Sports in Kansas: Girls XC Top Returnees for 2018

Katherine Moore took third for defending champion St. James last year in 5A. (photo: Molly Kuplen)
By: Sports in Kansas - Chet Kuplen
Aug 16, 2018

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Regionals and classes have not been set, so below you will see classification from last year along with any athlete that finished in the top 20 at state that returns for 2018. Be on the lookout after the season for our NEW 2018 Sports in Kasnas All-State XC Teams, anyone who makes it will be eligible for a Sports in Kansas XC patch, only from Sports in Kansas! This list is presented by @nextechwireless

6A Top Returnees (2017 Place)

Riley Beach, BV Northwest, Soph. (1, Defending Champion)

Clara Mayfield, Manhattan, Sr. (2)

Sophie Call, Blue Valley West, Jr. (3)

Kalea Chu, Blue Valley West, Sr. (4)

Kathryn Kasunic, SM North, Sr. (5)

Zoey Schillinger, Olathe North, Jr. (7)

Melondy Ochana, Olathe East, Soph. (9)

Sarah Witaker, Olathe North, Jr. (10)

Jaybe Shufelberger, Washburn Rural, Sr. (12)

Lily Straus, Blue Valley North, Sr. (13)

Julia Larkin, Free State, Sr. (14)

Anna Martin, Blue Valley North, Sr. (15)

Keagen Steiers, SM North, Jr. (19)

Charlotte Ganter, Blue Valley North, Soph. (20)

5A Top Returnees (2017 Place)

Olivia Sovereign, Aquinas, Sr. (1, Defending Champion)

Sarah Murrow, St. James, Jr. (2)

Katherine Moore, St. James, Jr. (3)

Mary O’Connor, St. James, Soph. (4)

Delaney Kemp, Mill Valley, Sr. (5)

Alexa Rios, Maize South, Soph. (7)

Morgan Koca, Mill Valley, Jr. (8)

Molly Ricker, Mill Valley, Soph. (10)

Brinn Wilson, Blue Valley SW, Soph. (11)

Claire Winter, Bishop Carroll, Sr. (12)

Josie Taylor, Mill Valley, Soph. (13)

Elizabeth Niederee, Kapaun, Sr. (17)

Hannah Robinson, St. James, Jr. (18)

Gigi Loffredo, Blue Valley SW, Soph. (19)

4A Top Returnees (2017 Place)

Taylor Briggs, Chapman, Soph. (1, Defending Champion)

Renee Trout, Independence, Jr. (2)

Aimee Davis, Clearwater, Jr. (3)

Ambrynn Stewart, Baldwin, Soph. (4)

Trinity Moore, Louisburg, Jr. (5)

Morgan Dierks, Sumner Academy, Sr. (6)

Natalie Beltier, Baldwin, Sr. (8)

Claire Lieb, Wichita Trinity, Sr. (9)

Rachel Stephan, Girard, Sr. (11)

Fallon Russell, Miege, Sr. (12)

Darian Hudgeons, Paola, Soph. (13)

Cailan Steward, Andover Central, Sr. (14)

Lauren Russell, Baldwin, Soph. (16)

Alexandra Schumann, Andover central, Jr. (20)

3A Top Returnees (2017 Place)

Hannah Burks, Beloit, Soph. (1, Defending Champion)

Hayley Burks, Beloit, Soph. (2)

Caroline Giles, Minneapolis, Sr. (3)

Lexi Kats, Norton, Jr. (4)

Sara White, Lakin, Jr. (6)

Courtney Clinesmith, Cimmaron, Soph. (7)

Molly Rossman, West Franklin, Sr. (9)

Elizabeth Kettler, Hiawatha, Sr. (10)

Bailey Leach, West Franklin, Jr. (11)

Kathryn Dawson, Jayhawk Linn, Jr. (12)

Kendall Coombes, Douglass, Soph. (13)

Katherine Madsen, Hiawatha, Soph. (14)

Julia Werth, TMP, Sr. (15)

Haddie Lukert, Sabetha, Soph. (16)

Paige McDaniel, Wellsville, Sr. (17)

Dulce Ahayia, Scott City, Sr. (18)

Jordan Smith, Fredonia, Sr. (19)

Baylee Wolfe, McLouth, Soph. (20)

2A Top Returnees (2017 Place)

Jaycee Vath, Lincoln, Soph. (2)

Helen Geifer, Trego, Sr. (3)

Peyton Piepho, Bennington, Soph. (4)

Erin Topham, Berean Academy, Sr. (5)

Chloe Stanley, Bennington, Jr. (6)

Ashtin Klepper, Ellinwood, Soph. (8)

Sybil Giefer, Trego Community, Jr. (9)

Kya Johnson, Bennington, Sr. (10)

Erin Hammeke, Ellinwood, Soph. (11)

Samantha Dennon, Seabury, Jr. (12)

Emily Dierks, Hoxie, Soph. (13)

Danielle Allison, Oakley, Jr. (14)

Savannah Moore, Ness City, Sr. (16)

Brooke Wiebe, Berean Academy, Jr. (17)

Peyton Peterson, Stanton County, Soph. (18)

Alysia Wagner, Kc Christian, Soph. (19)

Kate Brull, Sacred Heart, Sr. (20)

1A Top Returnees (2017 Place)

Autumn Princ, Sylvan-Lucas, Jr. (1, Defending Champion)

Paige Harris, Ashland, Sr. (3)

Sarah Tam, South Gray, Jr. (4)

Olivia Kuckelman, Axtell, Jr. (5)

Lia Granados, Fowler, Jr. (6)

Lauren Crotinger, Greeley County, Jr. (9)

McKaylee Batman, South Gray, Sr. (10)

Jordyn Bosson, Greeley County, Soph. (11)

Jordyn Smith, Axtell, Soph. (15)

Bailey Darbyshire, Hartford, Jr. (16)

Suzann hagar, Caldwell, Sr. (17)

Hailey Minet, Ingalls, Jr. (19)

Kelsey Lauer, Chase County, Sr. (20)