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Track in KS: 2015 State Leaderboard (Relays)

Relay leaders in the state of Kansas. (photo: Chet Kuplen)
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen & Sean Boston
May 12, 2015

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4 x 100 Meter Relay    
School Time Class-Regional
O. North 42.32 6A O. North
Leavenworth 42.39 5A Highland Park
Lawrence 42.45 6A Free State
KC Schlagle 42.77 5A Highland Park
Derby 42.8 6A W. Southeast
Topeka 42.85 6A W. Southeast
BV Northwest 43.01 6A O. North
Shawnee Heights 43.02 5A Highland Park
Hutchinson 43.06 6A Hutchinson
O. East 43.1 6A O. North
Derby 43.14 6A W. Southeast
Wichita West 43.18 6A Hutchinson
Bishop Miege 43.21 4A KC Piper
SM West 43.3 6A Free State
Hanover 43.3 1A Valley Heights
Kapaun 43.31 5A Liberal
Andale 43.32 4A Holcomb
O. Northwest 43.36 6A O. North
W. Southeast 43.39 6A W. Southeast
Osborne 43.4 1A FHSU
Newton 43.4 5A Emporia
Gardner Edgerton 43.44 6A Free State
Dodge City 43.45 6A Hutchinson
Heights 43.46 5A Emporia
Wichita Heights 43.46 5A Emporia
Lansing 43.47 5A Highland Park
Campus 43.5 6A W. Southeast
Junction City 43.57 6A Hutchinson
Salina Central 43.58 5A Emporia
Valley Center 43.59 5A Emporia
Free State 43.63 6A Free State
SM Northwest 43.63 6A Free State
Aquinas 43.64 5A BV West
Norton 43.66 3A Beloit
Manhattan 43.8 6A Hutchinson
Mill Valley 43.85 5A BV West
Bishop Carroll 43.92 5A Liberal
Trinity 43.93 4A Royal Valley
Ulysses 44 4A Holcomb
McPherson 44.01 4A Holcomb
Holcomb 44.04 4A Holcomb
Beloit 44.05 3A Beloit
Louisburg 44.1 4A Prairie View
Cheney 44.12 3A Garden Plain
BV North 44.12 6A O. North
Hugoton 44.12 4A Holcomb
BV West 44.15 5A BV West
Andover 44.16 5A Emporia
Baldwin 44.2 4A KC Piper
Emporia 44.2 5A Emporia
Clearwater 44.23 4A Holcomb
St. James Academy 44.25 5A BV West
KC Piper 44.25 4A KC Piper
Deerfield 44.26 1A Garden City
Bishop Ward 44.26 4A KC Piper
Bonner Springs 44.29 4A KC Piper
Wichita NW 44.29 6A W. Southeast
Pittsburg 44.3 5A BV West
4 x 400 Meter Relay    
School  Time Class-Regional
Olathe South 03:21.4 6A O. North
Shawnee Heights 03:22.5 5A Highland Park
SM Northwest 03:23.4 6A Free State
Liberal 03:23.9 5A Liberal
Olathe East 03:24.2 6A O. North
Manhattan 03:24.3 6A Hutchinson
SM West 03:24.7 6A Free State
St. James  03:25.1 5A BV West
Emporia 03:25.6 5A Emporia
Hanover 03:26.1 1A Valley Heights
Junction City 03:26.1 6A Hutchinson
Andale 03:26.6 4A Holcomb
Scott City 03:26.8 3A Beloit
Olathe North 03:26.8 6A O. North
Blue Valley 03:26.9 6A O. North
Clearwater 03:27.2 4A Holcomb
Bishop Carroll 03:27.4 5A Liberal
Salina South 03:27.5 5A Emporia
O. Northwest 03:27.5 6A O. North
Ulysses 03:27.6 4A Holcomb
Lansing 03:27.7 5A Highland Park
Gardner Edgerton 03:27.7 6A Free State
Turner 03:27.8 5A BV West
Wakefield 03:28.8 2A Washington Co.
