2019 Track in Kansas Leaderboard: Girls Field Events

Girls Leaders in Field Events for 2019
By: Carol Swenson for Sports in Kansas
May 14, 2019

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This 2019  Top 10 List is available and up-dated periodically on Sports in Kansas/Track in Kansas at along with the Kansas All-Time Prep List. 

Up-Date as of 5/14/19

Carol R. Swenson

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2019 Kansas Prep

Track & Field

(UP-DATED 5/14/19)

Coaches, please send your complete meet results, noting whether the meet was hand-timed or FAT.

Times listed to hundredths have been verified as FAT.   Hand-timed preliminary marks are not considered for listing, only hand-timed finals.

( h: Times are listed using the +0.24 difference between hand and fully automatic times (i.e., 10.5 hand = 10.74 FAT) for races of less than one lap and +0.14 for races of one lap or longer.)

Marks with classifications preceding are Class Leaders when not among top 10-15 yearly performances.

*       Junior

**     Sophomore

***    Freshman

****  8th Grade

(x)    KSHSAA Approved School

+      Known legal wind

&      Summer meet.  Did not compete for KSHSAA approved school during spring season




Maddie Righter, Olathe NW (6A)          5-10

   (=#6 A-T KS HS)

*Alexandra Hart, Rolla (1A)                       5-07

*Laken Robinson, Pittsburg (5A)                  5-06.25

*Maddy Amsink, Cheney (3A)                     5-06

*Mariah Stauffer, Thunder Ridge (1A)           5-06

Talisa Stone, Perry-Lecompton (3A)             5-05.5

Bonnie Hegarty, Manhattan (6A)                 5-05

Carly Hendrickson, SM East (6A)                 5-05

**Paris Bond, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)          5-05

Kayli Duncan, Circle (4A)                          5-05

Gavin Jones, Dodge City (6A)                     5-04

Kayah Hernandez, Dodge City (6A)             5-04

Dani Winslow, Olathe South (6A)               5-04

Carly Hendrickson, SM East (6A)                 5-04

Ella Mackiewicz, SM Northwest (6A)            5-04

Libby Limon, Hutchinson (6A)                    5-04

Emma Wondra, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)       5-04

Nataleigh Cantu, Augusta (4A)                    5-04

Matte Swartz, Chaparral (3A)                     5-04

Adie Manville, Jeff County North (2A)          5-04

*Jordyn Lowrie, Oakley (2A)                      5-04

Maddy Hernandez, Medicine Lodge (2A)        5-04

*Ayreona Carter, KC Piper (4A)                 5-03

Grace Jacobs, Circle (4A)                          5-03

Nicole Franco, Marysville (3A)                    5-03

Emily Farrow, Madison (1A)                       5-03

Kayla Webb, Solomon (1A)                        5-03

Mariah Stauffer, Thunder Ridge (1A)             5-03




**Belle Peters, Smoky Valley (3A)              12-06

  (PR 12-10, #5 A-T KS HS, 2018)              

