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Track in KS: 2016 Girls State Leaderboard (Field Events)

Field Event Leaders for girls T&F 2016.
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
May 17, 2016

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Shot Put      
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Roberts Newton 46-11.50 5A Heights
Hopkins Mill Valley 45-02.50 5A Lansing
Lavington Cheney 45-01.50 3A Cimarron
Bennett Baldwin 44-05.00 4A Eudora
Dalinghaus Nemaha Central 43-11.50 3A Royal Valley
Latimer Valley Center 43-02.00 5A Heights
Speer Dighton 43-00.50 1A Garden City
Same Wichita East 42-03.75 6A Free State
Rodriguez Hutchinson 42-01.50 6A Garden City
Kakoulias Andover Central 41-10.00 4A Winfield
Androff Gardner Edgerton 41-08.75 6A Olathe East
Johnson Beloit 41-07.25 3A Lyons
Stamps Salina South 40-09.00 5A Heights
Batchman Sylvan 40-07.00 1A Phillipsburg
Simons Emporia 40-05.75 5A Heights
Parks Goddard 40-02.00 5A Liberal
Miller Hill City 40-00.50 2A Hill City
Smith Andover Central 39-08.00 4A Winfield
Tweed Jeff Co. North 39-07.00 2A Valley Hts
Bynum  Hutchinson 39-03.00 6A Garden City
Walter Free State 39-02.00 6A Free State
Grevin Logan 38-11.50 1A Phillipsburg
Vermetten Valley Heights 38-10.50 2A Valley Hts
Swift Chase Co. 38-10.50 2A Lyndon
Upton SM Northwest 38-10.00 6A Olathe East
McMains Rose Hill 38-08.00 4A Winfield
Hennerberg Washington Co. 38-07.25 2A Valley Hts
Warren Great Bend 38-06.75 5A Liberal
Schwab Goddard 38-05.50 5A Liberal
Sorrell Labette Co. 38-04.00 4A Winfield
Lachenmayer Newton 38-04.00 5A Heights
Fritts Ness City 38-04.00 2A Ellinwood
Johnson Tonganoxie 38-02.50 4A Eudora
Schweda Baldwin 38-01.00 4A Eudora
Rhodes Augusta 38-01.00 4A Winfield
Ball Santa Fe Trail 38-01.00 4A Chanute
Baldeh Olathe South 38-01.00 6A Olathe East
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Miller Hill City 158-00 2A Hill City
Roberts Newton 143-09 5A Heights
Kehl Baldwin 143-06 4A Eudora
Gartner Hiawatha 138-09 3A Royal Valley
Muff Pittsburg 138-03 5A Pittsburg
Baker Olathe South 137-05 6A Olathe East
Rodriguez Hutchinson 136-07 6A Garden City
Johnson Beloit 135-06 3A Lyons
Hills Maize 133-02 5A Liberal
Lavington Cheney 132-00 3A Cimarron
Latimer Valley Center 131-05 5A Heights
Womack SM West 131-03 6A Olathe East
Hertzet Marion 130-11 3A Lyons
Orth Andale 129-00 4A Holcomb
Sitas SM Northwest 128-05 6A Olathe East
Dalinghaus Nemaha Central 126-11 3A Royal Valley
Vermetten Valley Heights 126-03 2A Valley Hts
Bollinger Pittsburg 126-01 5A Pittsburg
Brower Rose Hill 123-11 4A Winfield
Pomatto Paola 122-08 4A Chanute
Sorrell Labette Co. 122-07 4A Winfield
Webb  St. James 122-05 5A Pittsburg
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Gray St. James 156-01 5A Pittsburg
Kehl Baldwin 150-04 4A Eudora
Orth Andale 148-10 4A Holcomb
Webb  St. James 146-09 5A Pittsburg
Fritts Ness City 145-10 2A Ellinwood
Hubert Beloit 145-03.75 3A Lyons
Smith St. Johns Beloit 140-02 1A Frankfort
Brown Ark City 139-00 5A Liberal
Gardiner Goddard 138-07.75 5A Liberal
Dalinghaus Nemaha Central 138-06 3A Royal Valley
Henry Waverly 137-11 1A Burden
Goodrich MDCV 137-08 1A Frankfort
Latimer Valley Center 136-11 5A Heights
Kakoulias Andover Central 135-01.75 4A Winfield
Vanette Campus 133-06 6A Garden City
Baker Olathe North 133-05 6A Olathe East
