2019 Track in Kansas Leaderboard: Girls Relays

Girls relay leaders
By: Carol Swenson for Sports in Kansas
Apr 22, 2019

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This 2019  Top 10 List is available and up-dated periodically on Sports in Kansas/Track in Kansas at along with the Kansas All-Time Prep List. 

Up-Date as of 4/22/19

Carol R. Swenson

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Email:   swensonc@mcpherson.edu

2019 Kansas Prep Track & Field

(UP-DATED 4/22/19)

Coaches, please send your complete meet results, noting whether the meet was hand-timed or FAT.

Times listed to hundredths have been verified as FAT.   Hand-timed preliminary marks are not considered for listing, only hand-timed finals.

( h: Times are listed using the +0.24 difference between hand and fully automatic times (i.e., 10.5 hand = 10.74 FAT) for races of less than one lap and +0.14 for races of one lap or longer.)

Marks with classifications preceding are Class Leaders when not among top 10-15 yearly performances.

*       Junior

**     Sophomore

***    Freshman

****  8th Grade

(x)    KSHSAA Approved School

+      Known legal wind

&      Summer meet.  Did not compete for KSHSAA approved school during spring season

4x100 M RELAY


Gardner-Edgerton (6A)                           49.17p

Leavenworth (6A)                                  49.21

Lawrence (6A)                                      49.35p

Olathe North (6A)                                 49.91

KC Piper (4A)                                       49.91

Wichita East (6A)                                  50.17

Bishop Carroll (5A)                                50.22

Blue Valley-OP (6A)                               50.26

Newton (5A)                                        50.29

Olathe NW (6A)                                   50.30p

Olathe South (6A)                                 50.31p

Andale (4A)                                         50.42

Olathe West (6A)                                  50.54

Circle (4A)                                           50.61

SM West (6A)                                      50.63

Wichita Heights (5A)                              50.70

Dodge City (6A)                                    50.73

McPherson (5A)                                    50.78

Council Grove (3A)                               50.79p

Pittsburg (5A)                                       51.00

SM East (6A)                                        51.06p

Valley Center (5A)                                 51.07

Derby (6A)                                          51.08

Norton Community (3A)                         51.14

Kiowa County (1A)                                51.1h

Manhattan (6A)                                     51.39

Bishop Miege (4A)                                 51.40

Topeka West (5A)                                 51.46

Wamego (4A)                                       51.4h

Bennington (2A)                                    51.4h

Junction City (6A)                                  51.56

Wichita SE (6A)                                    51.57

Hutchinson (6A)                                    51.59


4x200 M RELAY 


Leavenworth (6A)                                   1:43.83

SM West (6A)                                        1:46.38

Olathe West (6A)                                   1:47.32

Olathe South (6A)                                   1:48.47

SM East (6A)                                          1:51.28

SM Northwest (6A)                                 1:52.53

Olathe East (6A)                                     1:52.65

Blue Valley-OP (6A)                                 1:52.67

Bishop MIege (4A)                                   1:52.73


4x400 M RELAY


Leavenworth (6A)                                   4:04.38

Lawrence (6A)                                        4:06.37p

Andover Central (5A)                              4:06.77p

St James Academy (5A)                             4:07.54

Blue Valley-OP (6A)                                 4:08.21p

Baldwin (4A)                                          4:09.42p

SM West (6A)                                        4:10.06p

Olathe West (6A)                                   4:13.54

Dodge City (6A)                                     4:13.75

Mill Valley (6A)                                       4:14.15

Bishop Carroll (5A)                                 4:14.31

BV North (6A)                                       4:14.43p

St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)                           4:14.77

KC Piper (4A)                                        4:14.84p

Kiowa County (1A)                                  4:15.8h

Maize (5A)                                             4:15.94

Washburn Rural (6A)                               4:16.19p

Hesston (3A)                                         4:16.29

Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)                            4:16.74