**Kendra Wait, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)      12-00

Josie Hickerson, Lawrence (6A)                 12-00

Jaden Eck, Andale (4A)                            12-00

*Jayden Cates, Andale (4A)                      11-08

Victoria Maxton, Salina South (5A)             11-06

Taylor Linn, Bishop Carroll (5A)                11-03

Audrey Bebermeyer, Chaparral (3A)           11-01

Becca Bailey, Maize (5A)                          11-00

Breanna Schmitz, Centralia (1A)                11-00

*Mia Manley, Eudora (4A)                        10-10

*Aspen Liby, Andale (4A)                         10-09

Maleigha Schmidt, Hoisington (3A)             10-07

*Julia Pettijohn, Blue Valley-OP (6A)           10-06

*Morgan McIntire, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)   10-06

*Liliana King-Wilson, Free State (6A)          10-06

**Lillian Diaz, Maize (5A)                         10-06

Georgia Bell, Salina South (5A)                  10-06

**Abby Reid, Anderson County (4A)          10-06

Blaise Spangler, Beloit (3A)                       10-06

*Madison Shapland, Scott Community (3A)   10-06

**Paige Vulgamore, Scott Community (3A)   10-06

*Bree Frieling, Smith Center (2A)              10-06

Anne Baliel, Marion (2A)                          10-03

Audrey Bebermeyer, Chaparral (3A)           10-02

Hannah Melton, Kiowa County (1A)           10-02

Paige Carpenter, Topeka (6A)                   10-00

Jaiden Taggert, Washburn Rural (6A)          10-00

Taylor Gaddis, Washburn Rural (6A)          10-00

Liliana King-Wilson, Free State (6A)           10-00

Vanessa Yaghmour, Pittsburg (5A)              10-00

*Alli Burke, Valley Center (5A)                  10-00

*Avery Graham, Louisburg (4A)                10-00

*Elise LeGrand, Wellington (4A)                10-00

*Grace North, Silver Lake (3A)                 10-00

Courtney Jones, Norton Community (3A)   10-00

Madelyn Huhman, Kingman (3A)                10-00




Maddie Righter, Olathe NW (6A)        19-05

   (=#13 A-T KS HS)

Jaleesa McWashington, Olathe NW (6A)     18-11.5

*Faith Turner, Pittsburg (5A)                    18-05

Shelby Butterfield, Shawnee Heights (5A)     18-04

*Auna Childress, Free State (6A)               18-03.5

Dymon Pryor, Blue Valley-OP (6A)            18-03.25w

Linnea Searls, DeSoto (5A)                       18-02

Elizabeth Schwerdtfeger, Emporia (5A)        18-01

Lydia McDaneld, Mill Valley (6A)                18-00

*Elysia Kunkler, Iola (4A)                         17-10.5

**Bella Kirkwood, Lawrence (6A)              17-10

*Destiny Masters, Bluestem (2A)               17-10

Maggie Remsberg, Newton (5A)                17-09.75

**Gracie Allen, BV West (6A)                   17-09

Carly Lindenmeyer, Baldwin (4A)               17-09

*Kimberly Whetstone, Bonner Springs (5A)  17-08

Carter McFadden, Hutchinson (6A)            17-07

**Jazzy Klinge, Blue Valley-OP (6A)            17-06

Emilee Ebert, Frankfort (1A)                     17-06

Natalie Meyers, Bishop Miege (4A)             17-05.75

*Morgan Masters, Troy (1A)                     17-05.75

*Kenisa Meyer, Valley Center (5A)             17-05.25

**Emma Williams, Blue Valley-OP (6A)        17-05

***Delaney Wright, Louisburg (4A)            17-05

Taylor Savolt, Garden City (6A)                17-04.75

*Cassandra Onwugbufor, Maize (5A)          17-04

*Cassidy Johnson, Lawrence (6A)               17-03.5

Lindsey Heller, Olathe NW (6A)               17-03.25

Rhian Swanson, McPherson (5A)                17-03.25

Lindsey Heller, Olathe NW (6A)               17-03

*Blair Sebastian, Wichita NW (5A)             17-03

Kate Riley, Syracuse (2A)                         17-03

3A: Renee Nicol, Russell (3A)                   17-02.5




*Auna Childress, Free State (6A)         40-09w

   (#3 A-T KS HS)

*Faith Turner, Pittsburg (5A)              40-00.5

   (#10 A-T KS HS)

Jaleesa McWashington, Olathe NW (6A)     39-02.5

   (PR 39-07 #15 A-T KS HS, 2018)

