Faces in KS: Drake Hake

Drake Hake of Concordia is one of the top running backs in Kansas. (photo: Carleen Nordell)
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
Nov 12, 2014

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He's not the biggest guy on the field at 5-7 and 175 pounds, but Concordia senior running back, Drake Hake, is one of the most explosive players in Kansas. You can ask any defender on the football field, it's very hard to find him. 

"I use my size and explosiveness to my advantage. It allows me to squeeze through holes others cant and hide behind the offensive line," Hake said. "It's hard for defenders to bring me down with my low center of gravity."

Just how explosive is Hake off the field? He has a bench press of 275 pounds, squats 455, and cleans 305 pounds. He also features a 40-yard dash time in the 4.4 range. Strength and conditioning are the biggest parts of Hakes game.

"I worked out twice a day in the offseason to help increase my speed and strength," Hake said.

It's certainly paid off as Hake is one of the states top rushers in 2014. He has ran for 1,873 yards and 23 touchdowns after 10 games. He averages 8.2 yards per carry. Hake now has 3,802 rushing yards in his career, despite missing some time last year due to injury. 

"This season has went well for us to be in the playoffs, we were 2-7 a year ago," Hake said. 

This season marks 15 years since Concordia last won a state football title (1999). That year they featured all-state running back, Josh Williams, who ran for 282 yards with four touchdowns in the title game. Williams rushed for 1,838 yards and 25 touchdowns for the 4A state champion (11-2). Hake has already passed the single season school record of Williams this season in just 10 games.

Hake's big season has Concordia at 8-2 and in the 4A-II sectionals with a match-up against Andale this Friday. The Panthers, led by head coach Tim Lambert, are in the round of eight for the first time since 1999, when they won it all in 4A. This is the schools third appearance in the final eight teams (1978, 1999, 2014). 

We caught up with the outstanding senior below...

Q&A w/ Hake

How did you become involved in athletics?

I became involved in athletics at a young age.

How has the season went for you?

The season has went well this year, won a District championship and have had a successful 8-2 season so far coming off of a 2-7 season last year.

Who are some key players for the Panthers?

Some of the key players are Colby Trost (Jr, LB) and Ethan Bechard (Jr, QB/SS).

What will it take for you guys to make a run to the 4A-II title?

It will take a huge commitment as a team, taking one game at a time.

How would you describe yourself as a football player?

I would describe myself as a leader of the football team. And also both speed/power running back.

What did you do in the offseason to become a better player?

Off Season I worked out twice a day to increase power along with speed and agility drills to increase my overall speed a couple times a week.

Take us through a typical workout of yours…

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is arms and upper body, consists of Bench, Dumbbell Bench, Curls, Tricep Extension, and Hang Clean. Tuesday and Thursday is legs, consists of squat, power clean, own legged curls, and hip sled.

How do you use your size to your advantage?

I use my small explosive size to my advantage. Allows for me to squeeze through tight holes in the line and helps me hide myself behind my offensive lineman. Have low center of gravity so it makes it tough for defenders to bring me down.

Plans at the next level?

I plan to play either baseball or football. (note: Hake is an all-league infielder at Concordia)

What is it like to play for Coach Lambert?

Playing for coach Lambert is great. He provides a great atmosphere for his players and coaches

What is it like to  grow up in Concordia?

Growing up in Concordia has been great. Community really supports high school athletics and other school activities

When you aren’t on the field, what do you do?

In my spare time I like to lift weights, hunt, fish, and spend time with my girlfriend, friends, and family.