2018 Track and Field Leaderboard: Boys Running Events

Track and Field leaders
By: Carol Swenson
Apr 23, 2018

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2018 Kansas Prep Track & Field Leaderboard - Boys Individual Running Events

(UP-DATED 04/22/18)

Coaches, please send your complete meet results, noting whether the meet was hand-timed or FAT.

Ties listed to hundredths have been verified as FAT.   Hand-timed preliminary marks are not considered for listing, only hand-timed finals.

( h: Times are listed using the +0.24 difference between hand and fully automatic times (i.e., 10.5 hand = 10.74 FAT) for races of less than one lap and +0.14 for races of one lap or longer.)

Marks with classifications preceding are Class Leaders when not among top 10-15 yearly performances.

*       Junior

**     Sophomore

***    Freshman

****  8th Grade

(x)    KSHSAA Approved School

+      Known legal wind

&      Summer meet.  Did not compete for KSHSAA approved school during spring season




Ollie McGee, Wichita SE (6A)                   10.56

*Deron Dudley, Wichita South (6A)           10.67

Phillip Landrum, Wichita South (6A)           10.76

*Xavier Sellers, Wichita West (6A)            10.78

Kwame Parry, Eisenhower (5A)                 10.83

Dusty Torres, Liberal (5A)                       10.84

Austin Mernagh, Bishop Carroll (5A)          10.87

*Jason Hubener, Cheney (3A)                   10.89

Blake Nelson, BV West (6A)                    10.91

*Jordan Schippers, Colby (3A)                   10.91

*Parker Roth, Hesston (3A)                     10.92

*Nevan Tebb-Lolar, BV West (6A)             10.95

Blazer Snell, Wichita East (6A)                  10.95

Devin Berens, Stanton County (2A)            10.95

Izayiah Moore, Junction City (6A)              10.96

Ian Sanchez, Junction City (6A)                  11.00

Jayden Price, Mulvane (4A)                       11.01

Ethan Rodriguez, DeSoto (5A)                  11.03

*Eric Olson, Blue Valley-OP (6A)               11.04

*Brandon Cooper, Louisburg (4A)              11.05p

Exavier Jackson, DeSoto (5A)                   11.06

Parker McCafferty, Andover (5A)              11.06

Jon-Michael Herman, BV Northwest (6A)    11.09

Exavior Jackson, DeSoto (5A)                   11.09

Clude King, Jr., Manhattan (6A)                 11.10

*SaeVheon Alcorn, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)  11.10

**Jakob Renaud, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)      11.10

*Larry Wilson, Valley Center (5A)             11.12

Jaylen Carter, Washburn Rural (6A)           11.13

*Devon Marshall, KC Piper (4A)                11.13

*Nahshon Houston, KC Sumner (4A)         11.13

1A: Craig Griebel, South Gray (1A)            11.37



*Parker Roth, Hesston (3A)                     10.8h

Trevor Johnson, Rossville (3A)                  10.9h

Collin Kisner, Victoria (1A)                      10.9h

Keshaun Anderson, Labette County (4A)     11.0h

Daquan Johnson, Parsons (4A)                  11.0h

Brandon Yowell, McPherson (4A)              11.0h

Dalton Kellum, Perry-Lecompton (3A)        11.0h

Seth Carinder, Cherryvale (3A)                 11.0h

Dex Swinehart, Lyndon (2A)                     11.0h

**Jaylen Carter, Washburn Rural (6A)         11.1h

Eric Patterson, Seaman (5A)                     11.1h

Treyvon Kendrek, Independence (4A)         11.1h

Tyler Watts, Caney Valley (3A)                 11.1h

Jason Hubener, Cheney (3A)                    11.1h

Rylee Whelchel, Rock Hills (1A)                11.1h




