Track in KS: 2016 Boys State Leaderboard (Field Events)

Jeff Ast of Andale looks to repeat as 4A state javelin champ.
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
May 16, 2016

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Shot Put      
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Rudzik Ulysses 60-03.50 4A Holcomb
Bledsoe Lawrence 56-07.00 6A Olathe East
Berens Hays 56-00 4A Holcomb
Fulmer Newton 55-05.25 5A Heights
Noel Piper 54-03.50 4A Eudora
Ast  Andale 54-02.50 4A Holcomb
Watrous Paola 53-03 4A Chanute
Johnson Remington 53-01.50 3A Cimarron
Swenson Maize 52-10 5A Liberal
Reed Ottawa 52-10 4A Chanute
Gustafson Osage City 52-03 3A Royal Valley
Toogood Sacred Heart 52-02.50 2A Hill City
Peters South Gray 52-02.50 2A Ellinwood
Laham Remington 51-08.75 3A Cimarron
Eaton Wash. Co. 51-06.25 2A Valley Heights
McNemar Republic Co. 51-01.50 2A Valley Heights
Majors Jeff West 51-01.50 4A Eudora
Woodward Louisburg 51-01 4A Chanute
Villa Liberal 51-00.75 5A Liberal
Elliott Garden City 50-07.50 6A Garden City
Wolfley Silver Lake 50-06.75 3A Royal Valley
Henault Shawnee Hts 50-06.50 5A Lansing
Lowe Campus 50-06 6A Garden City
Parker Leavenworth 50-04 5A Lansing
Hageman Andale 50-02.25 4A Holcomb
Meyer Nem. Central 50-02 3A Royal Valley
Heft Kiowa Co. 50-00.50 2A Ellinwood
Mills Newton 50-00.00 5A Heights
Webb Buhler 49-09 4A Holcomb
Smith Wellsville 49-08.50 3A Erie
Orona Garden City 49-07.00 6A Garden City
Vogt Berean Acad. 49-06.00 2A Lyndon
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Rudzik Ulysses 184-05 4A Holcomb
Berens Hays 171-04.75 4A Holcomb
Fulmer Newton 170-11 5A Heights
Swenson Maize 170-09.25 5A Liberal
Ast  Andale 168-06.50 4A Holcomb
Zabel Rock Creek 168-01 4A Eudora
Henault Shawnee Hts 166-05 5A Lansing
Untereker Pittsburg 165-07.75 5A Pittsburg
French Wichita NW 165-06.50 6A Garden City
Peters South Gray 164-02 2A Ellinwood
Downing Miege 164-01 4A Eudora
Johnson Tonganoxie 164-00 4A Eudora
Torres Kiowa Co. 163-08.50 2A Ellinwood
Griffith Scott City 163-03.50 3A Cimarron
Blubaugh Ark City 163-02.50 5A Liberal
Sprague Gardner Edg. 160-06 6A Olathe East
Gaughan Hays 159-06.50 4A Holcomb
Knoff Kapaun 157-11 5A Heights
Smith Wellsville 154-08 3A Erie
Nyp Palco 154-02 1A Phillipsburg
Jirgens McPherson 151-11 4A Holcomb
Woods  Fort Scott 151-08 4A Chanute
Parker Leavenworth 151-05 5A Lansing
Vanhoecke Paola 151-05 4A Chanute
Wolfley Silver Lake 151-02 3A Royal Valley
Kimaru SM South 150-06 6A Blue Valley
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Allen Derby 221-03 6A Free State
Wolfley Silver Lake 210-06 3A Royal Valley
Swenson Maize 200-09.75 5A Liberal
Toogood Sacred Heart 198-04 2A Hill City
Irish Salina South 197-10 5A Heights
Pile Eisenhower 195-05 5A Liberal
Sanders W. Heights 192-04.75 5A Heights
Hite Fredonia 189-11 3A Erie
Ostrosky Fredonia 189-09 3A Erie
Haus Manhattan 188-11.75 6A Free State
Hudiburg Fort Scott 186-06 4A Chanute
Trapp Manhattan 185-03.50 6A Free State
Shirling SM Northwest 183-00 6A Olathe East
Ast  Andale 182-08 4A Holcomb
Teeter Holcomb 182-05 4A Holcomb
Francis Chaparral 179-06 3A Cimarron
Swindale Osage City 177-11 3A Royal Valley
Green Marysville 177-06 3A Royal Valley
Becker Garden Plain 176-03 3A Cimarron
Spexarth Andale 175-04 4A Holcomb
