Sharp Performance Football Combine in Salina on May 14th

Combine will be Saturday May 14th in Salina.
By: Sports in Kansas
May 5, 2016

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Former University of Kansas standout running back and Salina Central alum, Jake Sharp, now owner of Sharp Performance in Salina, is having the Midwest High School Combine at Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina on Saturday May 14th for high school football players.

"We started Sharp Performance with a goal in mind to help young athletes. It's for anyone who wants to get exposure and anyone who wants to get a combine experience under their belt. The main thing is we wanted to give every kid an opportunity and that's why we have made it free for anyone to attend." Sharp said. 

The combine will have athlete check-in at 9:00am-10am on Saturday May 14th at the Kansas Wesleyan Gymanisum in Salina. Introductions will take place at 10am followed by athlete testing that begins at 10:30 am. Following testing, athletes will have the opportunity to participate in position drills on offense and defense, which are 30 minutes a piece.

Several media outlets across the state of Kansas will also be present for this combine event. Chet Kuplen, Managing Partner of Sports in Kansas and John Baetz, Editor of Kansas Pregame, will be there to conduct media coverage with interviews, videos, and live tweets of top performers. In addition, Sharp expects many writers and reporters from different publications to be there.

"It's a great opportunity for guys like myself to cover a lot of high school athletes in one place at one time. Every year I go to state track and walk away knowing stuff about multiple kids I had never heard of before. It is so much different when you actually get to see a kid in person, rather than watching online/game film or talking to them in person rather than over twitter or text. I cover football recruiting as closely as anyone in the state of Kansas and it will definitely give me a better idea of what or who to suggest in promoting kids. It's also a great way for me to know about kids to have on our players to watch list, future articles etc. It's all about opportunities and this combine is a great one for high school football players. Unfortunately high school players 10-15 years ago didn't have these type of opportunities that kids do now." Kuplen said. 

In addition to the media coverage and instruction from Sharp, several former Kansas high school football stars will be in attendance as coaches including Braden Wilson (Smith Center/KSU/Chiefs), Tanner Wood (Conway Springs/KSU), Trent Tanking (Holton/KSU), Jonathan Truman (Kapaun/KSU), Curry Sexton (Abilene/KSU), Ryan Willis (Miege/KU), Ryan Schadler (Hesston/KU) and David Leonard (SM West/Wyoming).

"Our lineup of current and former division one and pro athletes will be able to share their experiences with you and help you understand what it takes to succeed now, and in the future." Sharp said.

For more information on the Midwest High School Football Combine visit Sharp Performance online here.