Clyde King, Jr., Mahattan (6A)                   22.00

Ollie McGee, Wichita SE (6A)                   22.10

Phillip Landrum, Wichita South (6A)           22.15

*Deron Dudley, Wichita South (6A)           22.21

Ian Sanchez, Junction City (6A)                  22.30

*Devin Dougherty, Manhattan (6A)            22.39i

Kwame Parry, Eisenhower (5A)                 22.44

Izayiah Moore, Junction City (6A)              22.46p

*Jordan Schippers, Colby (3A)                   22.53

**Devin Berens, Stanton County (2A)         22.53i

Migc Aiyanyor, Derby (6A)                       22.57

Jayden Price, Mulvane (4A)                       22.63

Jordan Raby, St Francis (2A)                     22.63

D’Ron Jacobs, Wichita East (6A)                22.68

Dusty Torres, Liberal (5A)                       22.72

Kory Martinez, Valley Center (5A)             22.80

*Daymonn Sanchez, Olathe North (6A)       22.81

Logan Hall, Bishop Carroll (5A)                 22.81p

Hayden Goodpaster, SM Northwest (6A)    22.83

*Guy Ramos, Leavenworth (5A)                 22.84

*Lonnie Ford, Eudora (4A)                       22.89p

*SaeVheon Alcorn, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)  22.92

Jacob Wheelen, Galena (4A)                     22.93p

Max Wilson, St Marys-Colgan (2A)             22.93p

Devin Mader, Holcomb (4A)                     22.96

Larry Wilson, Valley Center (5A)               22.97

Trevor Watts, DeSoto (5A)                     22.98p

*Brandon Cooper, Louisburg (4A)              22.98p

Devon Marshall, KC Piper (4A)                 22.98

*Shane Quinlan, Perry-Lecompton (3A)       22.99

Logan Hall, Bishop Carroll (5A)                 23.02

Ezekiel Seamster, Hutchinson (6A)             23.04

Miles Martin, Independent (3A)                 23.05

Jason Hubener, Cheney (3A)                    23.07

Dalton Kellum, Perry-Lecompton (3A)        23.08

*Parker Roth, Hesston (3A)                     23.08

Tevin Petrie, Norton Community (3A)        23.09

1A: Craig Griebel, South Gray (1A)            23.12



Trevor Johnson, Rossville (3A)                  22.4h

Collin Kisner, Victoria (1A)                      22.4h

Keyln Bolton, SM East (6A)                      22.5h

Devon Marshall, KC Piper (4A)                 22.5h

Trevor Morgan, Hodgeman County (2A)     22.7h

Dex Swinehart, Lyndon (2A)                     22.7h

Denton Schurr, Osborne (1A)                  22.7h

Angel Esparza, Santa Fe Trail (4A)              22.8h

Jason Hubener, Cheney (3A)                    22.8h

Brandon Yowell, McPherson (4A)              22.9h

Keshaun Anderson, Labette County (4A)     23.0h

Angel Esparza, Santa Fe Trail (4A)              23.0h

Mikal Kitchkommie, Royal Valley (3A)         23.0h

Riley Allen, Logan (1A)                            23.0h




Phillip Landrum, Wichita South (6A)           49.29

Dusty Torres, Liberal (5A)                       49.29

Hayden Goodpaster, SM Northwest (6A)    49.33

*Shane Quinlan, Perry-Lecompton (3A)       49.75

Gumaro Rodriguez, Pittsburg (5A)             50.0h

Clyde King, Jr., Manhattan (6A)                 50.10

*Brendon Hudson, Ulysses (4A)                50.13

Austin Mullens, Liberal (5A)                      50.18p

A.J. Wilson, Arkansas City (4A)                 50.31

*Guy Ramos, Leavenworth (5A)                50.35p

Bryan Neill, Buhler (4A)                          50.35

*Andrew Lawrence, BV Southwest (5A)      50.36i

Logan Woodside, Olathe South (6A)          50.43

Parker Tenove, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)       50.56

