh Kramer, Nemaha Central (3A)      12.53

Sha’tyria Banks, Manhattan (6A)                 12.55

***Elle Hempy, Blue Valley-OP (6A)           12.56



*Jamya O’Quinn, Moundridge (2A)             11.9h

**Faith Turner, Pittsburg (5A)                   12.5h

Emma Ruddle, McPherson (4A)                 12.5h

Marrit Mead, Santa Fe Trail (4A)                12.5h

Lauren Carlson, Council Grove (3A)          12.5h

Grace Thompson, Sedgwick (3A)               12.5h

Tori Poe, Norwich (1A)                          12.5h

Talia Rawls, Atchison (4A)                       12.6h

Hope Thiel, Remington (3A)                     12.6h

Sanaia Palmquist, Council Grove (3A)         12.6h

Alleigh Kramer, Nemaha Central (3A)         12.6h

Hope Thiel, Remington (3A)                     12.6h

*Afftin Conway, Osborne (1A)                  12.6h

Rachel Miller, Lakeside (1A)                     12.6h




Aarika Lister, Leavenworth (5A)          24.28

   (#9 A-T KS HS)

Christal Mosley, Wichita SE (6A)               24.34p+

   (PR 23.8h, =#3 A-T KS HS, 2018)

   (FAT PR 24.20+p, #5 A-T KS HS, 2017)

*Kalli Anderson, Newton (5A)             24.58p+

   (#14 A-T KS HS, 2017)

*Jada Davis, BV West (6A)                  24.59

   (#14 A-T KS HS)

**Asjah Harris, Lawrence (6A)            24.68

   (#21 A-T KS HS)

***Emily Ervin, BV Southwest (5A)             25.06+

Savannah Simmons, Newton (5A)              25.30

   (PR 24.52, #12 A-T KS HS, 2017)         

*Destiny Ray, SM East (6A)                      25.36

***Wynter Ramos, Leavenworth (5A)         25.36p+

**Tori Poe, Norwich (1A)                        25.50

Lyric Holman, Junction City (6A)               25.66

LoCora Bryant, Great Bend (5A)               25.67

**Sophie Reed, Olathe South (6A)             25.71

*Maddie Righter, Olathe NW (6A)             25.72

*Lauren Carlson, Council Grove (3A)         25.77

*Jamya O’Quinn, Moundridge (2A)             25.79w

***Kendra Wait, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)     25.84p

Delaney Shaffer, Olathe NW (6A)              25.85+

***Isabel Williams, Spring Hill (4A)             25.86+

****Dhakiya Blake, Leavenworth-

                                 Warren MS (8th Gr)   25.87i

Addison Herzberg, Wichita East (6A)          25.90

*Layne Needham, Cheney (3A)                 25.93

***Kendra Wait, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)     25.94+

**Sophie Jones, Paola (4A)                       25.94

**Andryce Jackson, Hutchinson (6A)           25.96

*Paige Baird, Northern Valley (1A)             25.97p

Isabella Hohl, Bishop Carroll (5A)              26.01p+

**Alleigh Kramer, Nemaha Central (3A)      26.01p+

*Cassie Waldschmidt, Ellis (2A)                 26.04

*Rylee Gleason, Kinsley (2A)                    26.10

*Haley Jacques, Maize South (5A)               26.12p+

Taylor Antonowich, Newton (5A)              26.15

**Kierra Prim, SM West (6A)                    26.18

*Allison Engelbert, Norton Comm (3A)       26.18

Amanda Behanna, Smoky Valley (4A)          26.26p+

***Kiley Moorehouse, Gardner-Edger (6A)   26.27p

Emily Salmans, South Gray (1A)                 26.27p

**Faith Turner, Pittsburg (5A)                   26.28

**Slayten Braun, Norton Community (3A)   26.30



Christal Mosley, Wichita SE (6A)         23.8h

   (=#3 A-T KS HS)

