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Track in KS: 2015 Girls State Leaderboard (Field Events)

Keiryn Swenson of Maize is among the nations best in javelin. (submitted photo)
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen & Sean Boston
May 19, 2015

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Shot Put      
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Lavington Cheney 46-09 3A Garden Plain
Roberts Newton 46-08 5A Emporia
Black Halstead 44-11.50 3A Garden Plain
Stein Baldwin 44-02.50 4A KC Piper
Kakoulias Andover Central 43-05.50 5A Emporia
Swanagan Leavenworth 42-07 5A Highland Park
Alexander Washington Co. 42-06 2A Washington Co.
Stamps Salina South 41-10 5A Emporia
Adams Concordia 41-08.50 4A Royal Valley
Kipp Garden City 41-03 6A Hutchinson
R. Finley Lawrence 41-00 6A Free State
Cooks McPherson 40-08 4A Holcomb
Webb Olathe South 40-05 6A O. North
Obrien Paola 40-03.50 4A Prairie View
Hoffman Baldwin 40-00.75 4A KC Piper
Stallbaumer Nemaha Central 40-00.50 3A Osage City
Gartner Hiawatha 39-11.25 3A Osage City
Commons Andale 39-10.50 4A Holcomb
Same Wichita East 39-09.50 6A W. Southeast
Hopkins Mill Valley 39-06 5A BV West
Malone Paola 39-06 4A Prairie View
Harvey Lansing 39-03.50 5A Highland Park
M. Finley Lawrence 39-03.50 6A Free State
Kohman Pratt 39-03 4A Holcomb
Baldeh Olathe South 39-02.50 6A Olathe North
Dalinghaus Nemaha Central 39-02 3A Osage City
Johnson Beloit 39-02 3A Beloit
Rodriguez Hutchinson 39-00 6A Hutchinson
Name School Distance Class-Regional
R.Finley Lawrence 153-00 6A Free State
Gartner Hiawatha 151-06 3A Osage City
Stein Baldwin 147-05 4A KC Piper
M.Finley Lawrence 145-02 6A Free State
Roberts Newton 144-07 5A Emporia
James  Manhattan 140-07 6A Hutchinson
Black Halstead 138-05 3A Garden Plain
Miller Hill City 134-04 2A Smith Center
Rodriguez Hutchinson 132-08 6A Hutchinson
Wood Manhattan 131-08 6A Hutchinson
Kehl Baldwin 131-01 4A KC Piper
Swenson Maize 130-08.50 6A Hutchinson
Obrien Paola 128-06 4A Prairie View
Odunze Wichita South 127-04 6A W. South East
Echelberry Conway Springs 126-02 3A Garden Plain
Alexander Washington Co. 124-11 2A Washington Co.
Hoffman Baldwin 124-01 4A KC Piper
Turner Manhattan 123-08 6A Hutchinson
Hills Maize 123-01 6A Hutchinson
Dooley Garden Plain 123-01 3A Garden Plain
Henrich Seaman 122-10 5A Highland Park
Kipp Garden City 122-10 6A Hutchinson
Orth Andale 122-08 4A Holcomb
Latimer Valley Center 122-05 5A Emporia
Johnson Beloit 122-05 3A Beloit
Tuma Washington Co. 122-02 2A Washington Co.
Warren Maize South 122-00 5A Liberal
Lavington Cheney 121-08 3A Garden Plain
Adams Concordia 121-01 4A Royal Valley
Keith Ellsworth 121-00 3A Beloit
Swanagan Leavenworth 120-05 5A Highland Park
Kakoulias Andover Central 120-05 5A Emporia
Johnson KC Piper 120-00.50 4A KC Piper
Shoemaker Free State 120-00 6A Free State
Name School Distance  Class-Regional
Swenson Maize 158-04 6A Hutchinson
Murray Decatur 151-10.50 2A Smith Center
Twietmeyer Cheney 144-00 3A Garden Plain
Webb St. James Academy 142-02 5A BV West
Hoffman Baldwin 140-07 4A KC Piper
Kakoulias Andover Central 140-05 5A Emporia
Kehl Baldwin 139-05 4A KC Piper
Yancey Southeast Cherokee 138-01 3A Bluestem
Heiniger Sabetha 137-07 3A Osage City
Orth Andale 136-00 4A Holcomb
Stallbaumer Nemaha Central 135-02 3A Osage City
Fritts Ness City 134-02 2A Smith Center
Gray St. James Academy 133-08 5A BV West
Callaway Clay Center 131-10 4A Royal Valley
Ricke Attica 131-07 1A Garden City
Heft Kiowa County 131-04 2A Kiowa County
Hubert Clifton-Clyde 131-04 1A Valley Heights
Goordich Marais des Cygnes Valley 130-11 1A Burlington
Buie Gardner Edgerton 130-03 6A Free State
Woodward Wamego 129-01 4A Royal Valley
Latimer Valley Center 128-08 5A Emporia
Ash White City 127-04 1A Valley Heights
Hayes Ellinwood 126-07 2A Kiowa County
Long Jump      
Name School  Distance Class-Regional
Eckels W. Southeast 19-06 6A W. Southeast
McKee St. James Academy 18-07 5A BV West
Bolden W. Collegiate 18-05 3A Garden Plain
Wiens Meade 18-04.75 2A Kiowa County
