Track in KS:2015 Girls State Leaderboard(Running Events)

Cailie Logue of Girard is among the nations best in the 1600. (submitted photo)
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen & Sean Boston
May 19, 2015

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100 Hurdles FAT    
Name School Time Class-Regional
Hines West Elk 14.19 2A Herington
Harmon Emporia 14.75 5A Emporia
Doll Flint Hills 14.8 1A Burlington
Bolden Collegiate 14.82 3A Garden Plain
Adams Hutchinson 14.83 6A Hutchinson
Dabney Free State 14.89 6A Free State
Broeckelman Beloit 15 3A Beloit
Vierya Hutch Trinity 15.07 3A Garden Plain
Norris Maize South 15.17 5A Emporia
Webb Mill Valley 15.19 5A BV West
Rudzlk Meade 15.2 2A Kiowa County
Eilert St. Johns Beloit 15.21 1A Valley Heights
Clark Free State  15.29 6A Free State
Muff Pittsburg 15.33 5A BV West
Arnold Ulysses 15.38 4A Holcomb
Reichenberger Andale 15.38 4A Holcomb
Poague SE Saline 15.44 3A Beloit
Albert Goddard 15.44 5A Liberal
Dooley Garden Plain 15.54 3A Garden Plain
Nebel Hesston 15.64 3A Garden Plain
McKee St. James Academy 15.64 5A BV West
Carter Sumner Academy 15.64 4A KC Piper
Maxwell Andale 15.64 4A Holcomb
Dowell Sterling 15.74 3A Beloit
Harris O. East 15.77 6A O. North
Michaela Washburn Rural 15.82 6A W. Southeast
Mahoney Kapaun 15.83 5A Liberal
Schmidt Caldwell 15.85 1A Burlington
300 Hurdles      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Broeckelman Beloit 44.96 3A Beloit
Reichenberger Andale 45.09 4A Holcomb
Williams SM North 45.46 6A Free State
Hines West Elk 45.58 2A Herington
Wilson Sterling 45.64 3A Beloit
Harmon Emporia 46.13 5A Emporia
Poague SE Saline 46.26 3A Beloit
Rolfs Central Plains 46.43 2A Smith Center
Muff Pittsburg 46.45 5A BV West
Arnold Ulysses 46.51 4A Holcomb
Clark Solomon 46.79 2A Washington Co.
Lange Moundridge 46.81 2A Herington
Demel Hoisington 46.83 4A Holcomb
Bartel Newton 46.83 5A Emporia
Lange Moundridge 46.86 2A Herington
Kerschen Cunningham 46.88 1A Garden City
Clark Free State 47.02 6A Free State
Mortenson Maize South 47.05 5A Liberal
Alber Goddard 47.09 5A Liberal
Aube BV Northwest 47.12 6A Olathe North
Stapleton Meade 47.14 2A Kiowa County
Legette Seaman 47.17 5A Highland Park
Lambert Concordia 47.23 4A Royal Valley
Conway Hill City 47.24 2A Smith Center
Goetz Sacred Heart 47.42 2A Smith Center
Holmes Maize 47.42 6A Hutchinson
Demel Hoisington 47.46 3A Beloit
Vieyra Hutch Trinity 47.56 3A Garden Plain
Doll Flint Hills 47.63 1A Burlington
Wren Hutchinson 47.64 6A Hutchinson
Anderson Chapman 47.66 4A Royal Valley
White Silver Lake 47.72 3A Osage City
Mahoney Kapaun 47.73 5A Liberal
Nebel Hesston 47.76 3A Garden Plain
Smarsh Andale 47.89 4A Holcomb
Sanchez SM South 47.96 6A Free State
Ruder McPherson 48.06 4A Holcomb
Widrig Beloit 48.06 3A Beloit
McKee St. James Academy 48.1 5A BV West