Jada Davis, BV West (6A)                        25.3h

***Emily Ervin, BV Southwest (5A)             25.3h

Addie Herzberg, Wichita East (6A)             25.5h

Asjah Harris, Lawrence (6A)                     25.6h

*Jamya O’Quinn, Moundridge (2A)             25.6h

Destiny Ray, SM East (6A)                        25.7h

Isabella Hohl, Bishop Carroll (5A)              25.8h

*Rylee Gleason, Kinsley (2A)                    25.8h

Deanna Miller, Wichita SE (6A)                 25.9h

Clarice Nichols, Wichita Heights (5A)         26.1h

Jordan Hawman, Jefferson West (4A)          26.4h

Sophie Jones, Paola (4A)                          26.4h

Gracie Carr, Independence (4A)                26.4h

Allison Rottinghaus, Nemaha Central (3A)   26.4h




Christal Mosley, Wichita SE (6A)         54.26                                                                               

   (#4 A-T KS HS7)

**Katherine Moore, St James Academy (5A) 56.80

Hope Thiel, Remington (3A)                      56.94

***Wynter Ramos, Leavenworth (5A)         57.70p

***Emily Ervin, BV Southwest (5A)             57.71p

*Evann Seratte, Lawrence (6A)                  57.87

Taylor McGlothlin, Wellington (4A)            58.11

***Kiley Moorehouse, Gardner-Edg (6A)     58.14p

**Sophie Jones, Paola (4A)                       58.15

*Aubry Donley, Lincoln (2A)                    58.17

***Jasmine Patterson, SM West (6A)           58.29p

*Paige Baird, Northern Valley (1A)             58.41

Emily Salmans, South Gray (1A)                 58.59

*Hannah Turner, BV Southwest (5A)          58.60

*Cassie Waldschmidt, Ellis (2A)                 58.62

Taylor Antonowich, Newton (5A)              58.66

Ashley Wurtenberger, St James Acad (5A)   58.70

**Matti Price, Riverton (3A)                     58.72

**Eleecya Birney, Hutchinson (6A)             58.76

*Corinn Searcy, Tonganoxie (4A)               58.98

**Aubrey Dewey, Plainville (2A)                58.98p

Mckenzie Wilks, Pittsburg (5A)                 58.9h

Lyric Holman, Junction City (6A)               59.04

**Hollie Marlow, Parsons (4A)                  59.14

****Dhakiya Blake, Leavenworth-

                                 Warren MS (8th Gr)   59.29i

*Layne Needham, Cheney (3A)                 59.40

*Fallon Russell, Bishop Miege (4A)              59.46p

Emma Gossman, St James Academy (5A)     59.51

**Elise Kaiser, Hesston (3A)                     59.55

*Paige McDaniel, Wellsville (3A)                59.66p

***Aneesa Abdul-Hameed, Derby (6A)        59.67

*Alexi Adams, Oskaloosa (3A)                  59.78p

*Maya Eidman, Chase County (1A)             59.91

**Kellie Rhodes, Kiowa County (2A)          59.93

*Ashlynn Doebele, Burlington (4A)             59.97p

**Samantha Vermetten, Valley Hts (2A)        1:00.07

**Emma Rogers, Sedgwick (3A)                   1:00.09

*Kelsie Kelly, Circle (4A)                           1:00.11

**Kyra Bauer, Hayden (4A)                        1:00.21p

Jordan Hawman, Jeff West (4A)                  1:00.22p

Tori Poe, Norwich (1A)                            1:00.23p

**Lauren Cassady, BV North (6A)               1:00.27

***Sicely Jackson Satanta (1A)                     1:00.34p

***Ashley Stoll, Golden Plains (1A)              1:00.41

*Shawdee Ahmadian, BV Northwest (6A)      1:00.51p

LoCora Bryant, Great Bend (5A)                 1:00.54




**Katie Moore, St James Academy (5A) 2:13.58

   (#15 A-T KS HS)

McKenzie Willks, Pittsburg (5A)            2:14.04

   (#22 A-T KS HS)

