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Sports in Kansas: 25 Defensive Backs to Watch for 2016

Check out the top returning defensive backs for the 2016 season in Kansas.

Mark Ewing of Cox Channel Kansas breaks down Shrine Bowl

Mark Ewing joins Chet Kuplen to breakdown the 2016 Shrine Bowl Game in Emporia on Saturday. Cox Channel Kansas will broadcast the game live on Channel 22 this Saturday.

West HC Randall Zimmerman previews 2016 Shrine Bowl

Chet Kuplen talks with West Head Coach Randall Zimmerman about the Shrine Bowl this Saturday in Emporia.

Sports in Kansas: 25 Quarterbacks to Watch for in 2016

Several quarterbacks return after having breakout seasons in 2015, find out who the top returnees are for the 2016 season.

East HC Blake Pierce previews 2016 Shrine Bowl

Blake Pierce talks about the 2016 Shrine Bowl with Chet Kuplen.

Sports in Kansas: 25 Defensive Lineman to Watch for 2016

Several defensive lineman return after having big years in 2015.

Shrine Bowl Update (7/26) w/ Sarah Van Petten

Executive Director of the Kansas Shrine Bowl, Sarah Van Petten, joins Mike Snow and Chet Kuplen to talk about the 2016 game.

Sports in Kansas: 25 Offensive Lineman to Watch for 2016

Offensive lineman to watch for 2016 season in Kansas.

KFBCA President Steve Martin on KJCCC football schols

Steve Martin, Wichita NW HC and KFBCA President, talks with Chet Kuplen and Mike Snow about the vote coming up on KJCCC schools that could see its scholarships go from 20 out-of-state to 30.

Tom Van Hoy on Big 12 Preseason Football Media Poll

Breaking down Big 12 football media poll.