Whole body cryotherapy now offered in Southeast Kansas

Dr. Ryan Tuchsherer (right) pictured with Von Miller of the Denver Broncos.
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
Oct 13, 2015

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Whole body cryotherapy is the most sought after treatment in the world right now and believe it or not you can get it in Southeast Kansas at Performance Spine and Sport in Pittsburg. 

So what exactly is cryotherapy if you haven't heard of it? The easiest way to explain it is its an ice bath without having to get in the ice bath. The cryo chamber gets all the way down to 250-300 degrees below Fahrenheit. Performance Spine and Sport in Pittsbug offers one of the only full body units in the state. 

"We are proud to give access to not only athletes but everyday individuals in the SEK area.  We also specialize in Chiropractic, rehab therapy and soft tissue related injuries." Dr. Ryan Tuchsherer, chiropractor and owner of Performance Spine in Sport in Pittsburg and Cherry Creek Spine Clinic in Denver, Colorado. 

Tuchscherer, who now lives in Colorado and originally a Fort Scott native where he still owns and operates a cattle ranch, has been a sports chiropractor in Denver for the last 10 years. His Cherry Creek Spine and Sport clinic in Denver has been treating professional athletes and weekend warriors since 2007. The Cherry Creek location was one of the first of it's kind to have a whole body cryotherapy machine. Tuchscherer wanted to bring his idea out in the Denver area back to the area he grew up in, so he opened up Performance Spine and Sport in Pittsburg along with fellow Fort Scott native, Clint McKinnis. 

"I wanted to give back to the area I came from with giving them the most cutting edge treatment available." Tuchsherer said. 

The Pittsburg location everyday duties are ran by McKinnis and chiropractor, Dr. William Bennets. It's very easy to just pop in and schedule appointment for the rehab you need to any injury or sorness.

"Everyone suffers from the every day aches and pains and have relied on drugs to try and mask these pains. We now have the most state of the art treatment to decrease these pains and help things heal up, without the risk of the side effects from drugs we are ingesting." Tuchscherer said.

We caught up wity Dr. Ryan Tuchscherer below to give you an inside look at cryo therapy and the benefits. 

Q&A w/ Dr. Tuchscherer 

How did you get involved with cryotherapy and what was your background to get in it?

I have been a Sports Chiropractor for the last 10 years in Denver treating many professional athletes and have always had the need to get them back to full strength as quickly as possible. My biggest obstacle was getting inflammation out of the tissues and joints and decreasing recovery time.  I use Active Release Technique to treat the tissues and Chiropractic adjustments to restore motion to the joints, so by adding whole body cryotherapy I am able to decrease the inflammation and in most cases cut recovery time in half if not more.

What exactly is cryotherapy to the unknown?

Whole body cryotherapy is the most state of the art way to treat inflammation and pain without taking drugs.  It's like an ice bath on steroids without having to endure the searing pain of sitting in the icy water for 20 minutes and then being incapacitated for hours because your muscles are frozen.  It is a 3 minute treatment using a chamber that you step into with your head being out of the chamber.  Liquid nitrogen is pumped into the chamber as a gas and your skin is exposed causing a fight or flight response.  Your body pulls all the blood from your extremities towards your core.  As the blood is pulled out, it causes a vasoconstriction of your blood vessels, which is what ibuprofen attempts to do.  It spins in the core of your body, causing an increase in red blood cells, oxygen and nutrients.  When you exit the chamber after 3 minutes, this re-oxygenated, super enriched blood and endorphins pump back out through your body.  As it flows into a tissue that is inflamed it eats up the lactic acid and toxins and promotes healing of that tissue, while at the same time soothing the nerve thus decreasing pain signals.

What benefits do athletes see by using the cryo unit?

Benefits are huge for athletes. We treat many NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, collegiate and high school athletes with cryo therapy to help reduce pain, inflammation and speed up recovery.  A prime example is how we use it with many of the Denver Broncos, we treat them about three hours before they play.  Any soreness they had from practicing during the week is taken away and endorphins are released into their body helping their body perform at peak levels.  Then we will treat them the following day and throughout the week to help their bodies get rid of inflammation and heal back up.  This process works great for every athlete out there no matter what their sport is.

What are other benefits that cryo can do for an average person that may not be an athlete?

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from cryo.  We all deal with constant inflammation and soreness in our bodies and reach for the advil or ibuprofen. We rely on ingesting a chemical and hope that it makes its way to the injured area.  Were as whole body cryo therapy pulls the blood out of the injured tissue and then sends the enriched blood directly back into the injured area. Thus taking away the pain and speeding up the healing process, allowing the person to get back to doing their normal every day activities pain free.

Just how cold does that thing get? 

250-300 degrees below Fahrenheit

Why should people come check it out?

We all suffer from normal day aches and pains and have relied on drugs to try and mask these pains.  We now have the most state of the art treatment to decrease these pains and help heal things up, without the risk of side effects from drugs we are ingesting.  It works great for treating arthritis, fibromyalgia, auto immune diseases, pre and post surgeries as well as athletic injuries.

How easy is it to just pop in for an appointment and how do they schedule one?

It is very easy to schedule an appointment by calling the clinic at 620-308-6576 to schedule.

Who are some of the people you've seen at your Denver clinic? 

We treat many of the Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies, Avalanche, Rapids, PGA golfers, collegiate and high school athletes, as well as many other professional athletes that are in town to play.  We also treat many normal every day individuals that still love to live an active lifestyle.

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