Misak Conway Springs 132-07 3A Cimarron
Lueger Centralia 131-11 1A Frankfort
Stamps Salina South 131-10 5A Heights
Bremer Baldwin 131-05 4A Eudora
Ricke Attica 128-07 1A Garden City
Pittman Aquinas 127-11 5A Pittsburg
Brummet Lakeside 127-10 1A Phillipsburg
Kuehl Paola 127-08 4A Chanute
Macke Centralia 127-06 1A Frankfort
Heft Kiowa Co. 127-04 2A Ellinwood
Basore Centre 127-03 1A Frankfort
Baker Olathe North 126-08 6A Olathe East
Vaughn Frankfort 126-03 1A Frankfort
Casley  Girard 125-11 4A Chanute
High Jump      
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Corimer Washburn Rural 5-06.00 6A Free State
Ivey Sacred Heart 5-06.00 2A Hill City
Kragel Olathe South 5-06.00 6A Olathe East
Vanbuskirk BV Northwest 5-06.00 6A Blue Valley
Wilson Sterling 5-06.00 3A Lyons
Joseph Wichita SE 5-06.00 6A Free State
Arnold Wichita NW 5-05.75 6A Garden City
Long Paola 5-05.00 4A Chanute
Righter Olathe North 5-05.00 6A Olathe East
Stindt SM East 5-05.00 6A Blue Valley
Whealy Chaparral 5-05.00 3A Cimarron
Richey Wichita East 5-05.00 6A Free State
Wells Shawnee Hts 5-04.25 5A Lansing
Cooks McPherson 5-04.00 4A Holcomb
Rollins Chanute 5-04.00 4A Chanute
Line Lakin 5-04.00 3A Cimarron
Eckman Mill Valley 5-04.00 5A Pittsburg
Henry Waverly 5-04.00 1A Burden
Ohlde Linn 5-04.00 1A Frankfort
George Hays 5-04.00 4A Holcomb
Deters Axtell 5-04.00 1A Frankfort
Linenberger Garden City 5-04.00 6A Garden City
Klozenbucher La Crosse 5-04.00 1A Phillipsburg
Dykes Lawrence 5-04.00 6A Olathe East
Fisher Olathe NW 5-04.00 6A Olathe East
Elliott Trinity 5-04.00 4A Winfield
Waldman Wheatland/Grin 5-04.00 1A Phillipsburg
Ritsema Lakin 5-04.00 3A Cimarron
Thomas Mill Valley 5-04.00 5A Pittsburg
Pittman Aquinas 5-04.00 5A Pittsburg
Mattheyer Ellis 5-04.00 2A Hill City
Young Emporia 5-03.00 5A Heights
Easter Andale 5-03.00 4A Holcomb
Bird SM Northwest 5-03.00 6A Olathe East
Walther Andale 5-03.00 4A Holcomb
Barbosa Olathe South 5-03.00 6A Olathe East
Saunders Valley Heights 5-03.00 2A Valley Hts
Runnion Valley Center 5-03.00 5A Heights
Long Jump      
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Williams SM Northwest 19-03.00 6A Olathe East
Eckels Wichita Southeast 19-01.75 6A Free State
Bolden Andover Central 18-11 4A El Dorado
Floyd Emporia 18-09.50 5A Heights
Turner Olathe East 18-05 6A Olathe East
Fisher Olathe NW 18-05 6A Olathe East
Heidel Belle Plaine 18-03 3A Cimarron
Severa Lawrence 18-02.50 6A Olathe East
Barret McPherson 18-02.25 4A Holcomb
Cole Andover Central 18-01 4A El Dorado
Stycker Independence 18-00 4A Chanute
Mattingly Haven 18-00 4A Holcomb
Hopkins Maize 17-11.75 5A Liberal
Jackson Eisenhower 17-10 5A Liberal
Suenram McPherson 17-09 4A Holcomb
Posey Topeka 17-07.50 6A Free State
Werner Plainville 17-06.50 2A Hill City
Bradshaw Dodge City 17-06 6A Garden City
Kueser Anderson Co. 17-05.5 4A Chanute
Bowen Leavenworth 17-05 5A Lansing
Thomas Free State 17-05 6A Free State
Damon Eisenhower 17-04.75 5A Liberal
Gfeller Russell 17-04.25 3A Lyons
Reeves Valley Center 17-03.50 5A Heights
Savolt Garden City 17-03.50 6A Garden City
Schwerdtfeger Emporia 17-03.50 5A Heights
Little Chapman 17-03.25 4A Winfield
Deters Axtell 17-03 1A Frankfort
Stindt SM Northwest 17-03 6A Blue Valley
Smith Valley Heights 17-02.75 2A Valley Hts
Edwards Paola 17-02 4A Chanute
Romig Waverly 17-02 1A Burden
Green Salina Central 17-02 5A Heights