*Evann Seratte, Lawrence (6A)                    2:16.09

Sophie Scott, BV North (6A)                      2:16.19

*Sydney Burton, Abilene (4A)                     2:17.49

*Delaney Kemp, Mill Valley (5A)                  2:18.42

Halle Johnson, Bennington (2A)                   2:18.63

*Natalie Beiter, Baldwin (4A)                      2:18.84

**Eleanor Hlobik, SM East (6A)                   2:19.24

**Molly Haymaker, Mill Valley (5A)              2:19.39

*Clara Mayfield, Manhattan (6A)                  2:19.40

*Hannah Wiebe, Andover Central (4A)         2:19.45

*Jessica Peterson, Frontenac (4A)                2:19.47

Molly Born, SM Northwest (6A)                  2:19.52

Madison Fritz, BV Southest (5A)                  2:19.76

*Hannah Stewart, Lawrence (6A)                 2:19.78

Helmi Vuorimaa, Olathe South (6A)             2:19.85

*Emma Hertig, Free State (6A)                    2:20.20

**Hannah Robinson, St James Academy (5A)  2:20.21

Megan Keil, Derby (6A)                            2:20.25

*Paige McDaniel, Wellsville (3A)                  2:20.44

Hannah Rodina, Olathe North (6A)              2:20.49

Riley Beach, BV Northwest (6A)                 2:20.59

**Samantha Vermetten, Valley Hts (2A) (2:26.33)                                                                                2:20.76i

Jilli Jones, St James Academy (5A)                2:20.83

Rebecca Boushelle, Manhattan (6A)              2:21.06i

*Aubry Donley, Lincoln (2A)                      2:21.37

Claire Zarybnicky, Hanover (1A)                 2:21.96

***Molly Ricker, Mill Valley (5A)                  2:22.01

Tara Davis, Nickerson (4A)                        2:22.09

Emily Keeley, Manhattan (6A)                     2:22.11

*Katie Kasunic, SM North (6A)                   2:22.58

**Zoey Schillinger, Olathe North (6A)          2:22.78

**Clara Bartlett, Cimarron (3A)                  2:22.85

Jaybe Shufelberger, Washburn Rural (6A)      2:23.36

Tabetha Deines, Salina Central (5A)             2:23.35

*Lauren DeWitt, BV West (6A)                  2:23.38

Makenzie Tucker, Jeff West (4A)                 2:23.41

**Adell Riedel, TMP-Marian (3A)                 2:23.61

***Gigi Loffredo, BV Southwest (5A)            2:23.90

***Lara Murdock, Colby (3A)                     2:24.04

*Olivia Sovereign, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)    2:24.20



(4:21.72+)  (*Enroute to 1-Mile)




(4:38.28/4:54.93)  (*Enroute to 1-Mile)

 (y = 1-Mile minus 1.7 seconds)

Molly Born, SM Northwest (6A)                  4:54.51

   (PR 4:48.87, #5 A-T KS HS, 2017)

McKenzie Wilks, Pittsburg (5A)            4:56.29

   (#14 A-T KS HS)

Sophie Scott, BV North (6A)                4:59.12

   (#19 A-T KS HS)

***Riley Beach, BV Northwest (6A)              5:02.22

*Clara Mayfield, Manhattan (6A)                  5:02.66

**Sarah Murrow, St James Academy (5A)       5:06.01

***Taylor Briggs, Chapman (4A)                  5:09.06

*Delaney Kemp, Mill Valley  (5A)                 5:09.45

Halle Johnson, Bennington (2A)                   5:11.28

*Lily Strauss, BV North (6A)                      5:11.99

*Claire Fuhlhage, Olathe North (6A)            5:12.61

*Jaybe Shufelberger, Washburn Rural (6A)     5:14.56

**Hannah Robinson, St James Academy (5A)  5:14.83

Alissa Sanchez, Junction City (6A)                5:15.20

Ingrid Worth, SM East (6A)                        5:16.41

Michelle Sanchez, Junction City (6A)             5:16.49

*Olivia Sovereign, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)    5:16.90