Ezinne Okoro, Dodge City (6A)                38-05.25

**Saniyah Hammonds, Leavenworth (6A)     38-00.5

***Olivia Pixton, SM Northwest (6A)          37-10w

***Jacee Wilson, Cimarron (3A)                37-09.5

Kinsley Ochsner, Andover Central (5A)      37-06

Taylor Savolt, Garden City (6A)                37-05w

**Maddie Craig, Clay Center (3A)              36-11.25

Josie Hickerson, Lawrence (6A)                 36-10

**Paris Bond, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)        36-08

Lydia McDaneld, Mill Valley (6A)                36-06

**Torrance Lovesee, Bluestem (2A)            36-05.5

Lauren Winston, SM East (6A)                  36-05

Renee Nichol, Russell (3A)                       36-04

*Autumn Allen, McPherson (5A)                36-03.75

Lindsey Heller, Olathe NW (6A)               36-02.75w

**Mckenna Simmons, BV North (6A)          36-02

Colleen Page, Hutchinson (6A)                  36-00

Macy Doebele, Hanover (1A)                    35-11.75

Elizabeth Schwerdtfeger, Emporia (5A)        35-11.25

Lindsey Heller, Olathe NW (6A)               35-11

Savannah Duran, SM West (6A)                 35-10.5

*Alexandra Hart, Rolla (1A)                     35-10

Carter McFadden, Hutchinson (6A)            35-09

Dymon Preyor, Blue Valley-OP (6A)           35-08.5

Grace Rowland, Sterling (2A)                    35-08

4A: McKenna Kirkpatrick, Chapman (4A)     35-06.75




Abbee Rhodes, Augusta (4A)                    45-02

**Kendra Wait, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)      43-04.75

Jacy Dalinghaus, Nemaha Central (3A)        43-04.5

Kade Hackerott, Goddard (5A)                 43-00.75

Grace Thompson, Sedgwick (2A)               42-11.75

Ames Burton, Riley County (3A)               42-03.5

Jayla Bynum, Hutchinson (6A)                   41-09

Chisom Ajekwu, Lawrence (6A)                41-08.5

*Savannah Adams, Junction City (6A)          41-04.25

*Emily Fuhr, DeSoto (5A)                        41-01.5

Tiana Epperson, Ness City (2A)                 40-11

Ashley Babcock, Phillipsburg (3A)               40-10.5

Claire Kaifes, Mill Valley (6A)                    41-10

Emma Yungeberg, Valley Heights (2A)         40-09

Maddy Ward, Ellinwood (2A)                    40-08.5

Krysten Bartlett, Central Christian (1A)      40-08

**Emma Seidl, Osawatomie (4A)                40-05.5

Jamila Love, Wichita East (6A)                   40-03.5

Shonase Collins, Coffeyville (4A)                40-02

Sherrie Jones, Junction City (6A)                39-11.5

Taylor Milleson, Emporia (5A)                   39-10.25

*Sabrina Thomas, Kiowa County (1A)         39-10

Molly Chitty, SE of Saline (3A)                   39-06.5

*Krysten Bartlett, Central Christian (1A)     39-06

*Brooke Flory, West Franklin (3A)             39-05

Griffin Cherico, Deerfield (1A)                  39-05




Ames Burton, Riley County (3A)              145-10

Grace Thompson, Sedgwick (2A)             137-08

**Katelyn Fairchild, Andale (4A)               135-07

Abbee Rhodes, Augusta (4A)                  135-04

Jacy Anderson, Andale (4A)                    134-01

*Emily Fuhr, DeSoto (5A)                       133-02

Jayla Bynum, Hutchinson (6A)                 132-10

Jacy Dalinghaus, Nemaha Central (3A)       131-01

*Haylee Hennick, Wallace County (1A)     130-07

Trinity Balluch, Hoxie (2A)                     130-02

Mackenzie Guyle, Santa Fe Trail (3A)        129-05

*Angelina Butler, Olathe South (6A)          129-02

*Savannah Adams, Junction City (6A)        126-07

**Torrance Lovesee, Bluestem (2A)          125-03

Brooklyn Staab, Plainville (2A)                 125-01