Holmes Maize 48.21 6A Hutchinson
Maxwell Andale 48.21 4A Holcomb
100 Meter Dash      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Lister Leavenworth 11.85 5A Highland Park
Evans W. East 12.09 6A W. Southeast
Wiens Meade 12.1 2A Kiowa County
Simmons Newton 12.11 5A Emporia
Miles Lansing 12.13 5A Highland Park
Francis Sedgwick 12.15 3A Garden Plain
Schupe Minneapolis 12.17 3A Beloit
Darby O. South 12.17 6A O. North
Hayes Maize South 12.19 5A Liberal
Deweese Pratt Skyline 12.25 1A Garden City
Roberts Sterling 12.32 3A Beloit
Flax Dodge City 12.33 6A Hutchinson
Mares Andover 12.33 5A Emporia
Wilkerson Topeka 12.34 6A W. Southeast
Andres Newton 12.35 5A Emporia
Burl Wichita East 12.35 6A W. Southeast
Little Chapman 12.36 4A Royal Valley
Eckels W. Southeast 12.36 6A W. Southeast
Posey Topeka 12.37 6A W. Southeast
Newton Coffeyville 12.41 4A Prairie View
Brownlee Maranatha Acad. 12.44 2A Herington
Heiman Silver Lake 12.44 3A Osage City
Hines W. Southeast 12.47 6A W. Southeast
Schmelzer Garden Plain 12.47 3A Garden Plain
Keller Buhler 12.49 4A Holcomb
Heidel Belle Plaine 12.51 3A Garden Plain
Schaffer Olathe Northwest 12.52 6A O. North
Ware Sedgwick 12.53 3A Garden Plain
Wesley Oberlin-Decatur 12.53 2A Smith Center
Budke Beloit 12.54 3A Beloit
Omli Eisenhower 12.54 5A Liberal
Riner Seaman 12.54 5A Highland Park
Schettler Wellington 12.54 4A Holcomb
Banks Manhattan 12.54 6A Hutchinson
Price Wichita West 12.55 6A Hutchinson
Mayfield SM East 12.55 6A Free State
Stewart Olathe North  12.56 6A Olathe North
Blue Olathe North  12.56 6A Olathe North
Sirls KC Washington 12.57 5A KC Washington
Iwens Maize South 12.57 5A Emporia
Williams Wichita Heights 12.58 5A Emporia
Womack Wichita Northwest 12.58 6A W. Southeast
Stucky Moundridge 12.59 2A Herington
Heim Hoxie 12.59 1A FHSU
200 Meter Dash      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Lister Leavenworth 24.48 5A Highland Park
Matthews Indpendence 25.12 4A Prairie View
Miles Lansing 25.13 5A Highland Park
Darby O. South 25.33 6A O. North
Omare BV North 25.4 6A O. North
Flax Dodge City 25.51 6A Hutchinson
Schupe Minneapolis 25.52 3A Beloit
Simmons Newton 25.58 5A Emporia
Mosley W. Southeast 25.63 6A W. Southeast
Hayes Maize South 25.64 5A Liberal
Wilkerson Topeka 25.68 6A W. Southeast 
Brownlee Maranatha 25.73 2A Washington Co.
Drees Ell-Saline 25.76 2A Smith Center
Blue O. North 25.76 6A O. North
Shupe Minneapolis 25.77 3A Beloit
Evans W. East 25.79 6A W. Southeast
Howland El Dorado 25.82 4A Royal Valley
Parker Elkhart 25.83 2A Kiowa County
Richard W. Heights 25.84 5A. Emporia
Mayfield SM East 25.92 6A Free State
Schaffer Olathe Northwest 25.93 6A O. North
Deweese Pratt Skyline 26.08 1A Garden City
Hall W. Northwest 26.1 6A W. Southeast
Heim Hoxie 26.13 1A FHSU
Marshall DeSoto 26.14 4A KC Piper
Bingham Maranatha 26.14 2A Washington Co.
