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Faces in KS: Josh Seabolt

Josh Seabolt of Cimarron is one of the states top multiple sport athletes. (Joey Bahr Photography)
By: Sports in Kansas - Sean Boston
Jan 5, 2018

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As a three-sport athlete at Cimarron High School, Josh Seabolt has made the most of being a multi-sport athlete for the Bluejays. The senior competes and excels in football, wrestling and golf during the academic school year for the 3A school in western Kansas.

Seabolt was a key factor for the Bluejays football season throughout his high school career and helped guide the team to a 7-3 record this past fall at running back and linebacker. Seabolt compiled over 1,500 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns, but was even more dominant on the defensive side of the ball with 106 tackles to lead the team. Cimarron also featured KSU signee Jaylen Pickle, one of the states top recruits for 2018. After Seabolt hung up the football pads for the final time as a Bluejay, he picked up the wrestling singlet in preparation for his senior year on the mat.

Seabolt has already excelled on the mat this season, winning all three tournaments that he has competed in. That’s not surprising for anyone that has followed Seabolt’s wrestling career, as he is the defending 3-2-1A state champion at 182 pounds. Seabolt finished his junior year with a 39-1 record and is currently 106-11 in his high school career on the mat. Seabolt says that it’s hard to not take his wrestling skills to an opposing running back on the football field, but knows it’d be a penalty, so he lays off a little. The senior is off to another hot start on the mat with a number one ranking at 195 pounds in 3-2-1A and will try to make it back-to-back state titles in late February. When the wrestling season wraps up, Seabolt will put the singlet away and will bring out the clubs and head to the course.

Although golf might not be Seabolt’s favorite sport, it’s something for him to do and keep him busy in the small town of Cimarron. The senior enjoys golf, because it gives him time with his friends that doesn’t always have to be so serious, as he can joke around with the guys on the course. The game of golf is also 75 percent or more mental, so it challenges Seabolt to use his brain to play the course to his best ability.

Seabolt grew up in Cimarron, which is located west of Dodge City at the intersection of Highway 50 and Highway 23. The town is home to about 2,000 people and isn’t your typical small town, because of the intersection of the two highways, the town has a Sonic and Subway for travelers to access easily off of the highway. Seabolt has enjoyed growing up in Cimarron and is appreciative of all the support that the little town offers.

Seabolt, who was selected to play in the 2018 Kansas Shrine Bowl in Pittsburg in late December, plans on playing football at the collegiate level and will major in engineering/business management.


This feature is presented by Triple 8 Trucking, LLC, proud to support Josh Seabolt and Cimarron High School Athletics. Best of luck to Josh in 2018. 


Q&A w/ Seabolt

1) Talk a little bit about your senior year on the football field, I know 7-3 isn't what you wanted to finish, but a lot of great moments for this team during the season.

                This year was full of changes. We started the year with a new coach and a new system.  We overcame many obstacles and came together not only as a team, but as a family.  One of my greatest memories this year was being able to play side by side with my little brother, with our dad on the sidelines as an assistant coach.

2) You finished this season with over 1,500 yards rushing and 17 TD's, what was that like for you?

                It was a grind. All the success that I had this year carrying the ball is credited to the offensive line. They got better every day and really opened holes and cut back lanes for me to run in.

3) You also had 106 tackles on the defensive side, so if you could only pick one side of the ball to play on, which would it be?

                I would have to pick defense.  I love commanding the defense.

4) How does playing football help transition into wrestling?

                It mostly helps during the off season. Lifting weights and becoming stronger can really determine your success on the wrestling mat. Football also helps with is conditioning and balance.

5) How is wrestling season going so far?

                It’s going good.  I have won each of the three tournaments that we’ve had this year.  But there is half of the season left, which means there is a lot of hard work left to do.  

6) Have you ever wanted to throw down a RB from an opposing team and pin him on the ground like you would in wrestling?

                Actually, the opportunity to five point throw someone has presented itself many times. I have to refrain myself from throwing someone because it is a penalty.

7) What's your favorite move on your opponent in wrestling?

                I really don’t have a favorite move, but I really love to wrestle on my feet.

8) Have you always lived in Cimarron? If so, what's it been like growing up there?

                Yes. The community is behind every athlete, no matter the sport, 100%.

9) What're your plans for next year?

                I plan to play football at the next level,  I’m not quite sure where yet though. I plan on majoring in engineering/ business management.

10) What's one thing most people don't know about you?

                I am a huge outdoorsman.  I love to hunt deer, pheasants, turkey, and quail. Also, I love to fish.

11) How has playing multiple sports in high school helped you throughout your sports career?

                It keeps you focused. When you take a season off from any sport, you have down time. Down time is bad for athletes that are trying to get better or are trying to achieve their goals.

12) At what age did you get involved with wrestling? Football?

                I started wrestling when I was 4 yrs old. I was 8 when I began playing tackle football, but from day one you could always find me holding a football in my hands.  

13) What's your career record in wrestling?

                My high school career record is 106-11.

14) What will it take for another state title this year on the mat?

                Preparation and Respect. Preparing and conditioning my body and my moves are a key part of being successful this year. Always respect your opponents regardless of records.


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