*Brendan Ishimura, Frontenac (4A)             50.56

Jacob Faerber, Sacred Heart (2A)               50.57

Isaiah Armstrong, Holcomb (4A)               50.64

J.J. Carney, Rose Hill (4A)                        50.72

*Corey Minks, Maize South (5A)                50.76p

Michael Turner, Mill Valley (5A)                50.82

Joe Rohleder, Bishop Carroll (5A)              50.84

Daniel Atkins, Salina South (5A)                50.87

Miles Martin, Independent (3A)                 50.91

Elijah Mosley, Wichita SE (6A)                   51.03

Ben Moore, Hutchinson (6A)                    51.06

*Blake Nelson, BV West (6A)                   51.09i

Kesston Gentz, Emporia (5A)                   51.0h

J.T. Baker, Hutchinson (6A)                      51.10

Ian Carroll, Mill Valley (5A)                      51.12

Chase Nelson, Wabaunsee (2A)                51.13

Deon Dyke, Republic County (2A)             51.21

**Logan Golder, Shawnee Heights (5A)       51.25

Angel Esparza, Santa Fe Trail (4A)    (51.58)  51.2h

Gage Friess, Parsons (4A)                        51.2h

1A: Collin Kisner, Victoria (1A)                 51.85




Jason Irwin, Bishop Carroll (5A)                  1:56.20

Cale Carson, ElDorado (4A)                      1:57.23

*Mitch Dervin, Mill Valley (5A)                    1:57.91

Tate Busse, St Francis (2A)                        1:58.04

Luke Jensen, BV West (6A)                        1:58.1h

Andres Arriola, Pittsburg (5A)                    1:58.13

Bryce Merriman, Maize South (4A)               1:58.67

Andrew Dekoekoek, Washburn Rural (6A)    1:59.1h

Avery Stuever, Circle (4A)                         1:59.41

Hunter Henderson, Shawnee Hts (5A)          1:59.74

*Hadley Splechter, Yates Center (2A)           1:59.76

Jackson Mallot, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)        1:59.8h

**Ryan Derry, Circle (4A)                         2:00.02                                                                            

*Kael Ecord, Maize (5A)                            2:00.06

Kasey Spigle, Ottawa (4A)                         2:00.12

Garrett Doll, Garden City (6A)                   2:00.42

*Britte Magnuson, Maize South (4A)             2:00.57

Ezekiel Kemboi, ElDorado (4A)                   2:00.6h

Dylan Miller, BV Southwest (5A)                 2:00.9h

Luke Jensen, BV West (6A)                        2:01.09

Terry Robinson, Lansing (5A)                     2:01.64

Hunter Wilcox, Blue Valley-OP (6A)            2:01.88

Ryan Neill, Buhler (4A)                             2:02.09

Brent Hastert, Emporia (5A)                      2:02.0h

Reece Jones, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)           2:02.0h

Samuel McDavitt, Circle (4A)                     2:02.17

Elijah Mosley, Wichita SE (6A)                    2:02.42

Kerby Depenbusch, Great Bend (5A)           2:02.42

Cameron Fasenmyer, BV Southwest (5A)      2:02.54

Wayne Hesse, Bishop Carroll (5A)              2:02.54

Cade Southard, Pittsburg (5A)                    2:02.64

3A: Josh Talbott, Halstead (3A)                   2:04.02

1A: Adam Bates, St John’s-Beloit (1A)           2:06.35



(3:39.0)  (* Enroute to 1-Mile)

Joe Rohleder, Bishop Carroll (5A)               4:47.58

Logan Ward, Circle (4A)                           4:49.87

Trey Richey, Caney Valley (3A)                   5:05.00

J.J. Carney, Rose Hill (4A)                          5:07.84

Josh LeClair, Perry-Lecompton (3A)             5:14.66




(y = 1-Mile minus 1.6 sec)   (*  Enroute to 1-Mile)

(+ = 1500 times 1.0737)