Wesley Oberlin-Decatur 26.15 2A Smith Center
Bryant Great Bend 26.22 5A Emporia
Wiens Meade 26.23 2A Kiowa County
Heinen BV West 26.24 5A BV West
Carter Sumner 26.24 4A KC Piper
Bargman Linn 26.31 1A Valley Heights
Andres Newton 26.33 5A Emporia
Griffiths Winfield 26.35 4A Royal Valley
Price W. West 26.41 6A Hutchinson
Stewart O. North 26.42 6A O. North
400 Meter Dash      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Ferguson Silver Lake 56.9 3A Osage City
Mosley Wichita Southeast 56.93 6A W. Southeast
Omare BV North 56.18 6A O. North
Howland El Dorado 57.58 4A Royal Valley
Griffiths Winfield 57.94 4A Royal Valley
Wright Hutchinson 58.23 6A Hutchinson
Drees Ell-Saline 58.27 2A Smith Center
Greene Salina Central 58.46 5A Emporia
McKee Colby 58.99 4A Holcomb
Edwards Lawrence 59.1 6A Free State
Sanders Hoisington 59.34 3A Beloit
Vanes Wichita Northwest 59.5 6A W. Southeast
Kennard Free State 59.59 6A Free State
Wilson Mill Valley 59.61 5A BV West
Marshall DeSoto 59.64 4A KC Piper
Johnson Maize South 59.76 5A Liberal
Shupe Minneapolis 59.77 3A Beloit
Thuston O. East 59.86 6A O. North
Bingham Maranatha 59.9 2A Washington Co.
Tomtschik Goddard 59.96 5A Liberal
Wilson Mill Valley 60.01 5A BV West
Gfeller Russell 60.03 3A Beloit
Blue O. North 60.09 6A O. North
Denner Marysville 60.15 3A Beloit
Dunekack Great Bend 60.28 5A Liberal
Logue Girard 60.33 4A Prairie View
Chaffin Maize 60.33 6A Hutchinson
Tryon Gardner Edgerton 60.33 6A Free State
Ware Sedgwick 60.36 3A Garden Plain
Harshberger Dodge City 60.43 6A Hutchinson
Iwena Maize South 60.46 5A Emporia
Gurrola Garden City 60.55 6A Hutchinson
Casper Pittsburg 60.57 5A BV West
Herzberg Wichita East 60.58 6A W. Southeast 
Stucky Moundridge 60.62 2A Herington
Ernst Valley Center 60.62 5A Emporia
Wiens Meade 60.64 2A Kiowa County
800 Meter Run      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Logue Girard 02:17.8 4A Prairie View
Griffiths Winfield 02:18.3 4A Royal Valley
Kaiser SM West 02:18.4 6A Free State
Manning Maranatha Academy 02:20.3 2A Washington Co.
Scott BV North 02:20.5 6A Olathe North
Gunnerson Blue Valley 02:20.6 6A O. North
Dalmasso St. Marys 02:20.6 3A Osage City
Harrell Maranatha Academy 02:21.3 2A Washington Co.
Guyot St. James 02:21.6 5A BV West
Ferguson Silver Lake 02:21.7 3A Osage City
Vermillion O. East 02:22.2 6A O. North
Robinson Lansing 02:22.2 5A Highland Park
Frausto W. Northwest 02:22.2 6A W. Southeast
Holloway Salina South 02:22.3 5A Emporia
Wilson Mill Valley 02:22.3 5A BV West
Aguiar SM East 02:22.7 6A Free State
Davis O. East 02:22.7 6A O. North
Harshberger Dodge City 02:22.8 6A Hutchinson
Crews Maranatha Academy 02:22.8 2A Washington Co.