Abigail Stewart, Emporia (5A)                     5:18.30

*Helen Giefer, Trego Community (2A)         5:18.56

*Katherine Henry, BV Northwest (6A)         5:18.69

***Mary O’Connor, St James Academy (5A)   5:19.83

Hannah Honeyman, Santa Fe Trail (4A)         5:20.08

***Jenna Mullen, Olathe West (5A)              5:20.45

Britton Nelson, Mill Valley (5A)                   5:20.65

Destini Eskridge, Maize South (5A)              5:21.01

*Katie Kasunic, SM North (6A)                   5:21.47

Hannah Rodina, Olathe North (6A)              5:21.71

Abigail Zitter, Christ Prep (x)                     5:21.76

*Kalea Chu, BV West (6A)                        5:22.21

Hannah Stewart, Lawrence (6A)                  5:22.67

*Paige McDaniel, Wellsville (3A)                  5:23.3h

**Sophie Call, BV West (6A)                      5:24.24

***Jaycee Vath, Lincoln (2A)                       5:24.45

Bri Hulse, Winfield (4A)                            5:24.59

Averi Wilson, Anderson County (4A)           5:24.76

Carson Pierce, Maize (5A)                         5:25.02

**Samantha Vermetten, Valley Heights (2A0   5:25.20

Emiy Keeley, Manhattan (6A)                      5:25.21

***Ella Beth, Fort Scott (4A)                       5:25.49

1A: Clarie Zarbynicky, Hanover (1A)            5:36.98




*Clara Mayfield, Manhattan (6A)                  5:09.01i

McKenzie Willks, Pittsburg (5A)                  5:09.83i

Rebecca Boushelle, Manhattan (6A)              5:17.87i

*Sarah Murrow, St James Academy (5A)        5:20.73i

*Delaney Kemp, Mill Valley (5A)                  5:23.16i

*Olivia Sovereign, St Th-Aquinas (5A)           5:26.10i

Anna Martin, Blue Valley North (6A)            5:26.51i

*Faith Little, Jackson Heights (2A)                5:28.78i

*Erin Topham, Berean Academy (2A)           5:34.80i

Sophie Scott, BV North (6A)                     

   (PR 4:59.17, #8 A-T KS HS, 2017)




*Clara Mayfield, Manhattan (6A)                10:33.20i

*Delaney Kemp, Mill Valley (5A)                10:50.00i

Destini Eskridge, Maize South (4A)             11:01.22i

**Renee Trout, Independence (4A)            11:20.15i

**Aria Sheldon, Maize (5A)                       11:21.68I

*Faith Little, Jackson Heights (2A)              11:30.80i

Emilee Endsley, Wichita East (6A)              11:51.27i

*Claire Lieb, Trinity Academy (4A)             11:51.50i

Molly Born, SM Northwest (6A)                                                                                                    

   (PR 9:32.75, #1 A-T KS HS, 2016)




(y = 2-miles minus 3.4 sec)

Molly Born, SM Northwest (6A)                10:28.80                                                                            

   (PR 10:07.96y, #1 A-T KS HS, 2016)

Sophie Scott, BV North (6A)               10:49.50

   (#20 A-T KS HS)

McKenzie Wilks, Pittsburg (5A)           10:50.19

   (#22 A-T KS HS)