Williams SM North 18-00 6A Free State
Floyd Emporia 17-11.50 5A Emporia
Drees Ell-Saline 17-11 2A Smith Center
Turner O. East 17-10.50 6A O. North
Singhateh Rawlins Co. 17-10.50 2A Smith Center
Carson W. East 17-10.5 6A W. Southeast
Hines West Elk 17-09 2A Herington
Keller Buhler 17-08 4A Holcomb
Jackson Goddard Eisenhower 17-07.50 5A Liberal
Schlochtermeier Rock Creek 17-05.50 4A Royal Valley
Suenram McPherson 17-04.75 4A Holcomb
Wesley Oberlin-Decatur 17-04.50 2A Smith Center
Doll Flint Hills 17-04.25 1A Burlington
Pollard Wichita South 17-04 6A W. Southeast
Bird Quinter 17-03.50 1A FHSU
Cole Andover Central 17-02.50 5A Emporia
Heidel Belle Plaine 17-02.50 3A Garden Plain
Severa Lawrence 17-02.50 6A Free State
Heller O. Northwest 17-01.50 6A O. North
Jeffries BV West 17-01.50 5A BV West
Deters Axtell 17-01.50 1A Valley Heights
Heim Hoxie 17-01.50 1A FHSU
Day Andover 17-00.75 5A Emporia
Warner Plainville 17-00 2A Smith Center
Deidrich Linn 17-00 1A Valley Heights
Triple Jump      
Name School Distance Class-Regional
Eckels W. Southeast 38-11 6A W. Southeast
McKee St. James Academy 38-09 5A BV West
Fisher O. Northwest 38-05 6A O. North
Dougherty O. Northwest 37-11.75 6A O. North
Turner O. East 37-07.50 6A O. North
Hines West Elk 37-07.5 2A Herington
Kohler Abilene 37-07 4A Royal Valley
Meeks Mill Valley 37-03 5A BV West
Harris O. East 37-02.50 6A O. North
Carson W. East 36-11 6A W. Southeast
Hays Andover 36-09.50 5A Emporia
Bradshaw Dodge City 36-07.25 6A Hutchinson
McKee Colby 36-05.75 4A Holcomb
Damon Eisenhower 36-05 5A Liberal
Keller Buhler 36-04.50 4A Holcomb
Harris Newton 36-02.50 5A Emporia
Kakoulias Andover Central 36-01.50 5A Emporia
Koblitz South Barber 36-00 1A Garden City
Hammersmith Trinity 36-00 3A Garden Plain
Thompson Meade 35-10.75 2A Kiowa County
Jacobson Marion 35-10.75 3A Beloit
Seiler Andale 35-10.25 4A Holcomb
White Silver Lake 35-10 3A Osage City
Mattingly Haven 35-07.50 3A Garden Plain
Smith Basehor-Linwood 35-07.50 4A KC Piper
Minnear Tonganoxie 35-07 4A KC Piper
Floyd Emporia 35-07 5A Emporia
Barrett McPherson 35-06.75 4A Holcomb
Matthews Indpendence 35-06.25 4A Prairie View
Jackson Eisenhower 35-05 5A Liberal
Ralston BV West 35-04 5A BV West
High Jump      
Name School Height Class-Regional
Agnew Andover 5'8 5A Emporia
Deters Axtell 5'6 1A Valley Heights
Garrett Sabetha 5'6 3A Osage City
Fisher Olathe Northwest 5'6 6A Olathe North
Rowland Andale 5'5 4A Holcomb
Ivey Sacred Heart 5'5 2A Smith Center
Rollins Chanute 5'4 4A Prairie View
Bader Douglass 5'4 3A Bluestem
Vannoster Independence 5'4 4A Prairie View
Banks Manhattan 5'4 6A Hutchinson
Klusener Andover 5'4 5A Emporia
Ohlde Linn 5'4 1A Valley Heights
Legette Seaman 5'4 5A Highland Park
Cooper Olathe Northwest 5'4 6A Olathe North
Richey Wichita East 5'4 6A W. Southeast
Dotson Junction City 5'4 6A W. Southeast
Sanders Valley Heights 5'4 1A Valley Heights
Murray Rolla 5'4 1A Garden City
Runnion Valley Center 5'4 5A Emporia
Kueser Anderson County 5'3.75 4A Prairie View
Wilson Sterling 5'3.75 3A Beloit
Pole Vault      
Name School Height Class-Regional
LeMunyon BV West 13'0 5A BV West
Hicks Free State 12'3 6A Free State
Clampitt DeSoto 11'7 4A KC Piper
Wheeler Kapaun 11'6 5A Liberal
Clark Wichita East 11'6 6A W. Southeast 
Turner Salina Central 11'3 5A Emporia
Eck Andale 11'2 4A Holcomb
Thompson Goodland 11'1 4A Holcomb
Williams Condordia 11'1 4A Royal Valley
Williams SM Northwest 11'0 6A Free State
Forrester Rock Creek 11'0 4A Royal Valley
Buller Goddard 11'0 5A Liberal
Fish  Wichita Northwest 10'9 6A W. Southeast 
Buie Gardner Edgerton 10'6 6A Free State
Smarsh Andale 10'6 4A Holcomb
Scott Republic County 10'6 2A Smith Center
Jackson Eisenhower 10'6 5A Liberal
Lanman SM North 10'6 6A Free State
Ko Kansas City Christian 10'6 2A Herington
Ediger Cimarron 10'4 4A Garden Plain
Fowles Clay Center 10'3 4A Holcomb
Hawk Bishop Carroll 10'3 5A Liberal
Esslinger Norton 10'1 3A Beloit
Heimerman Andale 10'0.5 4A Holcomb

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