Holcomb 03:28.8 4A Holcomb
Colby 03:29.2 4A Holcomb
BV North 03:29.3 6A O. North
Wichita SE 03:29.3 6A W.Southeast
Concordia 03:29.4 4A Royal Valley
Hutchinson 03:29.4 6A Hutchinson
Garden City 03:29.6 6A Hutchinson
Baldwin 03:29.7 4A KC Piper
Great Bend 03:29.8 5A Liberal
Seaman 03:29.8 5A Highland Park
BV Northwest 03:29.9 6A O. North
Topeka 03:30.1 6A W. Southeast
Free State 03:30.2 6A Free State
Perry Lecompton 03:30.2 4A KC Piper
BV Southwest 03:30.2 5A BV West
Campus 03:30.3 6A W. Southeast
Aquinas 03:30.4 5A BV West
Newton 03:30.4 5A Emporia
Mill Valley 03:30.5 5A BV West
Beloit 03:30.5 3A Beloit
Pittsburg 03:30.6 5A BV West
Manhattan 03:30.7 6A Hutchinson
Smith Center 03:30.7 2A Smith Center
Hugoton 03:30.9 4A Holcomb
Norton 03:31.0 3A Beloit
Wichita Heights 03:31.1 5A Emporia
DeSoto 03:31.2 4A KC Piper
Wichita West 03:31.3 6A Hutchinson
Maize 03:31.4 6A Hutchinson
Derby 03:31.4 6A W. Southeast
4 x 800 Meter Relay    
School Time Class-Regional
Olathe South 08:00.9 6A O. North
Mill Valley 08:04.0 5A BV West
SM West 08:05.4 6A Free State
Olathe East 08:06.4 6A O. North
Bishop Carroll 08:08.5 5A Liberal
SM South 08:08.9 6A O. North
Olathe North 08:09.1 6A O. North
Aquinas 08:10.5 5A BV West
SM North  08:11.0 6A Free State
SM East 08:11.6 6A Free State
SM Northwest 08:12.0 6A Free State
Free State 08:13.1 6A Free State
BV West 08:13.3 5A BV West
BV North 08:13.7 6A O. North
Campus 08:14.5 6A W.Southeast
Maize South 08:16.1 5A Liberal
Andover 08:17.1 5A Emporia
Wichita East 08:17.3 6A W. Southeast
Newton 08:18.2 5A Emporia
Olathe Northwest 08:18.4 6A O. North
Pratt 08:18.8 4A Holcomb
Baldwin 08:19.1 4A KC Piper
Blue Valley 08:19.5 6A O. North
Dodge City 08:20.7 6A Hutchinson
Olpe 08:20.9 2A Herington
Manhattan 08:21.6 6A Hutchinson
Scott City 08:21.8 3A Beloit
Seaman 08:22.6 5A Highland Park
Liberal 08:22.7 5A Liberal
Hutchinson 08:23.0 6A Hutchinson
Garden City 08:23.5 6A Hutchinson
Pittsburg 08:24.1 5A BV West
DeSoto 08:24.5 4A KC Piper
Olathe NW 08:26.9 6A O. North
Beloit 08:26.9 3A Beloit
Girard 08:27.5 4A Prairie View
Great Bend 08:27.6 5A Emporia
Hesston 08:27.9 3A Garden Plain
Derby 08:28.6 6A Hutchinson
Lansing 08:29.4 5A Highland Park
Maize 08:29.5 6A Hutchinson
Chapparal 08:30.5 3A Garden Plain
Wichita Heights 08:30.6 5A Emporia


4x100 Meter Relay    
School Time Class-Regional
W.Heights 48.23 5A Emporia
O. North 48.9 6A O. North
Andover 48.93 5A Emporia
Newton 48.94 5A Emporia
O.South 48.96 6A O. North
W. East 49.04 6A W. Southeast
Lansing 49.1 5A Highland Park
Topeka 49.11 6A W. Southeast
W. Southeast 49.39 6A W. Southeast
O. Northwest 49.62 6A O. North
Manhattan 49.66 6A Hutchinson
Maize South 49.86 5A Liberal
Lawrence 49.86 6A Free State
Free State 50.27 6A Free State
Beloit 50.31 3A Beloit
Wichita NW 50.33 6A W. Southeast
Andale 50.4 4A Holcomb
Eisenhower 50.45 5A Liberal
Shawnee Heights 50.46 5A Highland Park
Baldwin 50.53 4A KC Piper
Junction City 50.56 6A Hutchinson
Salina South 50.59 5A Emporia
BV West 50.6 5A BV West
Sterling 50.61 3A Beloit
Sedgwick 50.63 3A Garden Plain
Emporia 50.66 5A Emporia
Hutchinson 50.72 6A Hutchinson
Dodge City 50.73 6A Hutchinson
McPherson 50.78 4A Holcomb
Miege 50.82 4A KC Piper
Maize 50.79 6A Hutchinson
BV North 50.82 6A O. North
Linn 50.83 1A Valley Heights
El Dorado 50.85 4A Royal Valley
Hesston 50.97 3A Garden Plain
Holcomb 50.98 4A Holcomb
Garden Plain 51.05 3A Garden Plain
Garden City 51.08 6A Hutchinson
Meade 51.2 2A Kiowa Co.