***Riley Beach, BV Northwest (6A)            10:55.71

**Sarah Murrow, St James Academy (5A)     11:01.75

***Taylor Briggs, Chapman (4A)                11:03.78

*Clara Mayfield, Manhattan (6A)                11:05.94

*Lily Strauss, BV North (6A)                     11:07.02

***Mary O’Connor, St James Academy (5A) 11:08.88

Claire Fuhlhage, Olathe North (6A)            11:10.61

Jenna Mullen, Olathe West (5A)                11:11.07

Destini Eskridge, Maize South (5A)             11:12.30

Delaney Kemp, Mill Valley (5A)                 11:12.73

*Helen Giefer, Trego Community (2A)        11:13.24

*Katie Kasunic, SM North (6A)                 11:14.80

Britton Nelson, Mill Valley (5A)                 11:16.42

Abigail Stewart, Emporia (5A)                   11:21.12

*Jaybe Shufelberger, Washburn Rural (6A)   11:21.32

**Aimee Davis, Clearwater (4A)                11:22.15

**Sarah Whitaker, Olathe North (6A)         11:25.81

Halle Johnson, Bennington (2A)                 11:30.83

Cassie Raines, SM North (6A)                   11:32.83

Hannah Honeyman, Santa Fe Trail (4A)       11:32.86

*Kalea Chu, BV West (6A)                       11:33.52

***Darian Hudgeons, Paola (4A)                11:34.49

Paxsten Eads, Fort Scott (4A)                   11:37.40

*Julia Larkin, Free State (6A)                     11:38.76

**Morgan Koca, Mill Valley (5A)                11:40.63

**Sophie Call, BV West (6A)                    11:40.71

***Jaycee Vath, Lincoln (2A)                     11:41.59

*Clarie Winter, Bishop Carroll (5A)           11:42.52

*** Alexa Rios, Maize South (5A)               11:43.37

**Hannah Burks, Beloit (3A)                     11:43.65

***Jenna Mullen, Olathe West (5A)            11:44.01

**Ella Rosenkranz, Manhattan (6A)             11:44.07

Renee Trout, Independence (4A)               11:44.61

Brianna Hulse, Winfield (4A)                    11:45.80

Hannah Nuest, Buhler (4A)                      11:45.85

1A: **Autumn Princ, Sylvan Unified (1A)      11:56.45




*Molly Born, SM Northwest (6A)                                                                                                  

   (PR 10:11.36, #1 A-T KS HS, 2016)






**Emma Ruddle, McPherson (4A)        14.36+

   (#14 A-T KS HS, 2017 & 2018)

**Elysia Kunkler, Iola (4A)                   14.41pw

   (#15 A-T KS HS)