**Jessica Saunders, Hillsboro (2A)            124-05

Khylee Massey, Northern Heights (2A)      124-02

**Reagan Geihsler, Salina Central (5A)       123-08

*Lexy Farrington, BV North (6A)             122-09

McKenna Elliott, Mill Valley (6A)              121-11

Claire Crawford, Osage City (3A)            121-07

Sherrie Jones, Junction City (6A)              121-00

Malina Wagner, Independent (2A)            120-10

**Mallory Callihan, Clifton-Clyde (1A)       120-02

Jada Lee, White City (1A)                      120-01

Colbie Fairley, Leavenworth (6A)             119-10

*Brendeja Holloman, Topeka West (5A)    119-10

***Maddy Vermetten, Valley Heights (2A)  119-08




Paiton Bruce, Andale (4A)                 149-09

   (#1 A-T KS HS)

**Samantha Marx, Andale (4A)          132-10

   (#2 A-T KS HS)

**Katelyn Fairchild, Andale (4A)        123-10

   (#5 A-T KS HS)

Jacy Anderson, Andale (4A)               119-07

   (#8 A-T KS HS)

Brooke McCorkle, Wellington (4A)          110-08

Taylon Mendenhall, Hutchison (6A)          108-07




Madison Lueger, Centralia (1A)         157-02

   (#12 A-T KS HS)

**Katelyn Fairchild, Andale (4A)        154-09

   (#14 A-T KS HS)

Jacy Dalinghaus, Nemaha Central (3A)       146-02

**Samantha Marx, Andale (4A)                142-08

Kayla Kurtz, Baldwin (4A)                      141-04

*Lexy Farrington, BV North (6A)             140-07

Tiana Epperson, Ness City (2A)               139-08

Camryn Huggans, Campus (6A)               137-04

*Holly Brockmeier, Hope (1A)                136-07

Shade Torres, South Gray (1A)                136-03

*Lexy Farrington, BV North (6A)             133-09

Emma Yungeberg, Valley Heights (2A)       133-07

**Lauryn Dubbert, St John’s-Beloit (1A)     132-06

*Rhyann Brown, Osborne (1A)                131-09

Hannah Macke, Nemaha Central (3A)       130-08

**Reagan Geihsler, Salina Central (5A)       130-07

*Ehlaina Hartman, Spearville (1A)             130-05

Adelle Warford, Mill Valley (6A)              130-04

**Amaya Harris, Lawrence (6A)               128-11

*Sami Bartels, Marysville (3A)                  128-11

Jessi Brummett, Riley County (3A)           128-09

Amber Walbeck, Marais des Cygnes V (1A) 128-07

*Peyton Suther, Chapman (4A)                128-05

Briana Lowe, BV Southwest (5A)             128-04

Daneille Scaduto, SM North (6A)             127-09

Konlynn Druse, Seaman (5A)                  127-07

Saydee Tanking, Holton (3A)                   127-05

Alissa Keith, Hill City (1A)                      127-02

*Faith Paramore, Haven (3A)                  126-08

Alivia Lange, Conway Springs (2A)            126-02

Nicole Aikins, Erie (3A)                         126-05

*Jaida McEwen, Norton Community (3A)   126-01



Kindel Nordhus, Bishop Carroll (5A)       2829

Carly Lindenmeyer, Baldwin (4A)           2498

*Elysia Kunkler, Iola (4A)                      2240

*Maddy Amsink, Cheney (3A)                2224

*Grace Jacobs, Circle (4A)                    2097                                                                                  



(5158 HS/International implements)

(5200 IAAF Youth implements)



Marks have been gathered from available official meet results with special thanks to Heartland Timing and Black Squirrel Timing, regional descending order lists and yearly lists as compiled by the state’s news agencies.


Marks include those achieved in USATF sanctioned meets prior to 8/31/19.  Any corrections or additions would be appreciated.

This 2019  Top 10 List is available and up-dated periodically on Sports in Kansas/Track in Kansas at along with the Kansas All-Time Prep List. 

Up-Date as of 5/11/19

Carol R. Swenson

Phone: (620) 241-5452

Email:   swensonc@mcpherson.edu