Gabler Lawrence 02:23.1 6A Free State
Humphreys Junction City 02:23.4 6A Hutchinson
Williams Hutchinson 02:23.6 6A Hutchinson
Rowatt SM West 02:23.7 6A Free State
Melgares Manhattan 02:24.1 6A Hutchinson
Pace Junction City 02:24.1 6A Hutchinson
Reed SM North 02:24.2 6A Free State
Kopplin O. East 02:24.6 6A O. North
Theis Kingman 02:24.6 3A Garden Plain
Ochoa Manhattan 02:24.9 6A Hutchinson
Helfrich Pratt 02:25.1 4A Holcomb
Carroll SM South 02:25.3 6A Olathe North
Holloman  Topeka 02:25.4 6A W. Southeast
Walcott Basehor-Linwood 02:25.7 4A KC Piper
Lagerman Great Bend 02:25.7 5A Liberal
Stutterheim SE Saline 02:25.8 3A Beloit
Holloway Salina South 02:26.0 5A Emporia
Neufeld Baldwin 02:26.0 4A KC Piper
Sneed Aquinas 02:26.1 5A BV West
Venters Lawrence Free State  02:26.1 6A Lawrence Free State
Gueldner O. Northwest 02:26.1 6A O. Northwest
1600 Meter Run      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Logue Girard 04:59.1 4A Prairie View
Harrell Maranatha Academy 05:01.9 2A Washington Co.
Manning Maranatha Academy 05:04.7 2A Washington Co.
Venters Lawrence Free State 05:04.9 6A Lawrence Free State
Born SM Northwest 05:06.4 6A Free State
Westhoff Fort Scott 05:06.8 4A Prairie View
Bogina Northeast-Arma 05:07.4 3A Bluestem
Taylor SM North 05:11.2 6A Free State
Davis O. East 05:12.2 6A O. North
Gueldner O. Northwest 05:12.3 6A O. North
Dietch Aquinas 05:12.7 5A BV West
Rowatt SM West 05:13.2 6A Free State
Scott BV North 05:14.9 6A O. North
Jones St. James 05:15.1 5A BV West
Downey Aquinas 05:15.8 5A BV West
Kopplin O. East 05:16.2 6A O. North
Frausto W. Northwest 05:16.2 6A W. Southeast
Griffiths Winfield 05:17.4 4A Royal Valley
Helfrich Pratt 05:18.2 4A Holcomb
Shanley O. South 05:18.2 6A O. North
Paule BV Southwest 05:18.9 5A BV West
Eskridge Maize South 05:18.9 5A Emporia
Mijares Trinity Academy 05:19.5 4A Royal Valley
Robinson Lansing 05:19.8 5A Highland Park
Sechrist Hillsboro 05:19.9 3A Beloit
3200 Meter Run      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Bogina Northeast-Arma 11:03.1 3A Bluestem
Born SM Northwest 11:04.7 6A Free State
Downey Aquinas 11:05.3 5A BV West
Utech Maize 11:06.0 6A Hutchinson
Venters Free State 11:07.7 6A Free State
Dietch Aquinas 11:07.8 5A BV West
Harrell Maranatha Academy 11:08.8 2A Washington Co.
Logue Girard 11:09.2 4A Prairie View
Westhoff Fort Scott 11:09.3 4A Prairie View
O'Bryan St. Paul 11:09.7 1A Burlington
Gueldner Olathe Northwest 11:16.7 6A O. North
Taylor SM North 11:18.0 6A Free State
Miljares W. Trinity 11:20.6 4A Holcomb
Scott BV Northwest 11:21.6 6A O. North
Davis O. East 11:22.6 6A O. North
Jones St. James Academy 11:24.0 5A BV West
Paule BV Southwest 11:29.3 5A BV West
Walker Maize 11:29.6 6A Hutchinson
Eskridge Maize South 11:33.5 5A Maize South
Wiltanger Olathe Northwest 11:33.6 6A O.North
Sanner Free State 11:34.7 6A Free State
Cordes Free State 11:35.0 6A Free State
Clay O. North 11:38.8 6A O. North
LaRocco O. East 11:39.1 6A O. North
Puvogel Hiawatha 11:39.2 3A Osage City
Sechrist Hillsboro 11:41.0 3A Beloit
Reyna Wichita Northwest 11:41.2 6A Hutchinson
Honeyman Santa Fe Trail 11:41.5 4A KC Piper
Helfrich Pratt 11:42.1 4A Holcomb
Rode Aquinas 11:45.2 5A BV West
Wright Douglass 11:45.3 3A Bluestem

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