Nathan Jones, Maize (5A)                          4:25.74

*Kael Ecord, Maize (5A)                            4:26.02

Asher Molina, SM North (6A)                     4:26.18

Dylan Miller, BV Southwest (5A)                 4:26.5h

Sam Hubert, DeSoto (5A)                         4:27.0h

Lakelin Conrad, Collegiate (4A)                  4:27.72

Kerby Depenbusch, Great Bend (5A)           4:27.89

Ethan Marshall, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)        4:28.2h

*Jack Moore, St James Academy (5A)            4:28.5h

Terry Robinson, Lansing (5A)                     4:28.84

*John Matulis, St James Academy (5A)           4:29.6h

Reece Jones, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)           4:30.53

Hadley Splecther, Yates Center (2A)            4:30.64

Cooper Schroeder, Manhattan (6A)             4:31.20

*Mitch Dervin, Mill Valley (5A)                    4:31.21

*Daniel Bohnemann, Leavenworth (5A)         4:31.25

Travis Lutz, Ottawa (4A)                           4:31.61

Bryce Merriman, Maize South (5A)               4:31.64

*Owen Pearce, Kingman (3A)                     4:31.65

Hunter Henderson, Shawnee Heights (5A)     4:32.69

Christian Buehler, BV Southwest (5A)          4:32.8h

*Joey Guzman, Olathe North (6A)               4:33.26

Trenton Cochran, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)     4:33.37

Cale Carson, ElDorado (4A)                      4:33.47

Ashler Moen, Andover (5A)                       4:33.64

*Britte Magnuson, Maize South (5A)             4:33.72

*J.P. Rutledge, Riverton (3A)                      4:33.76

Garrett Doll, Garden City (6A)                   4:33.93

Hayes Pateidl, BV West (6A)                      4:34.2h

*Logan Kiskra, SM North (6A)                    4:34.66

Michael Scott, SM Northwest (6A)               4:35.16

1A: David Lutgen, St Johns-Beloit (1A)          4:36.24




Myles Mach, Manhattan (6A)                      4:25.04i

Bryce Merriman, Maize South (4A)               4:26.57i

Kerby Depenbusch, Great Bend (5A)           4:28.15i

*Reece Jones, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)         4:28.86i

*Hadley Splechter, Yates Center (2A)           4:29.61i

Hunter Henderson, Shawnee Hts (5A)          4:31.62i

*Owen Pearce, Kingman (3A)                     4:31.69i

*Britte Magnuson, Maize South (4A)             4:32.32i

*Asher Molina, SM North (6A)                    4:34.31i

*Harrison VanderLinden, Manhattan (6A)      4:35.18i



Kerby Depenbusch, Great Bend (5A)           9:03.67i

*Owen Pearce, Kingman (3A)                     9:06.35i

Lakelin Conrad, Collegiate (4A)                  9:17.17i

*Hadley Splechter, Yates Center (2A)           9:20.38i

*Greg Haynes, Mill Valley (5A)                    9:22.06i

Charlie Wallace, St James Academy (5A)       9:22.82i

Tyler Coad, Mill Valley (5A)                       9:26.46i

Bryce Merriman, Maize South (4A)               9:28.23i

Ben Kahnk, Olathe East (6A)                      9:28.43i




(y = 2-miles minus 3.4 sec)

*Hadley Splechter, Yates Center (2A)           9:24.26

Dylan Miller, BV Southwest (5A)                 9:29.05

*Ethan Marshall, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)      9:32.05

Nathan Jones, Maize (5A)                          9:35.12

*Sam Hubert, DeSoto (5A)                        9:37.74

Cooper Schroeder, Manhattan (6A)             9:40.70

*Jack Moore, St James Academy (5A)            9:40.77

Joey Guzman, Olathe North (6A)                9:43.41

David McCanna, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)      9:46.28

**Christian Buehler, BV Southwest (5A)        9:47.44

*John Matulis, St James Academy (5A)           9:47.82

David Lutgen, St Johns-Beloit (1A)               9:47.89i

Ben Kahnk, Olathe East (6A)                      9:48.65

*Owen Pearce, Kingman (3A)          (9:51.99) 9:48.96i

Hayes Pateidl, BV West (6A)                      9:49.03

Parker Jackson, Manhattan (6A)                  9:49.10i

*Jackson Caldwell, Olathe North (6A)          9:50.25

Asher Moen, Andover (5A)                        9:51.62

Jacob Cofer, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)           9:52.41

