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SIK: 2017-2018 1,000/1,500/2,000 Point Scorers Club

Tristan Gegg of Labette County went over 2,000 points this season.
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
Mar 29, 2018

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Below are current basketball players (2017-2018 season) that have over 1,000-1,500-2,000 points in their high school careers. To report  someone not on here this year or an update to a new level of points - email Chet Kuplen, Managing Partner of Sports in Kansas, at sportsinkansas@gmail.com. PLAYERS ON LIST ARE ELGIBLE TO ORDER a  1,000-1,500-2,000 point patch by emailing sportsinkansas@gmail.com

Kansas High School Boys Basketball Current 1,000+ point scorers 

Israel Barnes, Wichita Southeast (6A), Senior

Keifer Brewer, Sedan (2A), Senior

Lucas Briar, Sterling (3A), Senior

Cevin Clark, Ark City (4A-I), Junior

Koriyon Carr, Topeka West (5A), Senior

Brendan Doherty, St. Paul (1A-I), Senior

Noah Eicehlberger, Moundridge (2A), Senior 

Drew Ellis, Mulvane (4A-I), Junior

Marque English, Pittsburg (5A), Senior

Chase Fisher, St. John (1A-I), Senior

Bo Gooch, Belle Plaine (3A), Junior

Mason Griffin, Silver Lake (3A), Junior

Garrett Hall, Galena (4A-II), Senior

Ty Hagan, Tyro Christian (Non-KSHSAA), Junior

Caleb Jordan, Sacred Heart (2A), Senior

Aaron King, Yates Center (2A), Junior

Ian King, Wellington (4A-I), Senior

Braden Leitner, Atwood Rawlins Co. (1A-I), Senior

Hunter Lewis, West Franklin (3A), Senior

Cade Miller, West Elk (2A), Senior

Chandler Ostmeyer, Wheatland/Grinnell (1A-II), Senior

Gilbert Peters, South Gray (1A-I), Senior 

Nick Reinert, Smoky Valley (4A-II), Senior 

Magic Reliford, Labette County (4A-I), Senior

Damon Schmidt, Olpe (2A), Senior

Easton Slipke, Hoxie (2A), Senior

A.J. Snipes, Wellington (4A-I), Senior

Jake Thompson, Burlingame (2A), Senior 

Martin Vogts, Rock Creek (4A-II), Senior

Kylar Walker, Sedan (2A), Senior

Nick Withington, Atwood Rawlins Co. (1A-I), Senior

Boys 1,500+ point scorers           

Tate Busse, St. Francis (2A), Senior

Brandon Gray, Jayhawk Linn (3A), Senior

Ben Pyle, McPherson (4A-I), Senior

Dylan Vincent, Eisenhower (5A), Senior

Girls  1,000+ point scorers

Cydney Bergmann, Concordia (4A-II), Senior

Kennedy Brown, Derby (6A), Junior

Morgan Bolen, Hartford (1A-II), Senior

Hannah Brandl, Greeley Co. (1A-II), Senior

Sydnee Crain, Girard (4A-II), Senior

Macy Doebele, Hanover (1A-I), Junior

Chesney Downing, Atchison (4A-I), Senior

Sydney Dwyer, Wellsville (3A), Senior

Emilee Ebert, Frankfort (1A-I), Junior

Katie Glatzcak, Centralia (1A-I), Senior

Haven Hamilton, Stockton (1A-I), Senior

Eden Heibert, Goessell (2A), Senior

Lindsey Heim, Pleasant Ridge (2A), Junior

Brooke Lansford, BV West (5A), Senior

Laura Macke, Nemaha Central (3A), Senior

Zoe Marshall, Pleasanton (2A), Senior 

Faith Martin, Mission Valley (2A), Senior 

Katelin O'Brien, St. Paul (1A-I), Senior

Abby Ogle, Baldwin (4A-II), Senior

Emily Ryan, Central Plains (2A), Sophomore

Karsen Schultz, Wabaunsee (2A), Senior         

Claira Spurgeon, Lyndon (2A), Senior

Serena Weledji, Aquinas (5A), Senior

Sydney Wilson, Olathe East (6A), Senior

Kirsten Young, Burlington (4A-II), Junior

Girls 1,500+ point scorers

Taylor Robertson, McPherson (4A-I), Senior

Kayla Smith, Valley Heights (2A), Senior

Brianna Vogts, Olpe (2A), Senior

Girls 2,000+ point scorers

Tristan Gegg, Labette County (4A-I), Senior

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