St. James Academy  51.24 5A BV West
SM Northwest 51.25 6A Free State
Basehor Linwood 51.26 4A KC Piper
Olathe East 51.26 6A O. North
Aquinas 50.96 5A BV West
Goodland 51.28 4A Holcomb
Concordia 51.35 4A Royal Valley
Wellington 51.38 4A Holcomb
Mill Valley 51.39 5A BV West
SM North 51.42 6A Free State
Silver Lake 51.46 3A Osage City
4 x 400 Meter Relay    
School Time Class-Regional
Lawrence 03:59.2 6A Free State
Baldwin 04:04.2 4A KC Piper
SM North 04:04.3 6A Free State
St. James Academy  04:04.5 5A BV West
BV North 04:04.6 6A O. North
Olathe North 04:04.8 6A O. North
Maize South 04:05.0 5A Liberal
Maranatha Academy 04:05.1 2A Herington
Garden City 04:05.4 6A Hutchinson
Silver Lake 04:08.1 3A Osage City
Maize 04:08.2 6A Hutchinson
Hutchinson 04:08.4 6A Hutchinson
BV Northwest 04:08.5 6A O. North
Andale 04:08.6 4A Holcomb
Colby 04:09.2 4A Holcomb
Aquinas 04:10.0 5A BV West
Junction City 04:10.0 6A Hutchinson
Beloit 04:10.2 3A Beloit
Hoisington 04:10.3 4A Holcomb
Dodge City 04:10.5 6A Hutchinson
Newton 04:10.5 5A Emporia
Blue Valley 04:10.6 6A O. North
Wichita Southeast 04:10.8 6A W. Southeast
Olathe East 04:10.9 6A O. North
Pittsburg 04:11.4 5A BV West
Andover 04:11.5 5A Emporia
Independence 04:11.5 4A Prairie View
Mill Valley 04:11.7 5A BV West
Gardner Edgerton 04:11.8 6A Free State
Russell 04:11.9 3A Beloit
St. Marys 04:12.0 3A Osage City
Hesston 04:12.1 3A Garden Plain
Moundridge 04:12.2 2A Herington
Seaman 04:12.3 5A Highland Park
Shawnee Heights 04:12.5 5A Highland Park
Sedgwick 04:12.6 3A Garden Plain
Eisenhower 04:13.2 5A Liberal
Lansing 04:13.8 5A Highland Park
4 x 800 Meter Relay    
School Time Class Regional
O. East 09:39.3 6A O. North
Aquinas 09:40.4 5A BV West
Maranatha Academy 09:41.8 2A Herington
St. James Academy  09:45.4 5A BV West
BV West 09:50.2 5A BV West
SM North 09:50.8 6A Free State
Maize South 09:51.5 5A Liberal
Blue Valley SW 09:52.7 5A BV West
Garden City 09:54.9 6A Hutchinson
Silver Lake 09:55.6 4A Royal Valley
Blue Valley 09:56.4 6A O. North
Junction City 09:59.1 6A Hutchinson
Mill Valley 10:00.6 5A BV West
Tonganoxie 10:01.8 4A KC Piper
Valley Center 10:03.7 5A Emporia
Free State 10:05.5 6A Free State
Baldwin 10:06.2 4A KC Piper
Wamego 10:06.4 4A Royal Valley
Pittsburg 10:06.8 5A BV West
SM West 10:07.2 6A Free State
Lawrence 10:07.4 6A Free State
Shawnee Heights 10:08.3 5A Highland Park
Manhattan 10:08.7 6A Hutchinson
Dodge City 10:09.1 6A Hutchinson
Great Bend 10:09.1 5A Liberal
St. Marys 10:09.6 3A Osage City
Ellinwood 10:10.3 2A Kiowa Co.
Hutchinson 10:10.9 6A Hutchinson
Leavenworth 10:11.0 5A Highland Park
Hays 10:11.9 4A Holcomb
Paola 10:13.9 4A Prairie View
Gardner Edgerton 10:14.9 6A Free State
Wichita North 10:15.1 6A Hutchinson
Bishop Carroll 10:15.4 5A Liberal
Kingman 10:15.7 3A Garden Plain
Maize 10:16.6 6A Hutchinson
Sacred Heart 10:16.9 2A Smith Center
Olathe North 10:17.0 6A O. North
Pratt 10:17.1 4A Holcomb
Hiawatha 10:17.2 3A Osage City
Minneapolis 10:17.3 3A Beloit
Macksville 10:17.4 1A Garden City
Wichita Heights 10:18.5 5A Emporia
Towanda-Circle 10:19.1 4A Royal Valley
Hiawatha 10:19.8 3A Osage City

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