*Daniel Bohnemann, Leavenworth (5A)         9:52.80

Brian Beach, Olathe North (6A)                  9:53.25

Lakelin Conrad, Collegiate (4A)                  9:53.38

*J.P. Rutlege, Riverton (3A)                        9:54.13

Daniel Harkin, Manhattan (6A)                    9:55.65

Lucas Shryock, Olathe South (6A)                9:55.75

Charlie Wallace, St James Academy (5A)       9:56.31

***Daniel Harkin, Manhattan (6A)                9:56.64

Griffin Keeter, SM East (6A)                       9:56.92

Tyler Coad, Mill Valley (5A)                       9:56.93

Maxx Bradley, Washburn Rural (6A)            9:57.17

Ben Tyrrell, SM North (6A)                       9:58.30

*Logan Jiskra, SM North (6A)                     9:59.37




Tyler Watts, Caney Valley (3A)      (14.34+) 14.25

Tayshian Crough, Hutchinson (6A)             14.34

Adrian Brown, Derby (6A)                       14.35

Joseph Holthusen, Bishop Carroll (5A)        14.42

*Zach Williams, Valley Center (5A)            14.69

Adrian Roberts, Wichita Heights (5A)         14.84

Marshall Faurot, Scott Community (3A)       14.84

Jared Becker, Garden Plain (3A)                14.92

**Jaleel Montgomery, Wichita West (6A)     15.02p

Carter Blackburn, Holcomb (4A)               15.06

Tyson Stites, McPherson (4A)                   15.09

Zachary Buessing, Nemaha Central (3A)      15.09pw

Sabino Medrano, Washburn Rural (6A)       15.10

Clay Eckert, Buhler (4A)                          15.16

Kentral Porter, Wichita Heights (5A)          15.19

Joseph Porter, Wichita Heights (5A)           15.20p

*Carson Eilts, Paola (4A)                         15.22

*Kash Marietta, St Marys-Colgan (2A)         15.24

Jerik Ochoa, Newton (5A)                       15.25

Jaret Brumback, SE of Cherokee (3A)         15.25

*Qualin Powell, Chanute (4A)                   15.32

Jamarcus Plato, Junction City (6A)              15.33

Dominick Campbell, Abilene (4A)              15.33

C.J. Kelly, Coffeyville (4A)                        15.35

*A.J. Shields, Olathe South (6A)                 15.38

*Hayden Broyles, Jayhawk-Linn (3A)           15.40

Zhanarden Vil, SM Northwest (6A)            15.44

Kody Marvin, Bishop Carroll (5A)              15.44

Christopher Ball, Hoisington (3A)              15.44

Toby Penner, Berean Academy (2A)           15.48

Emmanuel Okwuone, Olathe South (6A)     15.49

1A: Dylan Boeckman, Centralia (1A)           16.54



Tyler Watts, Caney Valley (3A)                 14.6h

Tyson Stites, McPherson (4A)                   14.7h

Connor Ludolph, Southern Coffey (1A)       14.8h

Toby Penner, Berean Academy (2A)           15.1h

**Darrian Holloway, Osborne (1A)            15.1h

Marshall Faurot, Scott Community (3A)       15.2h

Mason Engelken, Sabetha (3A)                   15.2h

Dominick Campbell, Abilene (4A)              15.3h

Qualin Powell, Chanute (4A)                    15.3h

Hayden Broyles, Jayhawk-Linn (3A)            15.3h




Timmy Lambert, Smoky Valley (4A)            38.99

Tayshian Crough, Hutchinson (6A)             39.38

Adrian Brown, Derby (6A)                       39.56

Emmanuel Okwuone, Olathe South (6A)     39.59

Tyrique Chandler, Liberal (5A)                  39.90

Jared Becker, Garden Plain (3A)                39.97

Jamarcus Plato, Junction City (6A)              40.12

Davion Scott, KC Turner (5A)                  40.47