Ukoefreso Wichita East 17-01.25 6A Free State
Meyers Miege 17-01.00 4A Eudora
Eck Andale 17-00.75 4A Holcomb
Weyer Valley Heights 17-00.50 2A Valley Hts
Harris Newton 17-00.25 5A Heights
Vincze Andover Central 17-00.00 4A Winfield
Thimesch Garden Plain 17-00.00 3A Cimarron
Hanigan Garden City 17-00 6A Garden City
Remsberg Newton 17-00 5A Heights
Triple Jump      
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Hernandez Emporia 39-01.50 5A Heights
Eckels Wichita Southeast 38-06.50 6A Free State
Turner Olathe East 38-02.50 6A Olathe East
Stindt SM East 38-00.50 6A Blue Valley
Damon Eisenhower 37-10.25 5A Liberal
Barret McPherson 37-10 4A Holcomb
Fisher Olathe Northwest 37-09.50 6A Olathe East
Murdie Jeff West 37-08 4A Eudora
Suenram McPherson 37-07 4A Holcomb
Smith Valley Heights 37-06 2A Valley Hts
Turner Pittsburg 37-06 5A Pittsburg
Doll Flint Hills 37-05 1A Burden
Harris Newton 37-04.50 5A Heights
Kakoulias Andover Central 37-01 4A El Dorado
Floyd Emporia 36-11.75 5A Heights
Bradshaw Dodge City 36-10.50 6A Garden City
Heidel Belle Plaine 36-08.50 3A Cimarron
Savolt Garden City 36-08.50 6A Garden City
Gfeller Russell 36-08.50 3A Lyons
Thimesch Garden Plain 36-07.75 3A Cimarron
Goering McPherson 36-05 4A Holcomb
White Silver Lake 36-03.50 3A Royal Valley
Schrader Herington 36-03 2A Valley Hts
Ukoefreso Wichita East 36-02 6A Free State
Burton Ellis 36-01.50 2A Hill City
Behrends Beloit 36-01.00 3A Lyons
Fallon Washburn Rural 36-00.50 6A Free State
Hayes Wichita Heights 36-00 5A Heights
Pole Vault      
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Williams Concordia 12-02.75 4A Holcomb
Hicks Free State 12-00.00 6A Free State
Turner Salina Central 11-09.00 5A Heights
Eck Andale 11-07.00 4A Holcomb
Clampitt DeSoto 11-06.00 4A Eudora
Kelly-Salo SM Northwest 11-06.00 6A Olathe East
Buller Goddard 11-06.00 5A Liberal
Vanhoecke Paola 11-01.00 4A Chanute
Wheeler Kapaun 11-00.00 5A Liberal
Lanman SM North 11-00.00 6A Blue Valley
Jackson Eisenhower 11-00.00 5A Liberal
Lillich Abilene 11-00.00 4A Winfield
Smarsh Andale 11-00.00 4A Holcomb
Magby Maize 11-00.00 5A Liberal
Baumgartner Nemaha Central 10-09.00 3A Royal Valley
Beitzinger Pittsburg 10-08.00 5A Pittsburg
Stohs Marysville 10-06.00 3A Royal Valley
Smith Gardner Edgerton 10-06.00 6A Olathe East
Scott Republic Co. 10-06.00 2A Valley Hts
Utech SM Northwest 10-06.00 6A Olathe East
Meyer BV North 10-06.00 6A Blue Valley
Huhman Kingman 10-06.00 4A Holcomb
Coker SM West 10-06.00 6A Olathe East
Franz Hillsboro 10-06.00 2A Lyndon
Fowles Clay Center 10-06.00 4A Eudora
Spangler Beloit 10-06.00 3A Lyons
See Weskan 10-06.00 1A Phillipsburg
VanPelt Beloit 10-06.00 3A Lyons
Smith Andale 10-02.75 4A Holcomb
Reichenberger Pratt 10-02.00 4A Holcomb
Bergan Baldwin 10-02.00 4A Eudora
Robbins Eisenhower 10-01.75 5A Liberal
Ricke Attica 10-01.00 1A Garden City
Paul Beloit 10-01.00 3A Lyons
Clark Wichita East 10-01.00 6A Free State
Linn Carroll 10-00.00 5A Liberal
Goza Aquinas 10-00.00 5A Pittsburg
Poague Salina Central 10-00.00 5A Heights
Buie Gardner Edgerton 10-00.00 6A Olathe East
Robbins Eisenhower 10-00.00 5A Liberal
Gerber Garden City 10-00.00 6A Garden City
Hammond Hoisington 10-00.00 3A Cimarron
Schmidt Hoisington 10-00.00 3A Cimarron
Perry St. Mary's  10-00.00 3A Royal Valley

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