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ESPN 100.7 The Sports Headquarters 2015 All-Star Game

The event will take place in Frontneac on Friday April 3rd.
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
Mar 31, 2015

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(Pittsburg, KS 4/3/14) – The best Senior boys and girls high school basketball players will take the court in Frontenac  as part of the ESPN 100.7 TheSports Headquarters  2015  All-Star Game.

The event, scheduled for Friday April 3rd at Frontenac High School in Frontenac.  will feature 20 girls and 20 boys players, all selected by area coaches. The CNC, SEK, Three Rivers, Tri-Valley, and Pioneer leagues are all represented.

Scheduled to begin with the girls game at 6:00 pm with the boys game immediately following, the event includes a girls and boys three-point competition, as well as a dunk contest. Previous participants in the game have gone on to star at several collegiate levels, including at NCAA Division I, II, and III, NAIA, and junior college schools.

“This event features the best in high school basketball players in the area, and we are privileged to help in putting it together,” said Mike Snow, programming director at ESPN 100.7. “The game gives players a chance to suit up one more time in high school before moving on to the next level, wherever that may be.”

Tickets for the game are $6 fpr adults, $4 for students,  and can be purchased at the door the day of the event. As a token of appreciation for area high school basketball coaches, they will be admitted free of charge.

More information about the 2015 Sports Headquarters All-Star Game can be found on the station’s website, at www.espn1007.com.


What: 2015 Sports Headquarters All-Star Game

When: Friday, April 3rd 2015

Where: Frontenac High School, Frontenac Kansas

Game time: Girls 6:00 pm, boys immediately follows

Rosters: Please see attached sheets


2015 All-Star Roster (Girls)

#             Name                                                    Pos.                       Height                  School                                                 

3              Sarah Derrick                                     F                              5-8                          Independence
5              Alexus Johnson                G                             5-8                          Coffeyville-Field Kindley
11           Kaylee Bogina                                    G                             5-5                          Northeast-Arma
12           Lindsay Francis                                  G                             5-6                          Erie
20           Ashton Wood                                    G/F                        5-6                          St. Paul
22           Blake Burns                                        F                              5-8                          Baxter Springs
23           Malorrie Kukovich                           G/F                        5-5                          Fredonia
24           Tabor Spurling                                   G                             5-7                          Frontenac
25           Katy Short                                           G                             5-7                          Pittsburg
30           Abby Shelton                                     F                              6-0                          Galena

1              Alex Minton                                       G                             5-5                          St. Mary’s-Colgan
2              Brianna Bogan                                   F                              6-0                          Jayhawk-Linn
4              Olivia Murdock                                  G/F                        5-9                          Columbus
5              Olivia Powell                                      G/F                        5-8                          Southeast-Cherokee
10           Blair Johnson                                     G                             5-6                          Coffeyville-Field Kindley
15           Didi Mouer                                         F                              5-6                          Eureka
23           Desiree Nelson                                 G                             5-5                          Caney Valley
24           Kelsey Potter                                     G/F                        5-6                          Neodesha
30           Kenya Kelly                                         F                              5-8                          Parsons
42           Elisha Hasenplaugh                         F                              5-8                          Fort Scott



2015 All-Star Roster (Boys)

#             Name                                                    Pos.                       Height                  School                                                 

00           Nate Bole                                            G                             5-11                       Columbus
2              Tate Turner                                        G                             6-3                          Independence
10           Brad Hershey                                     G                             6-0                          Coffeyville-Field Kindley
11           Kel Yeoman                                        F                              6-6                          Oswego              
13           Tanner Forrest                                  G/F                        6-3                          Frontenac
15           Riley Ulery                                          F                              6-5                          Southeast-Cherokee
22           Alex Fink                                              F                              6-1                          Fort Scott
31           Garek Peters                                     G                             6-2                          Erie
35           Kason Siemens                                 G                             5-8                          Humboldt
44           Zack Stewart                                      F                              6-6                          Labette County

1              Markiez Pulliam                                F                              6-2                          Humboldt
3              Dennis Hensley                 G                             5-11                       Northeast-Arma
10           Landon North                                    G                             6-1                          Riverton
11           Isiah Taylor                                         G/F                        6-3                          Parsons
12           Derek Sharp                                       G                             6-3                          Chanute
13           Ian Duncan                                         F                              6-5                          St. Mary’s-Colgan
15           James Brooks                                    G                             6-1                          Frontenac
15           Jake Bradbury                                   G                             5-9                          Fort Scott
33           Gabe Helton                                      F                              6-1                          Galena
42           Jacob Matthews                               F                              6-4                          Caney Valley