Never Give Up: Robby Carter of Dodge City

Robby Carter of Dodge City thought he would never play again. (courtesy photo)
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
Aug 4, 2015

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Robby Carter, senior linebacker at Dodge City high school, has been presented with what some may call bad luck over his sports career.

Before transferring to Dodge City last year as a junior, he attended Hodgeman County High School. Carter was the starting middle linebacker and fullback as a sophomore in the fall of 2013. That season he recorded 100 total tackles and rushed for 600 more yards.

Carter had a great season as a sophomore, but it was cut short as he tore his quad in the sub-state championship game and was unable to play in the state championship game the following week. Hodegman County would lose to Osborne and finish 12-1 on the season as the 8-man Division I state runner-up.

Two months later in January of 2014, Carter had a life changing accident. While trying to put a scope on his gun, he accidentally shot himself in the foot.

‘”I wanted to see if I could put a scope on. I've been around guns since I was a kid and I thought I unloaded all the bullets but little did I know, there was one left in the chamber while it was cocked. I was reaching for the pump on the rifle when my forearm hit the hammer causing it to fire while the barrel was resting on my foot.” Carter said.

Doctors said he would never be able to play sports again. The accident he experienced would require surgery, maybe multiple surgeries.

“They said I would never play again. I had to have two different surgeries and now have a metal rod in my foot.” Carter said.

Carter was so depressed as he rarely left his house after the accident occurred. He went from being active all the time to not even being able to walk or think he would be able to play a sport for the rest of his life. He was on crutches and in a boot through the rehab process, but he never gave up hope that he would beat the odds of what his doctors said.

Later in May of 2014, which was the end of his sophomore year, after successful surgeries Carter was given news that he couldn’t believe. He was released to play sports again.

“The doctors said my recovery was a miracle. Although I was depressed through the whole rehab process, I didn’t give up and I didn’t lose hope because someone always has it worse than you.” Carter said.

Less than eight months after his accident, Carter, who transferred to Dodge City at the beginning of his junior year in 2014, was a starting outside linebacker at a 6A high school. Not only did he start he also picked up 60 tackles last year, all while rehabbing his foot. So one may think, how does a kid go from almost losing his foot, to playing at a high level in that amount of time?

“I have been working my tail off. It’s been a year and a half and I am just now back to squatting what I did before the injury. Since my accident I wear a wrist band that says One Life, One Chance.” Carter said.

Carter is not done yet and he has his sites at trying to play college football at the next level. Whatever college picks Carter is getting someone with an incredible work ethic that will never give up.

“The accident pushed me to be better than I ever was before and I knew if I could get through that I could get through a lot of stuff.”

Carter will be one of the senior linebackers to watch for this season in the Western Athletic Conference. Carter has one message for all the people facing obstacles out there.

"Never give up."