Marshall Faurot, Scott Community (3A)       40.65

A.J. Shields, Olathe South (6A)                  40.79

*Carson Eilts, Paola (4A)                         40.7h

Mason Engelken, Sabetha (3A)                   40.7h

Joseph Holthusen, Bishop Carroll (5A)        40.80

Isaac Diggs, SM North (6A)                      40.81

*Sawyer Simon, Andale (4A)                     40.81

Sabrino Medrano, Washburn Rural (6A)      40.82

*Brett Winsor, Pratt (4A)                        40.8h

Riley Petz, Cheney (3A)                           40.93

Toby Penner, Berean Academy (2A)           40.96

*Aren Trost, McPherson (4A)                   40.9h

Devon Waters, Meade (2A)                     41.02

David Howell, Campus (6A)                     41.06

Dominick Campbell, Abilene (4A)              41.12

Zachary Buessing, Nemaha Central (3A)      41.16

Max Lansdowne, Manhattan (6A)               41.23

Christopher Ball, Hoisington (3A)              41.25

Gumaro Rodriguez, Pittsburg (5A)             41.33

Josh Arafol, Liberal (5A)                          41.55

Rafael Vasquez, Emporia (5A)                   41.57

*Chase Rooney, Spring Hill (4A)                41.58

Keaton Koenig, Riley County (3A)             41.5h

Clay Eckert, Buhler (4A)                          41.64

1A: Dylan Boeckman, Centralia (1A)           42.12

1A: Connor Ludolph, Southern Coffey (1A)  42.1h

Austin Mullens, Liberal (5A)                     

   (PR 37.60, #11 A-T KS HS, 2017)






2,000m Steeplechase


Hayes Pateidl, BV West (6A)                6:26.69

   (#8 A-T KS HS)

Barrett Houchen, Maize (5A)                6:31.99

   (#17 A-T KS HS)

Jonathan Jones, Derby (6A)                   6:33.26

   (#19 A-T KS HS)

*Will Clayton, Wichita East (6A)           6:35.24

   (#21 A-T KS HS)

*Kael Ecord, Maize (5A)                            6:42.17

John Reese, Louisburg (4A)                        6:43.30

Anton Reeves, Pike Valley (1A)                   6:48.71

Liam Neidig, Lansing (5A)                          6:48.92

Javier Cervantes, Garden City (6A)              6:51.27

Weston Evans, BV Southwest (5A)              6:55.39

Grant Kimerer, SM West (6A)                    6:57.39

Garrett Gantt, Baxter Springs (4A)              7:02.25

Logan Klingele, SM West (6A)                    7:05.32

Ellijah Salas, Wichita West (6A)                  7:07.28

Colin Bedell, Yates Center (2A)                  7:07.57

Nathan Mier, Wichita Heights (5A)              7:07.58

Auggie Iseman, Bishop Carroll (5A)              7:07.99

Adam Hernandez, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)    7:08.02

Nick Corea, Emporia (5A)                         7:08.14

**John Price, BV Southwest (5A)                 7:08.26

Hunter Henderson, Shawnee Hts (5A)        

   (PR 6:27.71, #9 A-T KS HS, 2016)

Marks have been gathered from available official meet results with special thanks to Heartland Timing and Black Squirrel Timing, regional descending order lists and yearly lists as compiled by the state’s news agencies.

Marks include those achieved in USATF sanctioned meets prior to 8/31/18.  Any corrections or additions would be appreciated.

This 2018  Top 10 List is available and up-dated periodically on Sports in Kansas/Track in Kansas at along with the Kansas All-Time Prep List. 

Up-Date as of 4/22/18

Carol R. Swenson

Phone: (620) 241-5452

Email:   swensonc@mcpherson.edu