Nece Kapaun 175-02 5A Heights
High Jump      
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Davied Girard 6-10.00 4A Chanute
Weakley Augusta 6-08.50 4A Winfield
Konrade Ashland 6-08.00 1A Garden City
Hoffer Shawnee Hts 6-08.00 5A Lansing
Scott B. Linwood 6-08.00 4A Eudora
Burnett Wichita East 6-08.00 6A Free State
Kinser Hugoton 6-07.00 4A Holcomb
Shaffer Conway Spgs 6-07.00 3A Cimarron
Haug Manhattan 6-06.00 6A Free State
Broxterman Royal Valley 6-06.00 3A Royal Valley
Dreiling Garden Plain 6-06.00 3A Cimarron
Newman Topeka 6-06.00 6A Free State
Fesen Hutch Trinity 6-06.00 3A Lyons
Hoover Wash. Co. 6-06.00 2A Valley Heights
Dubbert St.Johns/Beloit 6-06.00 1A Frankfort
Stiawalt Ness City 6-07.00 2A Ellinwood
Newlin Collegiate 6-05.00 4A Winfield
Burdine Solomon 6-04.50 2A Hill City
Gammill Aquinas 6-04.00 5A Pittsburg
Carmichael Manhattan 6-04.00 6A Free State
Wheeler St. James 6-04.00 5A Pittsburg
Demel Carroll 6-04.00 5A Liberal
Douglas Chaparral 6-04.00 3A Cimarron
Herdman Lyndon 6-04.00 2A Lyndon
Dagenais Andale 6-04.00 4A Holcomb
Wooten Wichita East 6-04.00 6A Free State
Long Jump      
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Simmons Olathe North 24-05.00 6A Olathe East
Hines W. Southeast 23-11.00 6A Free State
Eatmon Liberal 23-09.50 5A Liberal
Criddle Paola 22-11.00 4A Chanute
Koelzer Nem. Central 22-10.75 3A Royal Valley
Demel Carroll 22-09.50 5A Liberal
Myers Pratt 22-09.50 4A Holcomb
Reed Wichita West 22-09.25 6A Garden City
Jones Olathe North 22-08.50 6A Olathe East
Newman Topeka 22-08.00 6A Free State
Rothenberger Minneapolis 22-08.00 3A Lyons
Johnson Olathe North 22-07.00 6A Olathe East
Horsch Andale 22-06.75 4A Holcomb
Robinson Olathe North  22-06.50 6A Olathe East
Mascal SM North 22-06.25 6A Blue Valley
Coffey Stockton 22-06.25 1A Phillipsburg
Richardson Topeka 22-06.00 6A Free State
Williams Stockton 22-04.25 1A Phillipsburg
Bahner W. Heights 22-04.00 5A Heights
Warnke Bucklin 22-03.50 1A Garden City
Clark Andover Cent. 22-03.50 4A Winfield
Green BV Southwest 22-03.50 5A Pittsburg
Watkins Olathe Northwest 22-03.00 6A Olathe East
Harper Wichita South 22-03.00 6A Garden City
Trent Dodge City 22-01.50 6A Garden City
Wilson Coffeyville 22-01.50 4A Winfield
Patridge Peabody 22-01.25 1A Burden
Houston KC Sumner 21-11.75 4A Eudora
McConnell Pittsburg 21-11.50 5A Pittsburg
Hoffer Shawnee Hts 21-11.00 5A Lansing
Turner Salina South 21-10.00 5A Heights
Adger Olathe South 21-09.00 6A Olathe East
Webster Buhler 21-09.00 4A Holcomb
Piper Colby 21-08.75 4A Holcomb
Scott B. Linwood 21-08.50 4A Eudora
Stiawalt Ness City 21-08.25 2A Ellinwood
Ellis Topeka West 21-07.50 5A Lansing
Slayton Salina South 21-07.50 5A Heights
Miller Campus 21-07.00 6A Garden City
Taylor Bishop Miege 21-07.00 4A Eudora
Veach Abilene 21-06.75 4A Holcomb
Winter SM West  21-06.00 6A Olathe East
Triple Jump      
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Hines Wichita SE 48-01.00 6A Free State
Hailes BV West 46-10.00 6A Blue Valley
Slayton Salina South 46-04.25 5A Heights
Watkins Olathe NW 46-02.00 6A Olathe East
Jones Wichita North 45-03.00 6A Garden City
Coffey Stockton 45-01.75 1A Phillipsburg
Cahill Olathe East 44-10.25 6A Olathe East
Scott Basehor 44-09.00 4A Eudora
Brime Junction City 44-08.25 6A Free State
Criddle Paola 44-08.00 4A Chanute
