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Track in KS: 2015 Boys State Leaderboard(Running Events)

Dylan Hodgson of 2A Washington Co. is among the best in Kansas. (courtesy photo)
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen & Sean Boston
May 3, 2015

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110 Hurdles FAT    
Name School Time Class-Regional
Birch Andover Central 14.25 5A Emporia
Stephens O. East 14.32 6A O. North
Smith Valley Heights 14.46 1A Valley Heights
Hornback Bishop Carroll 14.51 5A Liberal
Green BV Southwest 14.56 5A BV West
Sanders W. Heights 14.6 5A Emporia
Harken SM East 14.61 6A Free State
Reichenberger Wellington 14.72 4A Holcomb
Ladwig Berean Academy 14.75 2A Herington
Johnson Hutchinson 14.8 6A Hutchinson
Gardner KC Shlagle 14.82 5A Highland Park
Griffin W. South 14.84 6A W. Southeast
Hodson SM Northwest 14.84 6A Free State
Sanders Free State 14.84 6A Free State
Williams Stockton 14.87 1A FHSU
Sobalvarro Liberal 14.91 5A Liberal
Xander Wichita North 14.92 6A Hutchinson
Hullings Kapaun 14.99 5A Liberal
Greenwood Osawatomie 15 4A Prairie View
Alexander South Central 15 2A Kiowa County
Newcomer Haven 15 3A Garden Plain
Dennis Louisburg 15.04 4A Prairie View
Horyna Circle 15.06 4A Royal Valley
Moore Lawrence 15.13 6A Free State
Hanna Maize 15.2 6A Hutchinson
Bender Abilene 15.24 4A Royal Valley
300 Hurdles      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Mcalpin Shawnee Heights 37.8 5A Highland Park
Gardner Schlagle 38.1 5A Highland Park
Green BV Southwest 38.73 5A BV West
Harken SM East 39.03 6A Free State
Sobalvarro Liberal 39.22 5A Liberal
Reichenberger Wellington 39.3 4A Holcomb
Griffin W. South 39.6 6A W. Southeast
Stephens O. East 39.68 6A Olathe North
Xander Wichita North 39.73 6A Hutchinson
Hemann Hugoton 39.74 4A Holcomb
Greenwood Osawatomie 39.79 4A Prairie View
Ladwig Berean Academy 39.82 2A Herington
Birch Andover Central 39.9 5A Emporia
Williams Stockton 40.13 1A FHSU
Eck  Andale 40.15 4A Holcomb
Newcomer Haven 40.19 3A Garden Plain
Hodson SM Northwest 40.23 6A Free State
Hornback Bishop Carroll 40.26 5A Liberal
Blackburn Carroll 40.26 5A Liberal
Mcrae Scott City 40.3 3A Beloit
Deas Mill Valley 40.43 5A BV West
Horyna Towanda-Circle 40.63 4A Royal Valley
Mouton Sumner 40.64 4A KC Piper
Sanders Free State 40.73 6A Free State
Smith Valley Heights 40.82 1A Valley Heights
Eaton Girard 40.93 4A Prairie View
100 Meter Dash      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Remsberg Newton 10.61 5A Emporia
King Valley Center 10.69 5A Newton
Brown Norton 10.71 3A Beloit
Woods Lawrence 10.73 6A Free State
Brockelman Rock Hills 10.75 1A Valley Heights
Okeouo Goddard 10.75 5A Liberal
Lenneman Phillipsburg 10.77 3A Beloit
Robinson Leavenworth 10.78 5A Highland Park
Reagan Topeka Seaman 10.79 5A Highland Park
Lane Free State 10.8 6A Free State
Middleton Hutchinson 10.8 6A Hutchinson
Gardner Salina Central 10.81 5A Emporia
Adams Turner 10.83 5A BV West
Landeros Lyons 10.83 3A Beloit
Ponds Campus 10.83 6A W. Southeast
Barco Elkhart 10.83 2A Kiowa Co.
Cohens Hutchinson 10.84 6A Hutchinson
Baldwin Junction City 10.85 6A Hutchinson
Davis Ellsworth 10.86 3A Beloit
Schoenfeld St. Marys  10.86 3A Osage City
Griffin Miege 10.86 4A KC Piper
Bender Abilene 10.87 4A Royal Valley
Stoppel McPherson 10.87 4A Holcomb
Mendenhall Perry Lecompton 10.89 4A KC Piper
Burnett W. East 10.89 6A W. Southeast
Hayes Derby 10.9 6A W. Southeast
Sigwig Halstead 10.9 3A Garden Plain
Stewart Maize 10.92 6A Hutchinson
Henry Shawnee Heights 10.93 5A Highland Park
Koelzer Nemaha Central 10.93 3A Osage City
Parker Topeka 10.94 6A W. Southeast
Melius Wakefield 10.94 2A Washington Co.