Spring Hill (5A)                                       4:16.81p

Scott Community (3A)                             4:16.89

Basehor-Linwood (5A)                              4:17.45p

TMP-Marian (3A)                                    4:17.8h

Shawnee Heights (5A)                              4:18.08

Wichita NW (5A)                                   4:18.09

Pittsburg (5A)                                         4:18.0h

Louisburg (4A)                                       4:18.46p

Olathe NW (6A)                                     4:18.52p

SM East (6A)                                          4:18.53

Meade (2A)                                            4:18.62

Mulvane (4A)                                         4:18.77

Sabetha (3A)                                          4:18.9h

Abilene (4A)                                          4:19.33

Andale (4A)                                           4:19.86


4x800 M RELAY


[y = 4x880 minus 2.8 sec]

Mill Valley (6A)                                       9:32.36

BV Southwest (5A)                                  9:49.62

St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)                          10:02.21

BV West (6A)                                       10:03.50

BV North (6A)                                      10:05.56

Cimarron (3A)                                      10:08.80

SM North (6A)                                      10:12.00

St James Academy (5A)                           10:12.63

Buhler (4A)                                          10:15.60

Andover Central (5A)                             10:16.86

Free State (6A)                                     10:17.16

Olathe North (6A)                                 10:19.56

TMP-Marian (3A)                                   10:20.0h

Scott Community (3A)                            10:21.21

Olathe East (6A)                                    10:21.87

Bishop Miege (4A)                                 10:22.04

Bishop Carroll (5A)                                10:22.41

Great Bend (5A)                                    10:23.61

Manhattan (6A)                                     10:26.24

Olathe NW (6A)                                   10:27.66

Lincoln (1A)                                         10:28.3h

Jackson Heights (2A)                              10:28.9h

Leavenworth (6A)                                  10:29.60

Gardner-Edgerton (6A)                           10:29.62

BV Northwest (6A)                                10:29.67

SM West (6A)                                      10:29.70

DeSoto (5A)                                        10:29.93

Hoxie (2A)                                          10:31.25

Smoky Valley (3A)                                 10:31.96

Sabetha (3A)                                        10:32.0h

Olathe West (6A)                                  10:32.19

Bishop Miege (4A)                                 10:32.77

Washburn Rural (6A)                             10:33.13

Colby (3A)                                           10:33.50

Salina Central (5A)                                 10:34.56

Fort Scott (4A)                                     10:34.60


4x1600 M RELAY


[y = 4x1-mile – 5.5 sec]

BV West (6A)                                       21:56.96

BV North (6A)                                      22:28.74

SM North (6A)                                      23:14.73

Olathe West (6A)                                  23:17.17

Blue Valley-OP (6A)                               23:23.77

BV Northwest (6A)                                23:30.06

Free State (6A)                                     23:33.79

SM North (6A)                                      23:46.06

SM Northwest (6A)                                23:46.31



Leavenworth (6A)                                   1:48.85

Bishop MIege (4A)                                   1:58.28

Christ Prep (x)                                       2:01.07

Olathe South (6A)                                   2:03.93

Baldwin (4A)                                          2:02.95



Lawrence (6A)                                        4:15.08

SM East (6A)                                          4:22.18

BV West (6A)                                        4:25.23

Leavenworth (6A)                                   4:27.38

Blue Valley-OP (6A)                                 4:30.03

Cheney (3A)                                          4:30.89

BV North (6A)                                       4:37.98

Emporia (5A)                                         4:39.34

St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)                           4:39.85



[y = 2.5-mile medley minus 4.0 seconds]

St James Academy (5A)                           12:26.33

Manhattan (6A)                                     12:39.12

BV West (6A)                                       12:58.11

Olathe North (6A)                                 13:07.70

BV Southwest (5A)                                13:08.62

BV North (6A)                                      13:15.24

Blue Valley-OP (6A)                               13:29.14

Olathe West (6A)                                  13:32.71

SM Northwest (6A)                                13:34.59



Blue Valley-OP (6A)                                 1:07.62

Dodge City (6A)                                     1:07.92

Andale (4A)                                           1:09.25

BV North (6A)                                       1:14.05

Free State (6A)                                       1:16.18

SM East (6A)                                          1:17.59