*Kienna Newman, Junction City (6A)          14.65pw

Rachel Miller, Lakeside (1A)                     14.66

Janae Wren, Hutchinson (6A)                   14.75w

*Maggie Remsberg, Newton (5A)               14.75

Abby Smarsh, Andale (4A)                       14.86p

*Tori McGinnis, Circle (4A)                      14.99

Autumn Hanna, Maize (5A)                      15.05

*Afftin Conway, Osborne (1A)                  15.05p+

*Kindel Nordhus, Bishop Carroll (5A)         15.08

*Paige Baird, Northern Valley (1A)             15.08

*Rylee Gleason, Kinsley (2A)                    15.12p

Mariah Murdie, Jeff West (4A)                   15.13pw

***Sophie Francis, Chaparral (3A)              15.15

*Layne Needham, Cheney (3A)                  15.18p+

***Lauren Heck, BV Southwest (5A)           15.26w

**Lidia DiLollo, Andover (5A)                   15.31

Taya Wilson, Sterling (3A)                       15.37+

*Savana Wilson, Dodge City (6A)              15.38

Alexus Edwards, Sterling (3A)                   15.40

Cameryn Thomas, Free State (6A)             15.42

*Kloie McIntyre, Herington (2A)                15.42+

**Avery Howard, McPherson (4A)             15.43

Aziza Patillo, Paola (4A)                           15.43

*Teresa Engelbrecht, Bishop Carroll (5A)     15.45pw

***Kaiya McKie, Olathe North (6A)            15.47w

Cydney Bergmann, Concordia (4A)            15.55p

***Amiah Simmons, BV Southwest (5A)       15.56+

*Ashlynn Aikins, Erie (3A)                        15.56

**Alexandra Hart, Rolla (1A)                    15.56

*Tricia Hokanson, Bucklin (1A)                 15.59

*Sierra Jackson, Topeka West (5A)            15.64w

Jade Osborn, Olathe NW (6A)                  15.71

*Macy McKee, Olathe NW (6A)                15.73

**Jersey Kaiser, Plainville (2A)                   15.75

**Kenisa Meyer, Valley Center (5A)            15.79p

***Emma Green Moundridge (2A)              15.79p+

*Brea Turner, Olathe North (6A)              15.80



Rachel Miller, Lakeside (1A)                     14.9h

**Elysia Kunkler, Iola (4A)                        15.1h

Lexi Edwards, Sterling (3A)                      15.1h

*Rylee Gleason, Kinsley (2A)                    15.2h

Emma Ruddle, McPherson (4A)                 15.3h

Avery Howard, McPherson (4A)                15.3h

Mariah Murdie, Jefferson West (4A)           15.3h

Taya Wilson, Sterling (3A)                       15.3h

Sophie Francis, Chaparral (3A)                  15.3h

Kloie McIntyre, Herington (2A)                 15.6h




*Rylee Gleason, Kinsley (2A)                    44.62

*Kindel Nordhus, Bishop Carroll (5A)         44.64

Abby Smarsh, Andale (4A)                       44.73

*Afftin Conway, Osborne (1A)                  44.86

*Taylor Savolt, Garden City (6A)               45.05

*Layne Needham, Cheney (3A)                 45.34

*Paige Baird, Northern Valley (1A)             45.35

*Kienna Newman, Junction City (6A)          45.40

Kate Allen, Heritage Christian (2A)            45.55

*Maggie Remsberg, Newton (5A)               45.57

**Carlee Gassman, Lousiburg (4A)             45.68

Taya Wilson, Sterling (3A)                       45.7h

***Sian Helfrich, Pratt (4A)                       45.90

**Dani Winslow, Olathe South (6A)           45.96

Janeia Wren, Hutchinson (6A)                   46.10

***Sophie Francis, Chaparral (3A)              46.16

*Jakaila Morgan, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)     46.32

***Shelby Butterfield, Shawnee Heights (5A) 46.33

**Shelby Cox, Andale (4A)                       46.33p

*Rachel Stephan, Girard (4A)                    46.38

Kate Allen, Heritage Christian (2A)            46.41p

Abby Ogle, Baldwin (4A)                         46.47p

***Kerington Haxton, Smoky Valley (4A)     46.49

*Tori McGinnis, Circle (4A)                      46.58

Abigail Good, Council Grove (3A)             46.7h

**Chloe Stanley, Bennington (2A)              46.83

***Regan Ast, Ingalls (1A)                        46.95

*Sierra Jackson, Topeka West (5A)            47.14

Cameryn Thomas, Free State (6A)             47.16

***Lauren Heck, BV Southwest (5A)           47.23

Cydney Bergmann, Concordia (4A)            47.27

*Tricia Hokanson, Bucklin (1A)                 47.2h

***Emily Jensik, Republic County (2A)         47.30p

**Christian Sponsel, Bishop Carroll (5A)      47.32

*Kynzie Underwood, Wamego (4A)           47.33

**Elizabeth Holmes, Abilene (4A)               47.37p

***Sarah Peerico, Bishop Miege (4A)           47.38

Emily Smith, Scott Community (3A)            47.42

Evan Zars, Mill Valley (5A)                       47.51

Macy McKee, Olathe NW (6A)                 47.53

**Elysia Kunkler, Iola (4A)                        47.53

Baylee Holecek, Ness City (2A)                 47.5h

**Adrie Nordhus, Bishop Carroll (5A)        47.61

***Brooklyn Schaffer, Hays (4A)                47.64







2,000 M STEEPLECHASE                


Abby Stewart, Emporia (5A)                 7:44.31

   (#7 A-T KS HS)

Gabby Collins, DeSoto (5A)                  7:52.11

   (#8 A-T KS HS)

Carson Pierce, Maize (5A)                    7:52.34

   (#9 A-T KS HS)

**Aria Sheldon, Maize (5A)                   7:55.16

   (#11 A-T KS HS)

Rylea Oliver, Basehor-Linwood (4A)      8:02.17

   (#19 A-T KS HS)

Lindsay Rowatt, SM North (6A)                  8:04.92                                                                         &nb
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