Carter Augusta 10.94 4A Royal Valley
200 Meter Dash      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Green O. South 21.58 6A O. North
Reagan Seaman 21.69 5A Highland Park
Remsberg Newton 21.76 5A Emporia
Lenneman Phillipsburg 21.93 3A Beloit
Adams Turner 21.98 5A BV West
Thomas Olathe Northwest 22.06 6A Olathe North
Stewart Maize 22.13 6A Hutchinson
Frausto Maize South 22.14 5A Liberal
Henry Shawnee Heights 22.19 5A Highland Park
Woods Lawrence 22.21 6A Free State
Murphy  O. North 22.25 6A O. North
Robinson Leavenworth 22.32 5A Highland Park
Blake Turner 22.36 5A BV West
Nguyen Mill Valley 22.36 5A BV West
Middleton Hutchinson 22.39 6A Hutchinson
Simmons O. North 22.42 6A O. North
Stoppel McPherson 22.43 4A Holcomb
Mohn Emporia 22.44 5A Emporia
Burns Wichita Trinity 22.49 4A Royal Valley
Potts Leavenworth 22.51 5A Highland Park
King Valley Center 22.52 5A Emporia
Goodwin Bishop Miege 22.53 4A KC Piper
Nelson Eureka 22.59 3A Bluestem
Brown Norton 22.59 3A Beloit
Anguiano Ulysses 22.61 4A Holcomb
Melius Wakefield 22.61 2A Washington Co.
Hubert Shawnee Heights 22.61 5A Highland Park
Gardner Schlagle 22.62 5A Highland Park
Patterson Cheney 22.63 3A Garden Plain
Zabokrtsky Hanover 22.64 1A Valley Heights
Pyle Aquinas 22.65 5A BV West
Katt Hoxie 22.65 1A FHSU
Ely Gardner Edgerton 22.65 6A Free State
Henderson Gardner Edgerton 22.66 6A Free State
Wilson Junction City 22.66 6A Hutchinson
Taliaferro Junction City 22.66 6A Hutchinson
Sandefur Rose Hill 22.67 4A Royal Valley
Skipper Deerfield 22.68 1A Garden City
Strawn Wellsville 22.69 3A Osage City
Davis Ellsworth 22.7 2A Kiowa County
400 Meter Dash      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Green O. South 48.26 6A O. North
Blake Turner 48.5 5A BV West
Murphy  O. North 48.83 6A O. North
Griffin Wichita South 49.23 6A W. Southeast
Lewis St. James  49.34 5A BV West
Martin Manhattan 49.35 6A Hutchinson
Mohn Emporia 49.38 5A Emporia
Barnes Abilene 49.7 4A Royal Valley
Carrasco Great Bend 49.87 5A Emporia
McCabe SM Northwest 49.97 6A Free State
Torres Liberal 50.03 5A Liberal
Coppoc Concordia 50.04 4A Royal Valley
Knoblauch Andale 50.11 4A Holcomb
Diggs Aquinas 50.16 5A BV West
Remsberg Newton 50.17 5A Emporia
Green BV Southwest 50.2 5A BV West
Frausto Maize South 50.21 5A Liberal
Damman Girard 50.28 4A Prairie View
Hines W. Southeast 50.31 6A W. Southeast
Mcalpin Shawnee Heights 50.33 5A Highland Park
Evans Bishop Carroll 50.36 5A Liberal
Skipper Deerfield 50.37 1A Garden City
Waldo O. South 50.47 6A Olathe North
Johnson SM South 50.51 6A Olathe North
Rodriquez Wichita Heights 50.74 5A Emporia
Weiss BV North 50.94 6A Olathe North
Sandquist Sacred Heart 50.98 2A Smith Center
Pfeiff Moundridge 51.1 2A Herington
Johnson St. Marys  51.11 3A Osage City
800 Meter Run      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Lovenstein Mill Valley 01:54.0 5A BV West
Hodge DeSoto 01:55.4 4A KC Piper
True Olpe 01:55.8 2A Herington
Meeks Mill Valley 01:56.2 5A BV West
Meyer Scott City 01:56.4 3A Beloit
Sandquist Sacred Heart 01:56.5 2A Smith Center
Donley Free State 01:56.6 6A Free State
Dammon Girard 01:57.4 4A Prairie View
Lenz Andover 01:57.5 5A Emporia
Matters Olathe East 01:57.6 6A O. North
Johnson SM South 01:57.8 6A O. North
Reinke Olathe South 01:57.9 6A O. North
Southard Pittsburg 01:58.1 5A BV West
Schwarting Abilene 01:58.1 4A Royal Valley
Bayehaden Olathe East 01:58.2 6A O. North
Gfeller Russell 01:58.5 3A Beloit
Helm Baldwin 01:58.6 4A KC Piper
Stevenson SM North 01:58.8 6A Free State
Bosley Maize 01:58.8 6A Hutchinson
Barco Elkhart 01:58.9 2A Kiowa County
Religa Manhattan 01:59.3 6A Hutchinson
Wingerson Smith Center 01:59.3 2A Smith Center
Kramer Seaman 01:59.6 5A Highland Park
Harris Derby 01:59.6 6A W. Southeast
Matters Olathe East 01:59.7 6A O. North
Waldo Olathe South 01:59.9 6A O. North
Allen Maranatha 02:00.1 2A Washington Co.