Smallwood Heights 44-06.50 5A Heights
Stiawalt Ness City 44-06.00 2A Ellinwood
Sirivongxay Mill Valley 44-05.00 5A Lansing
Pieper Colby 44-04.00 4A Holcomb
Key Miege 44-02.00 4A Eudora
Mascal SM Northwest 44-02.00 6A Blue Valley
Staatz Tonganoxie 44-01.00 4A Eudora
Eatmon Liberal 44-01.00 5A Liberal
Nunnery Hays 44-00.75 4A Holcomb
Rothenberger Minneapolis 44-00.50 3A Lyons
Isaac Humboldt 44-00.00 3A Erie
Comfort Sacred Heart 43-11 2A Hill City
Turner SM West  43-09.75 6A Olathe East
Lockridge Piper 43-09.50 4A Eudora
Evans Olathe NW 43-06.50 6A Olathe East
Shaffer Conway Spgs 43-06.00 3A Cimarron
Hooks  Schlagle 43-06.00 5A Pittsburg
Harper Wichita South 43-05.50 6A Garden City
Clark Miege 43-05.00 4A Eudora
Demel Carroll 43-04.50 5A Liberal
McConnell Pittsburg 43-04.50 5A Pittsburg
Robinson Olathe NW 43-03.50 6A Olathe East
Dagenais Andale 43-03.25 4A Holcomb
Moore Newton 43-02.25 5A Heights
Turner Salina South 43-01.75 5A Heights
Osborn Galena 43-01.50 3A Erie
Webb Buhler 43-01.25 4A Holcomb
Mast South Gray 43-00.75 2A Ellinwood
Stroede Lakeside 43-00.50 1A Phillipsburg
Haug Manhattan 43-00.25 6A Free State
Puyear Stanton Co. 43-00.00 2A Ellinwood
Hooks  Wyandotte 43-00.00 6A Blue Valley
Bahner Heights 43-00.00 5A Heights
Pole Vault      
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Kennedy Eisenhower 15-07.00 5A Liberal
Schell Cheney 15-04.00 3A Cimarron
Compton Derby 15-02.00 6A Free State
Huerta Garden City 15-00.00 6A Garden City
Lane Clay Center 14-07.00 4A Eudora
J. Ball Hoisington 14-07.00 3A Lyons
Bradley Nem. Central 14-06.00 3A Royal Valley
Manley Eudora 14-06.00 4A Eudora
Rodriguez Garden CIty 14-05.50 6A Garden City
Meitler Smith Center 14-03.00 2A Hill City
Vargas Garden City 14-00.00 6A Garden City
Cox Chaparral 14-00.00 3A Cimarron
Mosburg SM Northwest 14-00.00 6A Olathe East
Zolotor SM North  14-00.00 6A Blue Valley
Flesher Shawnee Hts 14-00.00 5A Lansing
Berg South Gray 14-00.00 2A Ellinwood
Cole Ulysses 13-09.00 4A Holcomb
Binns Wichita Co. 13-08.00 2A Hill City
Freeman Junction City 13-06.00 6A Free State
Tropansky Gardner Edg. 13-06.00 6A Olathe East
Hicks SM East 13-06.00 6A Blue Valley
C.Ball Hoisington 13-06.00 3A Lyons
Winkel Lakeside 13-06.00 1A Phillipsburg
Davis Gardner Edg. 13-06.00 6A Olathe East
Brandberry Hill City 13-06.00 2A Hill City
Caster Douglass 13-06 3A Cimarron
Bettles Chapman 13-05.75 4A Winfield
Faurot Scott City 13-03.00 3A Cimarron
Zimmerman Salina South 13-01.50 5A Heights
Meyer Andale 13-00.75 4A Holcomb
Katzer Baldwin 13-00.00 4A Eudora
Sherman Fredonia 13-00.00 3A Erie
Nobrega SM Northwest 13-00.00 6A Olathe East
Stutzman Garden City 13-00.00 6A Garden City
Vasquez Great Bend 13-00.00 5A Liberal
Redlin Goodland 13-00.00 4A Holcomb
Wilson Kapaun 13-00.00 5A Heights
Boldt SM North 13-00.00 6A Blue Valley
Brungardt Garden City 13-00.00 6A Garden City
Moranz Seaman 13-00.00 5A Lansing
Busenitz Garden City 13-00.00 2A Lyndon
Michel Lakin 13-00.00 3A Cimarron
Gfeller Wallace Co. 13-00.00 1A Phillipsburg
Belcher Maranatha 13-00.00 2A Valley Heights
MIller Weskan 13-00.00 1A Phillipsburg
Parthemer Frankfort 13-00.00 1A Frankfort
Holmes SW Heights 13-00.00 3A Cimarron
Horsch Andale 13-00.00 4A Holcomb
Hart Goddard 13-00.00 5A Liberal

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