Heart of a Champion: The Life & Legacy of Bill Freeman

Heart of a Champion: The Life and Legacy of Coach Bill Freeman
By: Jennifer Freeman
Jun 18, 2018

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Hall of Fame Coach’s Touching Life Story Pulses with Tributes and Memories from Players, Students, Coaches, and NFL Legends.

LEROY, KANSAS, June 13, 2018 –  Jennifer Freeman always knew her father was a great man, but after his death, she desired to share her loving memoir about him with the world. She is passionate about raising awareness for Alzheimer’s in hopes of one day finding a cure. She also hopes that her story will provide hope and encouragement for others who are suffering from the loss of a loved one to Alzheimer’s.


Heart of a Champion: The Life and Legacy of Coach Bill Freeman remembers a great coach and an even greater man. Lovingly written by Bill’s daughter, Jennifer, Heart of a Champion chronicles the life and career of this Kansas high school teacher and coaching legend, one of the winningest high school football coaches in Kansas history. A demanding, relentless, success-driven coach on the field, Bill was known and loved off the field for his big heart and genuine care and concern for his players and students. A true renaissance man, Bill not only coached football and track, he also farmed over three thousand acres, owned a bank, and served as mayor of Leroy, Kansas for twenty-one years. Lover of history and nature, he was a conservationist, historian, and environmentalist, but most importantly, Bill was a beloved husband, father, and grandfather. Heart of a Champion also sheds light on his battle with Alzheimer’s and his daughter Jennifer’s painful struggle as she watched her hero decline and eventually succumb to this deadly disease. 


“He was truly one of those beloved coaches and teachers, one who stands out for a lifetime in the hearts and minds of those he coached and taught.” – Lynn Dickey, former NFL quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.


Heart of a Champion will be available on Amazon.com. July 1, 2018



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