Griffin Wichita South 02:00.2 6A W. Southeast
Skinner Olathe East 02:00.4 6A O. North
Hodgson Washington Co. 02:00.4 2A Washington Co.
Kerr Maize South 02:00.5 5A Emporia
Fonseca Wichita West 02:00.6 6A Hutchinson
Schillings Wichita East 02:00.6 6A W. Southeast
Bado SM Northwest 02:00.6 6A Free State
Ramirez Wichita South 02:00.7 6A W. Southeast
Murillo DeSoto 02:00.7 4A KC Piper
Wells Kapaun 02:00.8 5A Liberal
McNutt BV West 02:00.8 5A BV West
1600 Meter Run      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Lovenstein Mill Valley 04:13.8 5A BV West
Hodgson Washington Co. 04:15.6 2A Washington Co.
Melgares Manhattan 04:17.4 6A Hutchinson
McNutt BV West 04:18.5 5A BV West
True Olpe 04:18.9 2A Herington
Osen Winfield 04:21.0 4A Royal Valley
Dickerson Hayden 04:21.1 4A Royal Valley
Schroeder Manhattan 04:22.6 6A Hutchinson
Liston Free State 04:23.3 6A Free State
Hodge De Soto 04:23.9 4A KC Piper
Meeks Mill Valley 04:24.8 5A BV West
Donahue Blue Valley 04:25.7 6A O. North
Moore SM East 04:25.8 6A Free State
Gorthy Blue Valley 04:26.0 6A O. North
Skinner Olathe East 04:26.0 6A O. North
Elliott BV North 04:26.2 6A O. North
Fonseca W. West 04:26.4 6A Hutchinson
Kramer Seaman 04:26.7 5A Highland Park
Donley Free State 04:26.8 6A Free State
Henderson Shawnee Heights 04:27.6 5A Highland Park
Penner Macksville 04:27.9 6A Garden City
Shanahan Aquinas 04:28.2 5A BV West
Cuevas Kiowa County 04:28.5 2A Kiowa Co.
Sandquist Sacred Heart 04:28.9 2A Smith Center
Banuelos Wichita North 04:29.4 6A Hutchinson
Embry BV North 04:29.7 6A O. North
Irish Salina South 04:30.0 5A Emporia
Wiscombe SM West 04:30.1 6A Free State
Doll Garden City 04:30.9 6A Hutchinson
Gonzalez BV North 04:31.5 6A O. North
Weiderholt Blue Valley 04:31.7 6A O. North
Kossover Maize South 04:31.7 5A Emporia
Bosley Maize 04:32.0 6A Hutchinson
Barco Elkhart 04:32.2 2A Kiowa Co.
Gardiner Ashland 04:32.4 1A Garden City
3200 Meter Run      
Name School Time Class-Regional
Osen Winfield 09:13.4 4A Royal Valley
McNutt BV West 09:16.4 5A BV West
Melgares Manhattan 09:19.5 6A Hutchinson
Fonseca Wichita West 09:20.9 6A Hutchinson
Schroeder Manhattn 09:26.3 6A Hutchinson
Liston Free State 09:27.5 6A Free State
Becker Bishop Carroll 09:30.2 5A Liberal
Gorthy Blue Valley 09:36.0 6A O. North
Callaway Pike Valley 09:37.8 1A Valley Heights
Hodgson Washington Co. 09:40.2 2A Washington Co.
Shanahan Aquinas 09:40.5 5A BV West
Banuelos Wichita North 09:42.3 6A Hutchinson
Heikes Olathe North 09:46.1 6A O. North
Moore SM East 09:46.1 6A Free State
Mikuls Blue Valley 09:47.0 6A O. North
Klemz Hayden 09:47.8 4A Royal Valley
Flanders Washburn Rural 09:48.5 6A W. Southeast
Hockenberry Free State 09:49.0 6A Free State
Skinner O. East 09:50.0 6A O. North
Petracek Aquinas 09:50.1 5A Highland Park
Gonzalez BV North 09:50.2 6A O. North
Podelina Seaman 09:50.6 5A Highland Park
Maxey SM South 09:51.0 6A O. North
Schmidt Hayden 09:51.1 4A Royal Valley
Johnson Oolathe North 09:51.5 6A O. North
Akalu SM North 09:52.0 6A Free State
Moen Andover 09:52.2 5A Emporia
Donley Free State 09:52.4 6A Free State
Cruz Dodge City 09:52.5 6A Hutchinson
Cole Aquinas 09:53.1 5A BV West
Depenbusch Great Bend 09:54.1 5A Emporia
Kahnk Olathe East 09:54.1 6A O. North
Becker Free State 09:54.3 6A Free State
Hawkins Andover 09:56.2 5A Emporia
Tru e Olpe 09:56.2 2A Herington
Arnspiger SM East 09:56.9 6A Free State
Kossover Maize South 09:56.9 5A Emporia
Brenneman Spring Hill 09:57.1 4A KC Piper
Cropp Washburn Rural 09:58.1 6A W. Southeast
Eastham Blue Valley SW 09:58.7 5A BV West
Penner Macksville 09:58.8 1A Garden City CC
Duevas Kiowa County 09:59.8 2A Kiowa County

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